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[Blog] There is no Free Software company - But!

16 November 2016:

Since the start of the FSFE 15 years ago, the people involved were certain that companies are a crucial part to reach our goal of software freedom. For many years we have explained to companies – IT as well as non-IT – what benefits they have from Free Software. We encourage individuals and companies to pay for Free Software, as much as we encourage companies to use Free Software in their offers. While more people demanded Free Software, we also saw more companies claiming something is Free Software or Open Source Software although it is not.

[Newsletter] FSFE news in November 2016

10 November 2016:

This month the FSFE newsletter comes with a public consultation on our Fellowship brand. Read the background and do not miss your chance to participate. Also read about the take-over of FSFE's Vice-presidency by Heiki Löhmus and the ongoing revision of the European Interoperability Framework. As in every newsletter, you also find our out-of-the-community as well as a what-we-have-done section with some good Free Software news and highlights of our press coverage.

[Blog] OpenRheinRuhr 2016 report

10 November 2016:

Last weekend, the FSFE visited Oberhausen to participate in OpenRheinRuhr, a well-known Free Software event in north-western Germany. We had a strong booth team, gave talks, and enjoyed talking to tons of like-minded people about politics, technology and other stuff. In this blog post you will learn about some highlights of the weekend and what coat hangers have to do with flat irons.

Russian Bill makes Free Software a Public Priority

10 November 2016:

Legislators have drafted a bill that will boost Free Software on multiple levels within the Russian Federation's public sector.

Heiki Lõhmus takes over FSFE vice-presidency from Alessandro Rubini

31 October 2016:

Alessandro Rubini has stepped down as Vice-president of the FSFE. Alessandro, an electronic engineer with Ph. D. in a computer science, brought invaluable insight to the internal discussions within the FSFE and has worked tirelessly to push the Free Software envelope in Italy and the rest of Europe.

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Fellowship Meeting Rhine/Main, Germany

07 December 2016

On Wednesday, 7 December, the Fellowship group Rhein/Main will meet in the Zentrale Coworking in Frankfurt. FSFE's former vice president Alessandro Rubini will pay us a visit! We will meet there around 19:00 h.

Monatliches Treffen der FSFE fellows Hamburg in Hamburg, Deutschland

08 December 2016

Die Hamburger fellows und Free Software Interessierte treffen sich am Donnerstag 8.12. ab 20:00 zum monatlichen Stammtisch. Details auf

Fellowship Local Group Milan in Milano, Italy

12 December 2016

First official meeting of the Milan group. We will brainstorm and put on the table(pad) all possible activities and ideas. Somehow we will come out with some concrete objective and strategy. The meeting stat at: 7PM in Boba, Via Rosolino Pilo 9.

FSFE assembly at the Chaos Communication Conference 33C3

27 to 30 December 2016

From December 27 to 30, FSFE will host an assembly during the 33rd Chaos Communication Congress in that we offer a common space to discuss, meet, hack and organise. There will also be several self-organized sessions every day about various aspects of or around Free Software. More details are coming soon. So long and until November 20, make sure to check our call for participation.

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