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Support “Public Money? Public Code!” with a SharePic


Since the launch of the “Public Money? Public Code!” initiative, it has grown a lot and experienced an increase of support. Now there is a new and fun way of showing your support for “Public Money? Public Code!”. With the new SharePic-Template, everybody can show their support of the campaign.

For almost 5 years now the “Public Money? Public Code!” initiative has demanded that software for the public sector must be released under a Free Software license. Since 2017 a lot has happened. The Open Letter has been signed by over 210 organisations, by six public administrations, and over 33.000 individuals. Besides the support of the Open Letter people have also shown their support by translating the material of the initiative; the webpage, has been translated into 21 languages. Similarly, the “Public Money? Public Code!” brochure, which was just recently translated by a team of volunteers into Italian, so far has been translated to German, Czech, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.

People reading the PMPC brochure

The “Public Money? Public Code!” initiative has grown immensely, and with the increasing support we have also created more and more promotional material for it. Among this are the brochure, stickers, and the ”Public Money? Public Code!” video. The newest addition to the material is the new “SharePic-Template” for “Public Money? Public Code!”. The SharePic, designed by Markus Meier, is now online on the FSFE’s Sharepic-generator. The SharePic can be used to show your support of “Public Money? Public Code!” in a fun way on your favourite social media channel.

PMPC SharePic with Alexander Sander

To create your own SharePic is easy. All you need to do is to choose a picture of yourself and go to the SharePic-generator. There you can fill in all the information and your support message and then you are done and the SharePic is ready to go live. Start showing your support of “Public Money? Public Code!” by creating and sharing your own SharePic and most importantly have fun while doing so. Please use #PublicCode for sharing the picture on your favourite social media channel.