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Report from the 2019 FSFE Community Meeting in Bolzano, Italy

05 December 2019

This year's FSFE Community Meeting took place from Friday 15 November to Saturday 16 November 2019 as part of SFSCon - an annual Free Software event in the city of Bolzano in South Tyrol, Italy. As in previous editions, embedding our community meeting in another event gave us the opportunity to meet different parts of our own community as well as to connect with people from other communities.

Software-Freiheit in den letzten 12 Monaten

28 November 2019

In den letzten 12 Monaten haben wir gemeinsam mit unseren Freiwilligen, ihren Spenden und ihrer Arbeit viel erreicht. Dank dieser Unterstützung konnten wir beispielsweise unsere PMPC Kampagne erfolgreich weiterführen, Lizenzierung durch unser Reuse Projekt vereinfachen und uns für die Routerfreiheit in Europa stark machen. Auch im Jahr 2020 sind wir wieder mit vollem Elan dabei und setzen uns für Freie Software ein. Bitte helft uns mit einer Spende, damit wir uns weiter erfolgreich für Freie Software engagieren können.

FSFE Newsletter - November 2019

27 November 2019

This month, we present our Portuguese friends from ANSOL and their success story on solving the problems DRM creates in their country and gives tips on how you can take similar actions in your country. Episode 2 of the FSFE's Software Freedom Podcast is out and we dedicate it to the KDE Community and the transformations and updates they are currently undertaking. You can discover upcoming events and interesting stories with visuals from the events where our community promoted Free Software across Europe. We offer a sneak peak into this year's FSFE Annual Community Meeting in Bolzano, Italy before the official report. In the Get Active section, we ask for your help with the new "Public Money? Public Code!" initiative. We need more municipalities and public sector bodies to embrace the principles and become part of the signatories.

FSFE begrüßt CDU Parteitagsbeschluss zum verpflichtenden Einsatz Freier Software

25 November 2019

Die Free Software Foundation Europe begrüßt den Parteitagsbeschluss der CDU zum Einsatz Freier Software. Auf ihrem 32. Parteitag hat die CDU am Wochenende beschlossen, sich die Forderung der FSFE anzuschließen, dass mit öffentlichen Geldern entwickelte Software als Freie Software allen Zugute kommen soll. Die "Public Money, Public Code!" Kampagne der FSFE wird bisher von über 170 Organisationen und 26.000 Einzelpersonen unterstützt.

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Public Money Public Code – Modernising Public Infrastructure with Free Software in Utrecht, Netherlands

09 December 2019

The FSFE Policy Manager will give a talk during the "Online Participatie in Actie!" Congress. What is Free Software? Why is it good when administrations rely on Free Software? How does Free Software contribute to security and transparency of state digital infrastructure? Which steps can public administrations take? These and more questions are answered in this talk.

GNU Health CON 2019 - Public Money Public Code - Modernising Public Infrastructure with Free Software in Liege, Belgium

13 to 15 December 2019

The FSFE Policy Manager Alexander Sander will give a talk on "Public Money? Public Code!" Campaign. This will happen as part of the three-day conference - GNU Health CON 2019, where you’ll have the opportunity to attend different thematic sessions and free workshops, share experiences, learn about and discuss implementation cases and, of course, network with GNU Health community members from around the world!

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