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Call for sessions at the FSFE assembly during 33C3

20 October 2016:

From December 27 to 30, the FSFE will host an assembly during the 33rd Chaos Communication Congress (33C3) including an information booth, self-organised sessions and a meeting point for all friends of Free Software to come together, share or simply relax. We are looking forward to organise sessions in the name of our assembly and we will book proper rooms or offer our assembly itself. Sessions can be inspiring talks, hands-on workshops, community/developer/strategy meetings or any other public, informative or collaborative activity.

Topics can be anything that is about or related to Free Software. We welcome technical sessions but we also encourage to give non-technical talks that address philosophical, economical or other aspects of/about Free Software. We also like sessions about related subjects that have a clear connection to Free Software for example privacy, data protection, sustainability and similar topics. Finally, we welcome all backgrounds – from your private project to global community projects. If you are interested, read more about our call for participation.

Proposta da UE para o direito de autor reforça o DRM

28 September 2016:

A 14 de Setembro a Comissão Europeia (CE) publicou a sua, há muito esperada, Proposta de Directiva sobre o direito de autor no Mercado Único Digital. Embora a proposta nos agrade pela introdução duma excepção, obrigatória, ao direito de autor no referente ao 'text and data mining' (TDM) no campo da investigação científica, preocupa-nos a inclusão de uma ampla cláusula possibilitando o uso de "salvaguardas técnicas", dada aos detentores de direitos por forma a limitar a aplicação da excepção agora introduzida.

Julia Reda, MEP: "Proprietary Software threatens Democracy"

07 September 2016:

Julia Reda ended the QtCon, a conference for the Free Software community, with a closing keynote on, among other things, Free Software in the European Public Sector.

The Document Foundation and the FSFE strengthen their relationship

17 August 2016:

The Free Software Foundation (FSFE) is joining the Advisory Board of The Document Foundation. At the same time, The Document Foundation is becoming an associated organisation of the FSFE.

In Memory of our Friend Elias Diem

09 August 2016:

In the afternoon of Saturday 6 August, our friend and active Fellow Elias Diem passed away. He was on his way back home from a hiking trip with a friend in the Swiss alps. He slipped and fell about 150 meters. His friend tried to rescue him, but it was too late. He died of a heavy head injury at the age of 39.
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FSFE @ National Technical University of Athens in Athens, Greece

24 October 2016

FSFE President, Matthias Kirschner, and FSFE's Legal coordinator, Polina Malaja, will give two talks to the students of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in Greece. The event is hosted by the NTUA's Free Software community.

The FSFE President in Athens, Greece

25 October 2016

FSFE President, Matthias Kirschner, will visit the Athens Hackerspace to give a talk and discuss with the Greek Free Software community.

FSFE @ Free Software and Open Access Day at the National Hellenic Research Foundation in Athens, Greece

26 October 2016

The GFOSS – Open Technologies Alliance in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network-Hellas and the National Documentation Centre are glad to invite you to the "Free Software, Open Access and Entrepreneurship Day" on Wednesday 26/10/2016 at 18:00. The event is part of the Open Access Week 2016 and there is no entrance fee. Matthias Kirschner, the President of the FSFE will give the opening Keynote Speech of the event. Polina Malaja, the FSFE' s policy analyst and legal coordinator will also give a talk about free software - related legal and policy issues. The event will be livestreamed here:

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