Depuis 2001, la FSFE renforce les droits des utilisateurs en supprimant les obstacles à la liberté des logiciels. Voilà 20 ans que nous aidons les individus et organisations à comprendre le rôle que joue le Logiciel Libre dans la liberté, la transparence et l'autodétermination.

Pour les deux prochaines décennies, nous avons besoin de votre aide. Nous voulons que tout le monde puisse contrôler sa technologie. Le Logiciel Libre et ses libertés de pouvoir utiliser, étudier, partager et améliorer les logiciels sont la clé pour atteindre cet objectif.

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Archive des nouvelles (les "News")

Till Jaeger +++ Youth Hacking 4 Freedom +++ SFScon 2021

12 October 2021

In our October Newsletter read about Till Jaeger, who knows first-hand what it takes to enforce Free Software licenses. Find out about the contest we just launched: Youth Hacking 4 Freedom. Learn about the donations by a high school yearbook team. Follow our latest activities and write down the dates of the upcoming SFScon.  

Translators team: Reaching more people in their native language

11 October 2021

The FSFE's translators team has been working tirelessly throughout the second year of Covid-19 to enable people all across Europe to read and learn about Free Software in their native language. Since the beginning of 2021 we have had over 230 new translations into 9 different languages, not counting the English originals. 

Learn about Free Software in the Legal Context with FSFE's Legal Education Day

08 October 2021

The FSFE is organizing a Legal Education Day on Saturday, 6 November 2021. This online event is open for all to attend. It will include talks and Q&A sessions on the basics of copyright law, licenses, and other legal topics. The event will help Free Software developers to understand these legal topics so that their software projects can reach their full potential.  

Youth Hacking 4 Freedom: Coding Competition for teenagers about to start

28 September 2021

The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) is a charity that empowers users to control technology. To inspire the younger generation to software freedom, the FSFE is organising the coding competition ‘Youth Hacking 4 Freedom' (YH4F), where teenagers from all around Europe have the chance to compete in a fair and fun way. The winners receive a cash prize and a trip to Brussels with other young hackers.  

SFP#12: Enforcement of the GNU GPL with Till Jaeger

22 September 2021

With our 12th episode of the Software Freedom Podcast we dig into the history and the beginning of enforcing Free Software licences, especially the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). Together with Till Jaeger, who has been working alongside Harald Welte for enforcing the GNU GPL in the first court cases in Germany, we talk about the long way we have come since those early days.  

Interviews for the German federal election 2021

20 September 2021

The 2021 federal election in Germany (26.09.2021) is just around the corner. Digital sovereignty, through the use of Free Software, is at the centre of our exchange with the political parties, which we have also conducted via our organisations' election questions to the parties. We are pleased that, in a further step, we were able to talk personally with candidates from all parties with a chance of participating in the next government and ask them in more depth what they and their party would like to do to advance digitisation in Germany with Free software.  

Demand for transparent CovPass apps in EU +++ Dutch gain Router Freedom

13 September 2021

In our August-September Newsletter, we celebrate the right of using a custom router in the Netherlands. We explain why every app that tackles the spread of Covid-19 has to be Free Software. We share the news of our vibrant community, following up what happened in the summertime and what lies ahead of us.  

Dutch authority enforces Router Freedom

05 August 2021

The Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has published new rules that will move Router Freedom forward in the Netherlands. Within 6 months ISPs have to comply and offer the option for consumers and companies to connect a modem or router of their own choice. The FSFE acknowledges this decision as a major win for consumer rights.  

20 Years FSFE +++ Finland achieving Router Freedom +++ microFSFE

27 July 2021

In our July Newsletter, we invite our community to join the celebrations of 20 Years FSFE, we applaud Finland for securing Router Freedom, and we look into Free Software activities for children. We are getting ready for German elections and invite you to help us support Free Software demands for public administration during the election campaign.  

FSFE: 20 years of empowering people to control technology

21 July 2021

Marking twenty years of the FSFE, we highlight the importance of software freedom in Europe and important accomplishments since 2001. We shed light on our community with a birthday page where you can find community interviews and videos. People are invited to celebrate with us and share their own stories.  

Rising demands for Dutch digital autonomy +++ REUSE Booster +++ Torsten Grote

28 June 2021

Dutch digital public services rely increasingly on monopolistic companies; the FSFE Dutch team actively demands digital rights. In June, we launched REUSE Booster to share legal advice with Free Software projects on copyright. We interviewed Torsten Grote, a member of the FSFE, who stressed the need to Free our Androids early on.  

