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Eines unserer Ziele für 2023 ist ganz einfach: Durch Steuergelder finanzierte Software muss als Freie Software veröffentlicht werden! Bitte hilf uns dabei, das zu erreichen!

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FSFE's booth at one event

Ready for FOSDEM 2023?

23 January 2023

FOSDEM 2023 is taking place in Brussels the first weekend of February. The FSFE team will be participating at the main Free Software convention in Europe with a booth and giving some keynotes. Are you going to be there? Come to our booth and do not miss our talks! 

Some of the FSFE team hiking in Bolzano

Join our team as an intern!

13 January 2023

Are you a motivated person who wants to support FSFE's activities as an intern? If your background is in computer science, law, political science or another social science field, apply to become part of our team in our Berlin office, working 35 hours per week for a period of 6 months. Join us in empowering people to take control of technology!.  

Three photographs. The municipality of Dortmund, a portrait of a person in front of GNU Health banner, a makerspace.

Promising news from Belgium and Dortmund +++ IT Security +++ Job opportunity

10 January 2023

In January’s Newsletter: Dortmund embraces Free Software, and Belgium is working to ensure Router Freedom. A cryptographer analyzes IT security. A digital health ecosystem licenses files with the REUSE tool. We are looking for an office coordinator. We look forward to seeing you in FOSDEM and I Love Free Software events.  

I love Free Software Day

♥ I Love Free Software Day: Let’s Meet and Connect!

04 January 2023

Every February 14 the Free Software community around the world comes together to celebrate the “I Love Free Software Day”. On this special day we show our gratitude for every Free Software contributor. Join us in celebrating our love for Free Software and thank all the supporters of software freedom.  

Two staffers from finance team counting money during inventory.

FSFE is hiring an office coordinator

20 December 2022

We are looking for an office coordinator for an open-ended 25-35 hours per week position in our Berlin office. As part of our office management team you will be the administrative backbone of our operations. Our ideal candidate has experience as an office administrator, secretary, event organiser, or another relevant administrative role.  

the GNU Health team holding their REUSE compliance award and certificate

GNU Health opts for REUSE

19 December 2022

In the framework of the REUSE Booster initiative, the FSFE provides individual assessments and direct assistance to Free Software projects in the implementation of the REUSE best practices. GNU Health, a project that combines social medicine with technology, has recently become REUSE compliant. We have talked with Dr. Luis Falcón, its founder.  

Legal Education Day logo

FSFE holds 2nd edition of Legal Education Day at the SFSCon 2022

14 December 2022

The 2nd Legal Education Day (LED), organized by the FSFE, took place in Bolzano to help Free Software developers understand legal topics on a basic level, so that they can avoid common pitfalls, allowing their software projects to reach full potential. The LED track featured sessions on the basics of copyright law, licenses, and other legal topics.  

    failed attempt to audit a source code

    EU Declaration of Digital Rights and Principles falls short of its ambitions

    06 December 2022

    Member states, the European Parliament, and the Commission have reached a consensus on the Declaration of Digital Rights and Principles. Although it aims to serve as a reference point for the digital transformation of Europe, it instead descends into murky waters, causing ambiguity. Its wording is unclear and it overlooks existing good proposals.  

    FSFE booth at one event

    5 reasons why your contribution is crucial for the promotion of Free Software

    05 December 2022

    Your support and contribution for the promotion of Free Software are important for securing our continuous work, ensuring our independence, strengthening our democratic society, promoting and implementing concrete steps towards software freedom, and making it easier to use and develop Free Software.  

      Three scenes. A person spying, an award ceremony, a young person controlling a table next to a wheelchair

      FSFE wins EU Datathon +++ YH4F winners and new round +++ No to chat control

      15 November 2022

      FSFE’s ‘TEDective’, a program helping to analyse public spending, wins first prize in the EU Datathon and our very own Youth Hacking 4 Freedom contest starts again. An EU draft law might end secure chats. Citizens in Sweden have a say with the Free Software Decidim and the FSFE Switzerland asks administrations to join federated social media.  

      illustration of three teenagers in a hackerspace

      ✦ Youth Hacking 4 Freedom Winners ✦

      04 October 2022

      After a year of coding and evaluation the Youth Hacking 4 Freedom competition comes to an end, giving us amazing projects. Who won? The six winning programs offer sign language transcription, a smart table robot, a personal assistant, a music tutorial, file sharing, and a homework manager. All Free Software.  

