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The Legal Network

The Free Software Legal and Licensing Workshop 2024

The Free Software Legal and Licensing Workshop (also known as the LLW) is organized every year by the FSFE to allow legal experts to discuss legal issues and best practices surrounding Free Software licences.

The logo of the LLW

Dates: 17 April - 19 April 2024

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

The 2024 edition of the LLW will be held at the Chalmers Conference Center in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Additionally, on the evening of 18 April 2024 (Thu), we have arranged for a short tour of Universeum, the Gothenburg Science Center, followed by an official sit-down conference dinner for all participants at the Universeum restaurant.

Call for Participation (CfP)

The Call for Participation (CfP) for the LLW2024 is now closed.

Registration for Tickets

Tickets are currently available for sale on our online ticket registration page. As the LLW is a closed conference, and only open to members of the Legal Network to attend, please get in touch with any Legal Project Manager if you need more information on how to register for the conference.

Sponsorship of the Event

The LLW and the Legal Network are both facilitated by the FSFE with the support of many network members. If you or your company/organization are interested in sponsoring the conference, please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about the sponsorship perks and packages that we offer.

This event has become the world’s foremost gathering of lawyers, technologists, and thought leaders on Free Software legal and licensing topics. With up to three days of talks in an informal and confidential atmosphere, the Workshop advances the state of the art of knowledge on topics ranging from license compliance to patent management, from project governance to corporate responsibility and even further to the cutting edge issues themselves.

Participation in the LLW provides legal professionals not only the opportunity to share knowledge and updates on the topics they are working on, but also a chance to meet and get acquainted with each other. These two aspects, combined, foster better license compliance by spreading best practices. The conference also provides a forum for different professionals to better understand each other, thus reducing the overall friction in the sector.

Participation in the LLW is open to all Legal Network members. Invitations might be extended to non-members. If you think you might qualify, please send an e-mail directly to the Legal Coordinator, or to our contact address.

As with the Legal Network mailing list, the LLW is subject to the Legal Network’s Code of Conduct and the Chatham House Rule.

This page will provide you with information about past editions of the LLW.