20 Years FSFE: Interview with Torsten Grote

25 June 2021

In our fourth birthday publication we are interviewing Torsten Grote, who explored Free Software alternatives on smartphones for the FSFE as early as 2012. We reminisce about the emergence of our Free Your Android campaign and discuss with Torsten which options are available for liberating our phones today.  

Netherlands: Participation app remains closed to the public

11 June 2021

The Dutch House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) debates in public, as it should. But as not everyone has the opportunity to go to Den Hague and sit in the gallery, the Tweede Kamer released an app to follow the debates via livestream. Unfortunately, this app not is released under a Free Software licence. Our Dutch volunteer Jos van den Oever wanted to participate but was not able to run the app on his device and got active. 

Dutch Digital Autonomy must be based on Free Software and Open Standards

18 May 2021 – Rijk Ravestein

"The Netherlands is losing grip on internet security, and is therefore in danger of losing control over democracy, the rule of law and the economic innovation system." This warning comes from the Cyber Security Council, a national and independent advisory body of the Dutch government and business community with members from the government, industry and academia.  

Router Freedom: Greece one step forward - Germany one backward

05 May 2021

EU member states are updating their legislation and implementing rules on Router Freedom. Greece and Germany have taken the first steps. But while Greece has focused on interests of end-users, Germany has moved in the opposite direction. The next months are crucial for Router Freedom in Europe and local participation is paramount.  

20 Years FSFE: Interview with Fernanda Weiden

20 April 2021

In our third birthday publication we interview Fernanda Weiden - co-founder of the FSF Latin America and former Vice President of the FSFE - about the early starts of Free Software in Latin America, nowadays use of Free Software in Big Tech and about support of diversity in different communities.  

La FSFE lance le pack d'activités pour la Liberté des Routeurs

30 March 2021

Dans le contexte de la réforme de la loi sur les télécommunications, les ếtats membres de l'Union Européenne sont en train de transposer la législation, ce qui a un impact direct sur la Liberté des Routeurs. La FSFE a lancé son pack d'activités pour les organisations et les particuliers afin de les sensibiliser et de leur donner les moyens de défendre le droit de pouvoir choisir leurs materiels pour leur accès Internet dans leur pays.  

Luca contre Lenovo +++ Reinhard et la FSFE +++ Rapport IloveFS

25 March 2021 –

Dans notre lettre d'information du mois de mars, découvrez comment notre supporter Luca Bonissi qui a contraint Lenovo à payer un remboursement de 20 000 Euros pour une pré-installation de Windows, notre supporter Reinhard Müller qui a été volontaire pour la FSFE pendant deux décennies, notre rapport "I Love Free Software" et comme toujours nos nombreuses autres activités communautaires. 

Statement on Richard Stallman rejoining the FSF board

24 March 2021

We learnt through a public announcement that Richard Stallman is again part of the board of directors of the Free Software Foundation, one of our independent sister organisations. We disapprove of this step that came without any message of remorse or willingness to change.  

    "I Love Free Software Day" report for 2021

    19 March 2021

    This year we celebrated the 11th edition of the "I Love Free Software Day". Every year on 14 February we show our love for Free Software and say thank you to the people working for software freedom. To all of you who took part and celebrated the "I Love Free Software Day", we - the Free Software Foundation Europe - would like to thank you so much. 

    FSFE at FOSDEM 2021

    11 March 2021

    FOSDEM, the biggest annual Free Software event in Europe, took place again this year on the first weekend in February. As we do every year, we organised a community event before FOSDEM and this year we also co-organised the Legal and Policy Devroom for the first time. 

    20 Years FSFE: Interview with Reinhard Müller

    05 March 2021

    In 2021, the Free Software Foundation Europe turns 20. This is a moment that we want to use to celebrate our community with a series of publications. In our second publication we interview Reinhard Müller who has contributed as a volunteer since 2002 in various roles from local activities to the European core team.  

    FSFE20 +++ IloveFS +++ Poste vacant

    25 February 2021 –

    Dans notre lettre d'information de février, nous nous entretenons avec notre président fondateur Georg Greve dans le cadre de notre série de publications célébrant les 20 ans de la FSFE, nous revenons sur la journée I love Free Software et sur notre participation au FOSDEM, nous annonçons un nouveau poste vacant et nous rapportons comme toujours nos diverses activités communautaires. 

    Call to apply for FSFE support for your local project

    19 February 2021

    It is no secret that the FSFE's activities are only possible with the priceless help of our contributors and supporters around Europe. In return we support local engagement financially, with our expertise, information material and networks. To help formalize this process, we run our next call for FSFE community projects. 

