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YH4F: Coding is over!


The second edition of Youth Hacking 4 Freedom, the hacking competition for young Europeans, has just ended. For the last six months, the participants have worked on developing their own personal Free Software projects.

Image with a laptop with some code in the screen

Nearly 70 young people from across Europe signed up for the new edition of Youth Hacking 4 Freedom, a competition for European teenagers to develop their coding skills and win great cash prizes.

This second edition, which started last January, was accompanied by a new activity: a monthly meeting where participants had the opportunity to discuss their technical problems and learn some tips from different Free Software experts. These meetings have also been a way to keep in touch, and a way to support each other, promoting one of the principles of Free Software, the creation of community. These open and voluntary meetings allowed those attending to talk and connect with each other in smaller groups.

"The monthly meetings provide an opportunity to talk and connect with other participants and have helped form friendships throughout the contest. It has been great to see how well these meetings have been received by the participants. And it is a most rewarding experience to be able to help young people from all over Europe to find other Free Software enthusiasts!", says Bonnie Mehring, YH4F project manager.

After six hard working months of coding, it is now the turn of the YH4F jury to evaluate the participants’ submitted projects. The jury is composed of Free Software professionals with different backgrounds and technological skills, who will review the projects within the next weeks taking into consideration different criteria such as the originality of the idea, the creativity of the project, and the quality of the code.

In the first round of voting the jury will decide which of the submitted projects could be considered for one of the cash prizes. Then, the authors of those projects will be invited to an online interview to present them and answer the jury’s questions. Afterwards the jury will decide on the prizes.

Brussels is awaiting!

The winners will be announced based on the judges' scores, and prizes will be awarded at the YH4F Awards ceremony in Brussels in mid-October, to which all winners will be invited for an all-expenses-paid weekend.

Six winners will receive cash prizes ranging from €4,096 to €1,024 each, at a ceremony featuring top Free Software speakers.

Keep up to date on our next news to learn about this year's amazing projects and the winners!