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Boletín de la FSFE - junio de 2019

27 June 2019

El boletín de este mes presta atención al caso Google/Huawei y el importante panorama que nos presenta. En la sección Get Active solicitamos tu proactividad para promocionar el uso del Software Libre. Además, puedes averiguar lo que ocurrió en el Web-a-thon de Frankurt am Main, y revisar materiales sobre las acciones que hemos llevado a cabo para promocionar y mejorar la concienciación del público general sobre el Software Libre, así como ver los planes que hemos trazado para el futuro próximo, y en los que tú puedes tomar parte.

Three conclusions to draw from Google denying Huawei access to software

20 May 2019

Google denies the Chinese IT giant Huawei access to Google's proprietary components of the Android mobile operating system which threatens IT security. This highlights the importance Free Software has for technology users, public bodies, and businesses. The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) presents three essential lessons from this case.

FSFE Newsletter - Mayo 2019

16 May 2019

Esta edición del boletín de noticias presta especial atención a las próximas elecciones europeas. También contamos la historia del colectivo español Pica Pica Hacklab, quienes han conseguido influir en el Parlamento de Asturias, haciendo uso de nuestra campaña "Public Money? Public Code!". La historia de Pica Pica Hacklab nos lleva hasta las inminentes elecciones europeas, en las que serán designados los nuevos miembros del Parlamento Europeo, por lo que ofrecemos consejos y sugerencias sobre cómo proceder para promover activamente el Software Libre entre ellos. Como siempre, también te ofreceremos información sobre los próximos eventos en los que la FSFE participará, así como una retrospectiva de la novedades del mes pasado.

Public Money, Public Code: Munich one step back - others two steps forward.

15 May 2019

More than two years ago, Munich abandoned their strategy of developing an independent IT infrastructure built with Free Software and the free operating system GNU/Linux and went back to depending on proprietary software. We followed this process closely and like to give an update today about what has happened since then in Munich and in Europe in general. Did we manage to gain more independence and control over our IT or did dependencies on monopolies increase over the past two years?
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Boletín de noticias


The FSFE with an assembly at the Chaos Communication Camp in Mildenberg, Germany

21 to 25 August 2019

The FSFE will be present with an assembly and an information booth at the Chaos Communication Camp 2019 in Mildenberg, Germany. The FSFE assembly will be part of the about:freedom village and is hosted for and by our members, friends and supporters to offer a common space to discuss, meet, hack and organise. Let's put the hacking back into politics! (more info to come)

The FSFE's information stall at Veganmania in Donauinsel in Vienna, Austria

24 to 25 August 2019

The Veganmania summer street festivals in Austria are well known and thousands of people are visiting them each year. This is the second Veganmania for this year. Its on the Danube island directly at the city center which is a well known and beloved recreation area. In previous years the festival gave us the opportunity to introduce many people to the Free Software and its philosophical background, as well as give practical advices on how to get and use it. These festivals have been proven to give us much more outreach than any of the Linux weeks events that would normally be the environment for such stalls. And of course it is fun to have such a stall in the middle of stands with many delicious treats.

FSFE with a booth at Software Freedom Day in Utrecht, The Netherlands

21 September 2019

The FSFE will be present with a booth at the Software Freedom Day at the NLLGG meeting in Utrecht. If you are interested in Free Software and the FSFE, pass by and get to know the people from our community and our work. We will be there from 10.00 in the morning until 16.00 o'clock. The address of the location is: Kranenburg Praktijkonderwijs, Tamboersdijk 9, 3582 TZ Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Looking forward to interesting talks.

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