    Join us I Love Free Software Day 2021

    14 February 2021

    Today on the "I Love Free Software Day" we want to celebrate and share our love for Free Software. With this special day we say thank you to all the Free Software friends who supported, developed, campaigned, translated and worked for Free Software. On 14 February, let us show our love and thank all those people involved in Free Software. 

    SFP#9: I Love Free Software Day

    11 February 2021

    For this episode of the Software Freedom Podcast we talk about the background of the "I Love Free Software Day" and how it all began 11 years ago. Discover together with Bonnie Mehring why Free Software developers, advocates, activists and contributors think this special day is so important for Free Software.  

    20 years FSFE: Interview with Georg Greve, founder president

    04 February 2021

    In 2021 the Free Software Foundation Europe turns 20. This is a moment that we want to use to celebrate our community with a series of publications, both those who have accompanied us in the past and those are still doing so. In our first publication we look back where everything got started and have conducted an interview with the FSFE's first president, Georg C. F. Greve.  

    FOSDEM21: Legal and Policy Issues Devroom agenda

    04 February 2021

    As every year, the FSFE will be present at FOSDEM, the biggest annual Free Software event in Europe. In 2021, the FSFE is honored to co-organise the Legal and Policy Devroom at FOSDEM. We are excited and look forward to presenting you an interesting programme throughout the whole weekend. 

    Coming soon: I Love Free Software Day 2021

    03 February 2021

    People around the world work hard to maintain Free Software and we rely on Free Software to keep us connected. On this year's I Love Free Software Day let us think about the developers, contributors, designers, those who promoted the use of Free Software and many more who spend their time to share, improve and create Free Software. On 14 February we show our love and thank those who work for Free Software. 

    CWA without Google +++ International development cooperation +++ KDE interview

    16 December 2020 –

    In our December Newsletter, read about the German Corona Warn App being published independently to extend software freedom, learn about public code in international development cooperation, enjoy an interview with Cord-Landwehr from KDE about REUSE adoption, one about the Zurich local group receiving a DINACon award and much more. 

    FSFE Local Group Zurich receives DINAcon Award

    11 December 2020

    In 2019, the FSFE's local group Zurich has launched the "Learn like the pros" campaign. Goal of the campaign is to present solutions for the use of Free Software in education. Recently, the campaign was awarded the DINACon Award. On this behalf we interviewed the coordinators Ralf Hersel and Gian-Maria Daffré. 

    Public code for publicly financed international development cooperation

    10 December 2020

    International development cooperation is increasingly digitised. Free Software thus is becoming a fundamental technology to reach the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. Together with experts in the field, the FSFE summarises these interrelations in an article and demands publicly funded software to be published as Free Software. 

    German Corona tracing app available without Google services

    08 December 2020

    A handful of Free Software developers today achieved what official bodies have been missing for months: They have made available the German Corona Warn App for tracing Covid-19 risk contacts in a version that is completely free of dependencies on Google and available in F-Droid, the Free Software app store.  

    SFP#8: How to tell my mother that Free Software can cost money?

    04 December 2020

    In this Software Freedom Podcast episode Bonnie Mehring and Matthias Kirschner talk about the monetary costs of Free Software. On the example of a conversation Bonnie had with her mother, both discover ways of explaining the world of Free Software and how to answer common questions and misunderstandings about software freedom.  

    Liberté logicielle 2020 +++ Stratégie Open Source Européenne +++ Nouvelles équipières

    25 November 2020 –

    Dans notre lettre d'information de novembre, nous analysons notre rapport annuel "Liberté Logicielle en Europe" ainsi que la nouvelle Stratégie du Logiciel Libre par la Commission Européenne. Nous avons de nouveaux équipiers, un nouvel appel pour les projets de la communauté FSFE, REUSE prend son envol, le groupe local de Zurich recoit un prix et tant d'autres choses à découvrir. 

    Call to apply for FSFE support for your local project

    20 November 2020

    It is no secret that the FSFE's activities are only possible with the priceless help of our contributors and supporters around Europe. In return we support local engagement with our expertise, information material, networks or even financially. To help formalize this process, we run our second call for FSFE community projects. 

    How (not) to set up a public warning system

    12 November 2020

    What is the best way to alert people about catastrophes? Germany went with proprietary apps which caused the recent warning day ("Warntag") to become an official failure. We analysed the situation and found more robust solutions that respect user rights.  