      Illustration with a presentation, a portrait, and a person assembling mouse parts

      Free Software in France +++ Hackerspace in Albania +++ Job

      04 October 2022

      In this issue, we discuss the rising awareness for Free Software in France. We share our plans for monitoring the implementation of Device Neutrality principles. A hackerspace in Albania shares the ‘Public Money! Public Code’ demand. We are looking for a working student to be our next system administrator assistant.  

      A photo of a booth, of a presentation, and of an audience with children

      Software Freedom in Europe 2022

      28 September 2022

      We continuously work to promote Free Software in Europe. In 2022 we addressed technological sustainability, advocated in the DMA and AI act on European level, and defended Router Freedom in Europe – among other activities. To reach younger people, we organised a coding competition for teenagers and published a children's book on software freedom.  

      Hugo Roy

      SFP#16: Free Software in France with Hugo Roy

      09 September 2022

      In this episode of the Software Freedom Podcast, Bonnie Mehring speaks with Hugo Roy about his long involvement with the FSFE. Hugo is also very active in the French Free Software community and gives us an overview of the standing of Free Software in France.  

      Router illustration, two people with books, person giving a Right to Repair presentation.

      Sustainability podcast +++ Job opportunity +++ Partial Router Freedom in Greece

      05 July 2022

      In this issue we share an uplifting podcast episode on the progress of the Upcycling Android campaign. We have a work position in the FSFE staff. Greece is about to secure Router Freedom except for fiber connections. Community news comes from Aarhus, Barcelona, Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, Zurich, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Translators, and Women.  

      two women in professional meeting

      The FSFE is hiring a Senior Project Manager Communication

      15 June 2022

      We are looking for a Senior Project Manager Communication for 20-25 hours per week in our Berlin office. This is a great opportunity to help amplify the importance of software freedom, so that every human can use, study, share, and improve software and thereby support other fundamental rights like freedom of speech, press, and privacy.  

      three pictures of group people

      Municipalities using Free Software +++ PMPC tour in Italy

      07 June 2022

      In this issue, read about nine administrations innovating and saving money with Free Software, a Dutch coalition calling for fair digital education, and how a sustainable telecom sector is attainable with Free Software. Volunteers organise ‘Public Money? Public code!’ tour in Italy.  

      drei Illustrationen: ein telefonähnliches Gerät, das wie ein geöffnetes Schloss aussieht, ein glückliches Cartoon-Mastodon, ein EU-Datathon-Banner

      46 unterzeichnen den offenen Brief zu OS-Freiheit +++ Fair-Market-App +++ Deine digitalen Rechte

      10 May 2022

      In dieser Ausgabe: Eine Allianz von 46 Organisationen - und es werden immer mehr - unterstützt das universelle Recht, jede Software auf jedem Gerät zu installieren. Freie Software wird für die Aufnahme in die EU-Erklärung zu digitalen Rechten in Betracht gezogen. Die App der FSFE für Transparenz im öffentlichen Beschaffungswesen erreicht das Finale des EU-Datathons. Italienische FSFE-Freiwillige bereiten eine Rundreise vor.  

      Vier Illustrationen. 1. Drei Zahnräder in unterschiedlichen Farben und Größen integrieren sich ineinander, wobei eines das Codierungskürzel trägt 2. Ein telefonähnliches Gerät, aus dem drei Pfeile kommen, einer nach links, einer nach rechts und einer geradeaus 3. Vier verschiedene geometrische figuren sind über brücken verbunden 4. ein telefonähnliches gerät sieht aus wie ein geöffnetes Schloss

      38 Organisationen fordern Recht auf Zugang und Wiederverwendung von Hardware

      27 April 2022

      Die FSFE veröffentlicht einen an die EU Gesetzgeber gerichteten und von 38 Organisationen und Unternehmen mitgezeichneten offenen Brief, in dem sie das universale Recht fordert jede Software auf jedem Gerät zu installieren. Dieses Recht dient der Wiederverwendbarkeit und Langlebigkeit unserer Geräte.  

