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Free Software Foundation Europe

Free Software Foundation Europe é uma associação sem fins lucrativos que fornece os meios aos utilizadores para controlar a tecnologia.

O software está está profundamente envolvido em todos os aspetos da nossa vida. O software livre possibilita a todos o direito de usar, entender, adaptar e partilhar software. Esses direitos ajudam a promover outros direitos fundamentais como a liberdade de expressão, liberdade de imprensa e privacidade. Saiba mais...

Illustration showing a network termination point, consisting in the end-user private network, a router, and the public communication network, the access to the Internet, which is the domain of the ISP

Belgian court’s decision impacts the future of Router Freedom

In an historic ruling within the EU, a Belgian court has upheld the decision of the country’s regulator to introduce Router Freedom for fiber networks. The objections, raised by a local internet service provider, were deemed unfounded. This landmark decision represents a significant victory for consumer rights, and we urge other national regulators to follow this example. 

DMA & Apple +++ Openwashing, EU infrastucture & more


The July issue is full of news! We continue to monitor and raise our concerns about DMA compliance. We call upon the EU to use Free Software for its digital infrastructure and are asking for your experiences with openwashing. And we also bring you updates on REUSE, YH4F, Ada & Zangemann...  

Illustration from the PMPC video showing what looks like a government building getting some files of code and auditing them

Europe needs Free Software to master its digital infrastructure

The FSFE calls upon the European Commission to use Free Software to ensure a secure and resilient digital infrastructure. Software freedom will also benefit the economy, civil society and democracy. 

A nossa comunidade Participe...

Fui durante anos uma voz solitária, explicando os princípios por detrás do Software Livre e a sua importância a pessoas no meu país em inúmeros artigos e textos no blog. Queria pertencer a uma organização com o objectivo de construir a sociedade digital 100% com Software Livre, e apoiar a FSFE ganhando acesso à sua infraestrutura pareceu-me um lógico primeiro passo.

Carsten Agger (Engenheiro de Software)

I believe that Free Software can help us change our society fundamentally for the better and I believe the best way to do so is together with other volunteers from all over Europe!

Alexandra Busch (IT specialist)

Nowadays we use social networks, laptops and mobile devices every day. And very frequently we lose the important social and political vision of Free Software in all of them. Thanks to FSFE, FSF and other similar organizations and many local groups, we maintain the torch of a different world where everyone can use and share a lot of programs and code, no matter the country you live in or how much money you can afford to spend on it.

Dani Gutiérrez Porset (Free Software Consultant)

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