    FSFE at SFSCon 2020

    19 October 2020

    The South Tyrol Free Software Conference, SFSCon, is one of Europe’s most established annual conferences on Free Software. In recent years we have been represented with talks, workshops and our information booth. Last year we also organised our Community Event in the context of SFSCon, so that we could meet not only our community but also many interested people and report about our work.  

    Congratulations to the FSF on its thirty-fifth anniversary

    09 October 2020

    The FSFE's sister organisation, the FSF, celebrates its thirty-fifth anniversary this week. Thirty-five years of working for software freedom and inspiring many people and organisations to take a stand for user freedoms deserve big congratulations. Watch and read the congratulatory speech by FSFE President Matthias Kirschner.  

    Call to apply for FSFE support for your local project

    07 September 2020

    It is no secret that the FSFE's activities are only possible with the priceless help of our contributors and supporters around Europe. In return we support local engagement with our expertise, information material, networks or even financially. To help formalize this process, we run our first call for FSFE community projects. 

    The FSFE is looking for an office assistant

    04 September 2020

    We are looking for an office assistant to support our work to empower people to control technology. The person will work 15-35 hours per week with our team in the Berlin office and will support the FSFE's Berlin office operations. 

    Consultation Européenne +++ 100 jours à Munich +++ Coordinateur pour la Science Ouverte

    26 August 2020 –

    Dans notre lettre d'information du mois d'août, nous nous interrogeons sur les raisons pour lesquelles la Commission Européenne devrait éviter d’utiliser le terme "propriété intellectuelle". Nous avons aussi interrogé le nouveau gouvernement de Munich sur son progrès concernant le Logiciel Libre, et nous présentons notre nouveau Coordinateur pour la Science Ouverte, Christian Busse. Comme toujours, vous y trouverez aussi des informations sur les activités de nos diverses communautés. 

    FSFE: EU should reconsider the notion of "intellectual property"

    20 August 2020

    In order to contribute to the European Commission public consultation regarding the update of the "Intellectual Property (IP)" regulatory system, the FSFE has published a first feedback. Based on its world-wide experience with Free Software, the FSFE calls for a more inclusive and decentralized regulatory system that allows sustainable knowledge sharing and intangible wealth. 

    La Liberté des Routeurs en Europe +++ Hambourg soutient le Logiciel Libre +++ Parlement Européen

    16 June 2020 –

    Dans notre lettre d'informations de Juin, vous pouvez vous informer entre autres sur les réalisations de la FSFE concernant la Liberté des Routeurs en Europe, sur un nouvel accord de coalition à Hambourg mettant en avant le Logiciel Libre et sur le Parlement Européen réclamant "Argent Public ? Code Public !". Comme toujours, vous y trouverez aussi des informations sur les activités de nos diverses communautés. 

    Public Hackathons +++ Munich supports Public Code +++ New Podcasts

    12 May 2020 –

    Read about our demand to publish the results of publicly financed hackathons as Free Software, about a new coalition-agreement in Munich that aligns with our principles of "Public Money? Public Code!" and what happened inside the FSFE and our community. You will also read about the results of our web-sprint, about our regular podcast and an extraordinary one. 

    SFP#5 about regulation with Professor Lawrence Lessig

    09 April 2020

    For our Software Freedom Podcast we talk with people who have inspiring ideas about software freedom. In this episode, we talk with Professor Lawrence Lessig, founder of Creative Commons, about regulation of society, offline as well as online, about the different means of regulation, and shed light on regulations through code. 

    COVID-19 Hackathons: Only Free Software creates global solutions

    08 April 2020

    Currently we see a lot of hackathons to find tools that help tackle the crisis of pandemic COVID-19. More and more governments and administrations are hosting or funding such hackathons. To make sure that the results of these hackathons can be used globally and adapted locally - that the software can be used, studied, shared and improved everywhere - the FSFE asks to publish the outcomes under a Free Software licence. 

    Les sympathisants de la FSFE publient "Pourquoi utiliser des Logiciels Libres pour le travail à distance et lesquels"?

    03 April 2020

    En raison de l'épidémie actuelle du virus Covid-19, de nombreux employeurs - volontaires ou obligatoires - travaillent désormais à distance. De nombreuses organisations qui n'étaient pas habituées au travail à distance jusqu'à présent sont maintenant confrontées à un certain nombre de difficultés pour s'adapter à la situation. Pour éviter d'éventuels blocages, certains partisans de la FSFE ont collectivement écrit sur les bonnes raisons d'utiliser des Logiciels Libres pour le travail à distance et ont rassemblé une liste détaillée de solutions pratiques dans notre wiki

    FSFE in times of Corona: How a virus affects us

    27 March 2020

    Among all the serious diseases and deaths it causes, the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its accompanying COVID-19 disease also keep the FSFE and the whole Free Software community in suspense. For our community and other charitable organisations we would share our experiences and lessons learnt from the Corona crisis. 

