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FSFE's answers to the European Commission's Public Consultation: Revision of the European Interoperability Framework

24 June 2016:

The European Commission is asking for public input with regard to its plans to renew the European Interoperability Framework (EIF). The EIF aims to promote enhanced interoperability in the EU public sector. The document, originally intended as a set of non-binding guidelines for the EU public administration, is going through its third revision since its initial adoption in 2004. The FSFE has prepared its comments for the draft of the revised guidelines.

And the winner of the election for FSFE's Fellowship GA seat is ...

02 May 2016:

… Mirko Boehm! The election period for this year's Fellowship GA seat has ended on April 29, 2016. There was just one candidate running for the Fellowship GA seat this time. The more we are happy that still 18,9% of our Fellows took their chance to support Mirko Boehm in running for the seat.

Llamada a la Participación en la primera cumbre de la FSFE, el FSFE summit

28 April 2016:

En 2016, la FSFE celebra 15 años de existencia. Lo que comenzó como un pequeño grupo de voluntarios ha crecido hasta convertirse en un movimiento europeo con miembros que lo respaldan activamente en más de 20 paises. Dedicamos este aniversario a nuestra comunidad, a esos que nos han hecho crecer fuertes en los últimos 15 años - con la celebración de la primera cumbre de la FSFE, el FSFE summit, del 2 al 4 de septiembre, que tendrá lugar en el Berlin Congress Center, Alemania. Si quieres ser parte de ello, apunta la fecha y lee la llamada a la participación.

EU jeopardises its own goals in standardisation with FRAND licensing

28 April 2016:

On 19 April, the European Commission published a communication on "ICT Standardisation Priorities for the Digital Single Market" (hereinafter 'the Communication'). The Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy intends to digitise industries with several legislative and political initiatives, and the Communication is a part of it covering standardisation. In general, the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) welcomes the Communication's plausible approach for integrating Free Software and Open Standards into standardisation but expresses its concerns about the lack of understanding of necessary prerequisites to pursue that direction.

Joint Statement on the Radio Lockdown Directive

11 April 2016:

23 organisations including the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) joined up in proposing measures to EU institutions and EU member states to avoid negative implications on users' rights and Free Software imposed by the EU Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU.

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FSFE booth at Wikimania 2016 in Esino Lario, Italy

23 to 27 June 2016

Our Italian team will represent FSFE with a booth during Wikimania 2016 in Esino Larino, Italy. If you like to know us or like to learn why Free Software is important for Free Knowledge, pass by our booth in the community village of Wikimania. Beside of having interesting talks or grabbing our promotion material or merchandise, you can also use this opportunity to meet Michele Marrali, Italian coordinator, and Erik Albers, Fellowship coordinator.

Fellowshiptreffen in Düsseldorf, Deutschland

29 June 2016

Treffen der Fellowshipgruppe Düsseldorf ab 19:30 Uhr im Chaosdorf, Hüttenstr. 25, 40215 Düsseldorf.

Fellowship Meeting Rhine/Main - Talk: The long way to empower people to control technology

06 July 2016

On Wednesday, 6 July, the Fellowship group Rhein/Main will meet in "Zentrale Coworking" in Frankfurt to attend a talk by FSFE's president Matthias Kirschner titled "The long way to empower people to control technology". We will meet there around 19:00 h, the talk will start at 19:30.

Socializing Sunday 2016 in Wenen, Oostenrijk

31 July 2016

De Socializing Sunday zal gelegenheid bieden om zich buiten de werkkring of het helpen in de kraam te leren kennen. Zo is er geen agenda, zijn er geen doelen die bereikt moeten worden en natuurlijk geen formaliteiten! Iedereen die zich aan de FSFE en/of de Fellowship verbonden voelt is uitgenodigd. We zouden in het bijzonder blij zijn met familie en vrienden van Fellows.

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