2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, but we have kept fighting for the freedom of software users everywhere. We need your support now to carry on this work next year. If you are in a position to do so, please donate to us today.

We also need your help to spread the word, so do not forget to tell your friends and family about our work and fundraising efforts. Thank you so much from everyone at the FSFE!

This translation may be out of date with the originale tekst. Please help us to translate this and other pages on fsfe.org, so people can read our message in their native language.


Free Software Foundation Europe er en velgørende organisation, der giver brugere magt til at kontrollere teknologi. Software er dybt involveret i alle aspekter at vores liv; og det er vigtigt, at teknologien giver magt frem for at begrænse os. Fri software giver alle retten til at anvende, forstå, tilpasse og dele software. Rettighederne hjælper med at støtte andre fundamentale friheder, så som ytringsfrihed, pressefrihed og privatlivets fred.