    [Updated] The FSFE is looking for an executive assistant

    11 March 2020

    We are looking for an executive assistant to support our work to empower people to control technology. The person will work 25-35 hours per week with our team in the Berlin office and will be in charge of the FSFE's Berlin office operations. Due to the current situation and the difficulty to onboard the the new person, the application period is enlarged as written below

    Expert Brochure to Modernise Public Digital Infrastructure with Public Code - Translated Versions Online

    10 March 2020

    What is Free Software? How does it contribute to digital sovereignty, security and transparency of state digital infrastructure? Which steps can public administrations take? These and more questions are answered in our publication "Public Money Public Code – Modernising Public Infrastructure with Free Software". After the successful release of the English version of our brochure we translated it into three more languages: German, Czech and Brazilian Portuguese.  

    Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt - the Barriers to Router Freedom in Germany

    02 March 2020 – ,

    Consider this hypothetical scenario: you moved to a new apartment. Apart from all the stress of packing, transporting, and unpacking all your stuff at your new home, you also had to deal with getting utilities connected. The electric company turned out to be difficult to deal with: they said you had to change your TV set, toaster, refrigerator and most of your lamps. 

    (pre-)FOSDEM +++ IloveFS +++ Community

    26 February 2020 –

    De notre évènement pre-FOSDEM au passionnant weekend du FOSDEM, en passant par la journée I love Free Software, février a été un mois riche en informations pour la FSFE. Nous avons profité de ces occasions pour présenter notre travail, tout en offrant aux communautés de par l'Europe l'occasion de présenter le leur. Vous pourrez lire à propos de nos stands et présentations, à propos d'amour et des évènements à venir dans notre lettre d'information du mois de février. 

    I Love Free Software - and you?

    12 February 2020

    While you are reading this, someone somewhere is improving the code of a Free Software you use for yourself. Free Software has long been part of the daily use of billion of users, still the people behind the respective projects often remain invisible. Together we want to change that. On 14 February is the "I love Free Software Day", a day to show your love and celebrate your favourite Free Software and its contributors. Join us! 

    Report from the 36c3, about:freedom - about:fsfe

    22 January 2020 – Bonnie Mehring

    At the end of December, FSFE was in Leipzig at the 36th Chaos Communication Congress. As in previous years, we were present at the congress with lots of information material, talks and workshops. FSFE was one of the main organisers of the cluster about:freedom, an association of 12 civil society organisations and groups. Together with the other organisations, we focused on digital rights and network policy issues. 

    Cory Doctorow +++ (pre-) FOSDEM +++ 36C3

    22 January 2020 –

    2020 is not just a new year, it is the dawn of a new decade. With more and more automated systems run by software, a political representation of freedom is more needed than ever. Read in our January Newsletter about why Cory Doctorow supports the FSFE financially and why you should do so too. Read about our upcoming FOSDEM activities including our pre-FOSDEM meeting and reflections on our presence at the Chaos Communication Congress. Also we have a new Software Freedom Podcast with Harald Welte and reports from our community. 

    SFP#4 about REUSE with Carmen Bianca Bakker

    21 January 2020

    In the monthly Software Freedom Podcast we talk with people who have inspiring ideas about software freedom. In this episode, we talk with Carmen Bianca Bakker about the REUSE project. By this we are covering the very broad topic of software licensing and the problems there, which REUSE is able to solve with three simple steps.  

    SFP#2 about KDE with Lydia Pintscher

    12 November 2019

    We are back with the second episode of our Software Freedom Podcast! Once a month, we talk with people who have inspiring ideas about software freedom. In this episode, we talk with Lydia Pintscher from KDE about the development of the KDE community, the different KDE projects and the issues they will be tackling over the next two years.  

    SFP#1 on Day Against DRM with Cory Doctorow

    12 October 2019

    We have a Podcast! Starting with this episode, we will talk once a month with people who have inspiring ideas about software freedom. In our first episode of our Software Freedom Podcast, we address the issue of Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) together with Cory Doctorow, a British-Canadian writer, political activist, and co-editor of the blog Cory Doctorow is a prominent supporter of software freedom and a less restrictive copyright law. His books are published under Creative Commons licenses.