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Reporting and Fixing License Violations

Написано пользователем Armijn Hemel and Shane M. Coughlan опубликовано  

This guide presents some practical tips for solving common Free Software license compliance issues. It is not legal advice, and if in doubt, you should contact a qualified lawyer.

Reporting a violation

Be careful when reporting a violation. Accusations and suspicions voiced on public mailing lists create uncertainty and do little to solve violations. By checking your facts you can help experts resolve violations quickly.

Useful violation reports to companies about a potentially infringing product should contain:

Useful violation reports to organisations like gpl-violations.org or the FTF should contain:

Additional tips:

You can send violation reports to:

Handling a violation report

It is important to handle violation reports carefully. Free Software development focuses on community engagement and clear communication. That means it is important to respond to issues reported, even if your reply is initially brief. This helps prevent escalation.

Here are some useful steps:

Please bear in mind:

You can get more information about best practice in this field by contacting:

You can obtain compliance engineering support by contacting:

Preventing a violation

The best way to fix violations is to prevent them occuring.

Useful tips:

Useful tips for supply chain management:

For more information you can contact: