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FSFE Supporters write about Free Software for remote work


Due to the ongoing Covid-19 virus outbreak many employees - voluntarily or mandatory - are working remotely now. Many organisations who have not been used to remote work so far now face a number of difficulties adapting to the situation. To avoid potential lock-ins, some FSFE supporters collectively wrote about the good reasons to use Free Software for remote work and collected a detailed list of practical solutions in our wiki.

Because of the ongoing Covid-19 virus outbreak many organisations who never previously directed any strategic thought towards the available solutions for remote work in their business now opt for a quick solution and choose to follow the - in the beginning often free of charge - offerings from big tech companies and their proprietary solutions. However, such proprietary solutions lock in these organisations in the future.

Choosing a Free Software solution instead means to opt for a solution that has a future, where your organization no longer depends on a particular vendor or file format or whichever other means those vendors choose to lock you in. Free Software puts you in control.

To help you getting started or digging deeper into using Free Software for collaborative and remote work some FSFE supporters worked on a detailed list of Free Software solutions for different purposes and published the outcome in our wiki. Find inspiration for your work environment or add your own solution.

A person sitting in front of a screen in nature, symbolizing remote working
Enjoy software freedom while working remotely.
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