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Transparency Commitment

Logo from Transparent Civil Society

As part of its initiative “transparent civil society”, Transparency International Germany provides a guide on how to make a transparency commitment. This page guides you to the relevant information on our website.

  1. Name, place, address, founding year.
  2. Full constitution (PDF), minutes from the annual assemblies, information about concrete goals and how we want to reach them.
  3. Date and other details of the last official notification from the finance authorities that certifies our tax-deductible status as a non-profit organisation in Germany. We also hold that tax-deductible status in the Netherlands, and Switzerland.
  4. Name and function of our decision makers.
  5. Reports about the activities of the organisation are available in our yearly reports. Besides that, we report our activities in general news, monthly newsletters, the annual minutes from the general assembly, as well as on our mailinglists.
  6. How much staff we have and how much they work, is available on our team page.
  7. Information on how we use our money.
  8. Legal connections with other organisations: We are a member of European Digital Rights (EDRi). Besides, we have associated organisations and sister organisations around the world, but are not legally connected with them.
  9. We list the names of legal bodies which donated more than 10% of our total yearly income on our donor page. People who donate more than 10% of our yearly income are only listed if they agree to be listed; if they do not agree, we list the donation as an “anonymous donation from a private person”.