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DMA and Device Neutrality +++ CRA & PLD vote +++ EU elections: get active


Last month, the DMA came into force and we launched a website about Device Neutrality, the EU parliament voted the CRA and the PLD, and we released a guide to get active for the upcoming EU elections. Check out the videos from the devrooms we joined at FOSDEM!

A collage with a drawing of a bird being freed from a cage, a photo of one of our FOSDEM talks, and a screenshot from the “What is Free Software?” video representing a public building

Let’s make Device Neutrality a reality in Europe!

Last 7 March, the Digital Markets Act came into force in the European Union. This milestone marks the start of Device Neutrality as a tangible reality in the European Union. The FSFE acknowledges the new legislation, but we want to remark that this is only the first step, and further commitment is necessary! Read this article to dive deeper.

To raise public awareness concerning Device Neutrality, the FSFE has launched deviceneutrality.org. This site points to in-depth insights about Device Neutrality and Free Software, downloadable promotional material, and ways to spread the word. Check it out!

CRA & PLD vote in the European Parliament

The European Parliament voted on the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) and the Product Liability Directive (PLD) on 12 March. Regarding the introduction of liability rules for software, a broad exception for Free Software was made, so that after long and intense debates individual developers and non-profit work are safeguarded. We will therefore closely monitor the implementation and whether Software Freedom is protected accordingly.

Read the FSFE’s full statement

Watch the recordings from FOSDEM!

Did you miss FOSDEM 2024, or did you not have the chance to participate in the Devrooms we took part in? We’ve got you covered with their recordings.

Once again we co-organised our now well-known Legal & Policy Issues Devroom. The discussions in this track covered important issues for Software Freedom, such as CRA, RHEL, and GPL termination. Furthermore, we helped to organise a devroom about Free Software in the European legislative landscape.

Take action: get active for the elections in the European Union!

European citizens will hit the ballot boxes from 6 to 9 June 2024 to choose their next representatives in the European Parliament. As the campaign heats up, it is important to get active and ensure Software Freedom is part of the larger political debate.

How can you do this? Find practical advice on how to advocate for Free Software in the coming months! In order to reach as many European Citizens as possible, your help with translating the guide would be incredibly valuable!

News from ZOOOM

As part of its involvement with the Zooom consortium, the FSFE has produced four chapters in two comprehensive reports on Free Software legal and business topics. These reports deal with a broad range of topics, and provide empirical data on Free Software topics in Europe in relation to critical technologies, such as AI. The FSFE also contributed to a study on how the term “open” has been improperly used to refer to AI projects that are not Free Software.

Past and upcoming events

During the the weekend of 16 and 17 March, some of our staff together with volunteers went to the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage! We were very happy to meet and chat with so many of you about so many topics related to Software Freedom. We also took the stage to talk about Youth Hacking 4 Freedom!

“Ada & Zangemann - A Tale of Software, Skateboards, and Raspberry Ice Cream” arrives in Belgium! Attend the reading taking place in Brussels on Thursday 4 April at 15:00!

On 15 and 16 April, foss-north is taking place at Chalmers Conference Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden. The event will be run on-site, in-person, in a physical venue. Learn more

Quote of the month

The solutions of tomorrow must be built using public code. This is not only to ensure a sound use of public money, but also to promote freedom of choice and to avoid vendor lock-in.

~ EU Commissioner Johannes Hanh, talking about “Public Money, Public Code!”

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