Since 2001 the FSFE has been enhancing users' rights by abolishing barriers for software freedom. For 20 years we have been helping individuals and organisations to understand how Free Software contributes to freedom, transparency, and self-determination.

For the next two decades we need your help. We want everyone to be able to control their technology. Free Software and its freedoms to use, study, share, and improve are the key to that goal.

Ezt az oldalt még nem fordították le. Ami az alábbiakban olvasható, az a lap eredeti változata. Ha tudni szeretné, hogyan segíthet a fordításban, itt olvashat a részletekről.

Announce your FSFE community event

Use the form below to announce every event that is related to a FSFE activity. If it's a meeting or a talk, if it's a booth in the streets or a radio podcast: Let the community and the world know what's happening.

Your personal information will never be shared nor sold. It is used only to get in contact with you if there are any callbacks or problems.

Please indicate the language of the text you will insert in the title and description. If you register your event in another language than English, please consider also uploading an English version to make sure everyone understands it -- including us. Also be aware that a non-English event is only visible on the non-English page of So for example an Italian event would just be visible on

Please include the following points:

  1. What is your event about, and what can people expect?
  2. Location, date and time of the event? Add this into the description of the event.
  3. Do people need to register, and does it cost money?
  4. Who is giving the talk or hosting the meeting?
  5. The language of your talk or meeting.
  6. For local group meetings: Whether it is open to the public.
  7. Please be aware that single line breaks will not be visible after the publication of the event. Please use fully separated paragraphs for this.
  8. Please use only 2 paragraphs maximum!
  9. Please do not just copy generic information from your group's wiki page.

Thank you for registering your event!


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After you have filled out the form and confirmed your entry with the "add event" button, an xml-file will be generated and sent to us. If approved, your event entry will be uploaded and should appear on and/or on during the next 48 hours. Be aware that we only promote FSFE and FSFE-community related activities but not any other kind of miscellaneous Free Software activities (yes, without exceptions - how important they ever may be).

Keep in mind that all of the FSFE's events are covered by our Code of Conduct that kindly asks all participants to be excellent to each other. Please do not announce your event as an FSFE event if you do not plan to implement our Code of Conduct.