      Constanze Kurz spricht auf der Bühne während der Bits und Bäume Konferenz mit einem Mikrofon in der Hand und im Hintergrund zeigt eine Folie den Namen der Konferenz.

      CfP geöffnet für Bits & Bäume 2022 zum Thema Digitalisierung und Nachhaltigkeit

      25 April 2022

      Die Bits & Bäume-Konferenz bringt Expertinnen und Experten aus dem Techsektor und der Nachhaltigkeitsbewegung zusammen. Dieses Jahr ist die FSFE Teil des Trägerkreises. Wir suchen nach spannenden Beiträgen darüber, wie Freie Software zur Verwirklichung einer nachhaltigeren digitalen Gesellschaft beitragen kann. Einreichungen möglich bis 7. Juni.  


      Online-Diskussion: Die Zukunft der Routerfreiheit in Österreich

      20 April 2022

      Österreich hat ein Reformgesetz für den Telekomsektor eingeführt, das sich auf die Möglichkeiten von Verbrauchern ihre eigenen Router/Modem auszuwählen und zu verwenden auswirken wird. Zusammen mit der Verbund der Telekommunikations-Endgerätehersteller (VTKE) organisiert die FSFE ein Event zum Thema "Die Zukunft der Routerfreiheit in Österreich".  

      Public body infrastructure displaying source code

      EU Declaration of Digital Rights & Principles: Free Software should be included

      14 April 2022

      On 26 January 2022, the European Commission presented its proposal for the EU Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles which will serve as a reference point in the future and as a common EU vision of our digital rights. The declaration is now being discussed in the European Parliament and Council, and Free Software should become part of it.  

      Collage mit vier Bildern. Eine Illustration einer Zeitung. Eine Illustration eines neoklassischen Gebäudes mit Einsen und Nullen als Säulen. Eine Illustration von drei Telefonen, die die Bildschirme der Plasma Mobile Homepage, des Kalenders und des Taschenrechners darstellen.  Ein Foto einer Frau.

      KI in der EU +++ Offener Brief an den Bundestag +++ Plasma Mobile +++ Meshnet

      05 April 2022

      In unserem April-Newsletter begrüßen wir die vielversprechenden Entwicklungen zum Thema KI in der EU. Wir wenden uns an die deutsche Regierung und fordern ein klares Budget für Freie Software. Wir interviewen den Plasma-Mobile-Entwickler Bhushan Shah und sprechen mit Elektra Wagenrad in einer Podcast-Episode über die Mesh-Netze. Wir gratulieren KDE zur weltweit ersten öko-zertifizierten Software.  

      Das Recht, Freie Software zu installieren +++ 60 Bücher für Bibliotheken +++ Berliner Workshop

      09 March 2022

      In unserem März-Newsletter teilen wir dringend benötigte gute Nachrichten: 60 Kinderbücher über Softwarefreiheit wurden an öffentliche Bibliotheken gespendet. Die FSFE fordert das Recht, Freie Software zu installieren. Der erste Upcycling-Android-Workshop findet in Berlin statt. Die FSFE-Gruppe in Aarhus, Dänemark, trifft sich nach langer Zeit wieder.  

      Digital booth

      FSFE at FOSDEM: A vital Devroom, virtual chats, and waffles

      24 February 2022

      At the prominent annual conference for Free Software, FOSDEM, we exchanged opinions and chatted with people from the Free Software community. We raised awareness on wider issues that impact our movement in the Legal and Policy Devroom, co-hosted by the FSFE. Enjoy the videos from the talks and stay in touch via Matrix until the next FOSDEM. 

      I love FS +++ 0 A.D.: Empires Ascendant +++ FOSDEM +++ FSFE20: Praktikanten

      08 February 2022

      In unserem Februar-Newsletter laden wir dich zu unserem Spiele-Event ein, um den "I Love Free Software"-Tag am 14. Februar zu feiern. Hör dir unsere Podcast-Episode mit Stanislas Dolcini vom Spiel "0 A.D.: Empires Ascendant" an. Die FOSDEM ging gerade zu Ende und die FSFE war dabei! Wir schließen unsere Feierlichkeiten zu 20 Jahren FSFE mit einem Interview mit ehemaligen Praktikanten ab.  

