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Google helps FSFE's Freedom Task Force to deliver training, attend conferences and translate documents

Google has made a donation to assist FSFE's Freedom Task Force with delivering training courses, attending conferences and localising documents.

"The Freedom Task Force is working to foster effective legal infrastructure for Free Software in Europe.  A great deal of our work is based on engaging directly with people and Google's contribution will allow us to do this more effectively," says Shane Coughlan, FTF Coordinator.  "Training, physical presence in countries and providing materials in local languages are essential aspects of building a coherent pan-European community."

"Free Software Foundation Europe has been working to promote and protect Free Software in Europe for many years and the Freedom Task Force is a good example of their long-term approach to supporting the community," says Jeremy Allison, Member of the Technical Staff - Software Engineer, Google.  "I believe that they are doing useful work and I'm proud to see Google supporting their activities."

FSFE's Freedom Task Force helps individuals, projects and businesses understand Free Software licensing and the opportunities that it presents.  The activities of the FTF includes providing training courses, consultancy and operating a European Legal and Technical Network.  It fosters best practice throughout the European Free Software community.

The FTF is operated on a non-profit basis under the auspices of Free Software Foundation Europe.

For more information about the FTF or the first European Licensing and Legal Workshop please contact Shane Coughlan:

The Freedom Task Force can be found at
The Freedom Task Force can be emailed at

About the Free Software Foundation Europe:

The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) is a non-profit non-governmental organisation active in many European countries and involved in many global activities. Access to software determines participation in a digital society. To secure equal participation in the information age, as well as freedom of competition, the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) pursues and is dedicated to the furthering of Free Software, defined by the freedoms to use, study, modify and copy. Founded in 2001, creating awareness for these issues, securing Free Software politically and legally, and giving people Freedom by supporting development of Free Software are central issues of the FSFE.


You can reach the FSFE switchboard from:
Belgium: +32 2 747 03 57 ext 408
Germany: +49 700 373 38 76 73 ext 408
Sweden: +46 31 7802160 ext 408
Switzerland: +41 43 500 03 66 ext 408
UK: +44 29 200 08 17 7 ext 408
Shane Coughlan, FTF Coordinator, FSFE extension: 408
Further information: