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FSFE - Income and Expense 2008

Income EUR
Donations1 245,629.79
Fellowship contributions 68,038.22
EU project funding2 29,505.19
Paid services 31,617.05
Merchandise 8,039.15
Interest 392.04
Total 383,221.44
Expenses EUR
Basic infrastructure costs3 70,079.18
Technical infrastructure 8,377.17
Public Awareness4 12,243.94
Fellowship 23,326.03
Freedom Task Force 80,409.88
Policy work5 41,830.14
SELF project 41,234.66
STACS project 17,541.54
Merchandise 8,376.65
Total 303,419.19


  1. A list of all FSFE donors that did not wish anonymity is available on the ThankGNUs list.
  2. For FSFE's work on the SELF and STACS projects.
  3. Includes office rent, shipping, telephone, office supplies, office personnel, and fees from tax consultant and lawyer.
  4. All activities of FSFE that create and foster public awareness about Free Software. This includes booths at fairs and other public events, public speeches, and information material.
  5. FSFE's work in UN organisations (WIPO and IGF), EU level (Software Patents and IPRED2), and in the support of Open Standards.