      FSFE booth 2018

      The FSFE at FOSDEM 2022

      27 January 2022

      As in 2021, this year's FOSDEM will take place online. But this is neither stopping us from once again co-hosting the Legal and Policy Issues Devroom nor from being present with a digital booth. We are excited and look forward to presenting you an interesting programme throughout the whole weekend. 

      Geräteneutralität wird Realität +++ Stockholm +++ FSFE-Infrastruktur +++ KI

      11 January 2022

      In unserem Januar-Newsletter würdigen wir die Bedeutung des Gesetzes über digitale Märkte als eine überwiegend positive Entwicklung für die Softwarefreiheit. Lesen Sie, wie das Fehlen von Freier Software Stockholm 100 Millionen Euro gekostet hat. Unser Systemhacker-Team zeigt die Hintergründe der FSFE-Infrastruktur. Vincent Lequertier betont, dass KI Transparenz braucht. Die FOSDEM steht vor der Tür.  

      SFP#12: Enforcement of the GNU GPL with Till Jaeger

      22 September 2021

      With our 12th episode of the Software Freedom Podcast we dig into the history and the beginning of enforcing Free Software licences, especially the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). Together with Till Jaeger, who has been working alongside Harald Welte for enforcing the GNU GPL in the first court cases in Germany, we talk about the long way we have come since those early days.  

      SFP#9: I Love Free Software Day

      11 February 2021

      For this episode of the Software Freedom Podcast we talk about the background of the "I Love Free Software Day" and how it all began 11 years ago. Discover together with Bonnie Mehring why Free Software developers, advocates, activists and contributors think this special day is so important for Free Software.  

      SFP#8: How to tell my mother that Free Software can cost money?

      04 December 2020

      In this Software Freedom Podcast episode Bonnie Mehring and Matthias Kirschner talk about the monetary costs of Free Software. On the example of a conversation Bonnie had with her mother, both discover ways of explaining the world of Free Software and how to answer common questions and misunderstandings about software freedom.  

      Katharina Nocun, Lawrence Lessig and Matthias Kirschner while recording the Software Freedom Podcast

      SFP#5 about regulation with Professor Lawrence Lessig

      09 April 2020

      For our Software Freedom Podcast we talk with people who have inspiring ideas about software freedom. In this episode, we talk with Professor Lawrence Lessig, founder of Creative Commons, about regulation of society, offline as well as online, about the different means of regulation, and shed light on regulations through code. 

      SFP#4 about REUSE with Carmen Bianca Bakker

      21 January 2020

      In the monthly Software Freedom Podcast we talk with people who have inspiring ideas about software freedom. In this episode, we talk with Carmen Bianca Bakker about the REUSE project. By this we are covering the very broad topic of software licensing and the problems there, which REUSE is able to solve with three simple steps.  

      SFP#2 about KDE with Lydia Pintscher

      12 November 2019

      We are back with the second episode of our Software Freedom Podcast! Once a month, we talk with people who have inspiring ideas about software freedom. In this episode, we talk with Lydia Pintscher from KDE about the development of the KDE community, the different KDE projects and the issues they will be tackling over the next two years.  

      SFP#1 zum Tag Gegen DRM mit Cory Doctorow

      12 October 2019

      Wir haben einen Podcast! Beginnend mit dieser Episode werden wir, einmal im Monat mit Personen sprechen, die inspirierende Ideen zu Freier Software haben. In unserer ersten Episode des Software Freedom Podcasts adressieren wir Probleme von DRM zusammen mit Cory Doctorow, dem britisch-kanadischen Schriftsteller und politischem Aktivisten, sowie Co-Autor des Blogs boingboing.net. Außerdem ist er ein prominenter Unterstützer von Softwarefreiheit und weniger restriktiven Urheberrechtsgesetzen. Seine Bücher sind unter Creative-Commons-Lizenzen veröffentlicht.  


      Ältere Nachrichten finden sich in unserem Nachrichtenarchiv