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Document Freedom Day: 2013 Event registration now open


Today event registration opens for Document Freedom Day 2013, March 27th. Local teams can add details of their activities to, and have them marked on the global campaign map.

Last week 50 promotional packs were dispatched to hackerspaces to kick start event preparations. They contain posters, fliers, stickers, and advice, including how to apply for financial support. Packs are now also available to order online.

"Last year trail-blazing Open Standards advocates introduced thousands of people to better standards" said Sam Tuke, Campaign Manager. "Teams now have more resources at their disposal, and fresh ideas including switching from Adobe Flash to HTML5 technologies".

"Markets for digital products such as audiobooks and cloud documents have grown dramatically in recent months, but without Open Standards customers are victims of vendor lock-in and anti-consumer market control" said Erik Albers, Community Manager, Free Software Foundation Europe.

This year the campaign aims to have more events, in additional locations. In 2012 groups of volunteers ran 54 events in 23 different countries, including Brussels, Colombia, and Indonesia.