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Our work

Legal activities

The FSFE is committed to helping individuals, projects, businesses and government agencies find Free Software legal information, experts and support. We do this by providing compliance, best practice, procurement and governance resources in-house, in partnership with our associate organisations and through our extensive network of contacts. Our mission is to spread knowledge, solve problems and encourage the long-term growth of Free Software. We are delighted to help you as part of this.

Supporting Compliance

The FSFE provides support to users, vendors, and government agencies regarding commercial and non-commercial use of Free Software. We also help people who want to report a licence violation by addressing compliance issues in the market in partnership with gpl-violations.org.

Supporting Best Practice

The FSFE supports best practice for projects, companies and government agencies using Free Software by encouraging information-sharing, hosting events and answering questions directly. Additionally, the FSFE provides support for developing internet technologies involved in the Next Generation Internet initiative. If you have any questions related to Free Software licences and compliance, please contact our volunteers at:


Supporting Governance

The FSFE provides one-to-one consultancy for projects and business about management processes, development policies and organisational structures that support Free Software.

Supporting Procurement

The FSFE provides one-on-one consultancy to government agencies about procurement and public tender approaches that allow fair competition, choice, and access for Free Software.

Developing Infrastructure

The FSFE also provides educational outreach and a copyright fiduciary agreement for Free Software Projects. The FSFE produces information on how to build a legal infrastructure for a Free Software project, about governance, copyright and trademark.

The FSFE facilitates the world’s largest private, neutral network of legal experts in the field of Free Software licensing. This network drives discussions and develops knowledge around licensing and legal issues, providing a unique forum for driving maturity.

We host the Free Software Legal and Licensing Workshop, a yearly event for debating, discussing and sharing knowledge about the current market situation and projected future for Free Software licences. This is the world’s premier event for debating, discussing and sharing knowledge around Free Software legal affairs.

Special Interest Groups

We organise Special Interest Groups to discuss topics ranging from business processes to licence management. These groups are designed to reduce misunderstandings, share knowledge and address areas where there is a lack of available guidance.

Sharing Knowledge

The FSFE maintains a collection of documentation on Free Software Legal and Licensing topics. It also produces guides and handbooks.