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Application for Free Software Research and Civil Society

Thank you for your interest in attending the Free Software Research and Civil Society workshop in Belgrade the 4th of December 2007. For more information about the event itself you can go to the Free Software Research and Civil Society page.

Please submit this application before the 9th of November!

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Organisation details

If you would be attending this event as a representative of a particular organisation, please fill in the requested information below.

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Motivation for attending

We'd like to know a few things about why you'd want to attend this event and how it would help you. Please explain briefly how your participation at the event would benefit you or your organisation and what you can contribute with.

Travel and accommodation expenses

The STACS project can, if you wish, cover reasonable amounts for your travel and accommodation. Please indicate below if you need your expenses covered.

Travel expenses:

Yes, I would need my expenses for travel and accommodation covered.

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