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FSFE Newsletter - May 2013

Document Freedom Day 2013

Every year on the last wednesday of March, Document Freedom Day (DFD) takes place: the global day to raise awareness of Open Standards, organised by the FSFE. It has been amazing to see year by year how the message of freedom and Open Standards has continued to spread around the world. This year, there were 59 events in 30 countries, and many first time participants, including Niger, Indonesia and the United States.

Highlights from Document Freedom Day include more than a hundred press articles and blogs, Libre Office's publication of a new migration guide, support from Lawrence Lessig, and a storm of social media coverage and opening up discussions.

But let's not forget: all these events were organised by local groups. Among them were many FSFE Fellowship groups, a wide variety of other Free Software community organisations, and teams of friends who care about Open Standards. So, this is a big thank you to everybody who made this year's DFD so successful! It is awesome to see how Free Software and Open Standards connect people around the world. Read the extended report online.

In early April, we held our annual Free Software Legal & Licensing Workshop in Amsterdam. More than 70 Free Software legal experts from the Legal Network came together for two days in order to share their knowledge and discuss cutting-edge questions in the field.

Topics discussed this year included recent court rulings, patent-related developments, and transferring Free Software licensing ideas to hardware. Stefano Zacchiroli, Debian's (now former) project leader, delivered a keynote speech, describing the community perspective on legal issues.

Several talks at the conference were covered by LWN, for example those by Eben Moglen, Daniel German and Anthonia Ghalamkarizadeh.

FSFE welcomes Ceata as associate organisation

A new foundation from Romania and Moldova has joined FSFE's program of associate organisations. Ceata has been promoting Free Software and culture since 2008, and in February this year was officially incorporated. The group, based in Bucharest with local chapters in Cluj and Chișinău, organises conferences on Free Software, Free hardware, and Free culture. Ceata also develops their own applications, translates programs into Romanian, and participates in international campaigns. Fundația Ceata and FSFE will now join forces and work more effectively on promoting software freedom in Romania and throughout Europe.

Something completely different

Get active: oppose integration of DRM into HTML5

FSFE, FSF and other prominent organisations defending digital freedom have prepared a joint letter to the World Wide Web Consortium and its member organisations urging them to reject the Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) proposal. This proposal aims at incorporating support for Digital Restriction Management (DRM) into HTML5 and might become a threat to Free Software users. Please join us in calling on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and its member organizations to reject the Encrypted Media Extensions proposal (EME).

Thanks to all the Fellows and donors who enable our work,
Erik Albers - FSFE

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