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Today is the Day Against DRM

  • 12 October 2019

Join us and the Free Software Foundation in the fight against DRM! Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) is any technology that is built into an electronic product or service with the aim of limiting its use. It is designed to prevent customers from using digital technology in ways that do not correspond to the business agenda of a content provider or device manufacturer.  

Software Freedom Podcast #1 on Day Against DRM with Cory Doctorow

  • 12 October 2019

We have a Podcast! Starting with this episode, we will talk once a month with people who have inspiring ideas about software freedom. In our first episode of our Software Freedom Podcast, we address the issue of Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) together with Cory Doctorow, a British-Canadian writer, political activist, and co-editor of the blog Cory Doctorow is a prominent supporter of software freedom and a less restrictive copyright law. His books are published under Creative Commons licenses.  

Freedomvote fait la lumière sur les candidats aux élections nationales suisses est de retour. La campagne suisse Freedomvote a pour but de donner des indications aux électeurs sur les candidats aux élections. Lors de l’édition précédente en 2015, elle a donné aux candidats la chance de présenter leur position sur des thématiques numériques variées, incluant le Logiciel Libre. Plus de 160 candidats participent déjà et prouvent ainsi que le numérique devient de plus en plus important - pour les électeurs comme pour les candidats.  

Open Letter “Free and Open Source EU Policy Recommendations”

At the end of September together with Open Forum Europe we organised a meeting in Brussels to bring together Free Software experts from around Europe. Goal of the meeting was to discuss Free Software and its driving role in the digital transformation in Europe, and in particular how the European institutions can further facilitate these developments.  

Be part of this year's FSFE community meeting

  • 30 September 2019
  • Bonnie Mehring

In less than 2 months this year's FSFE community meeting will take place between 15 and 17 November at the SFScon in Bolzano, Italy. There will be inspiring talks, both from within the FSFE community as well as from the SFScon accompanied with a lot of social gatherings. No matter if you are a longtime volunteer or you have never heard about us before - everyone who is interested in the FSFE is welcome to join.  

Lettre d’information de la FSFE, Septembre 2019

  • 27 September 2019

Ce mois-ci, nous allons nous concentrer sur l‘impact du Logiciel Libre sur la concurrence, dans un article écrit par notre expert invité, le professeur docteur Simon Schlauri. Nous profitons aussi de l’occasion pour annoncer les progrès impressionnants que nous avons réalisé sur le projet REUSE ayant pour but de rendre le droit d’auteur et les accords de licence plus faciles. Plus bas, vous pouvez découvrir les évènements à venir et des informations à propos du Comité Annuel de la FSFE, ainsi que quelques photos et vidéos des évènements lors desquels notre communauté a fait la promotion du Logiciel Libre à travers l’Europe. Nous proposons enfin quelques recommandations d’articles pouvant vous être intéressants. 

Richard Stallman quitte son poste de président de la Free Software Foundation

  • 17 September 2019

Le 16 Septembre, l'une de nos organisations soeurs, la Free Software Foundation (FSF) américaine, a annoncé le départ de Richard Stallman de son poste de directeur. Bien que nous reconnaissions le rôle de Stallman dans la création du mouvement Logiciel Libre, nous applaudissons cette décision.  

    Radio Lockdown: Criticism of Controversial Directive Unlikely to Sway European Commission

    Since 2014, a European Directive has the effect of hindering users to load software on their radio devices, devices such as mobile phones, laptops and routers. While the European Commission recently closed a feedback period, where citizens shared their thoughts about the impact of the Directive, the FSFE worries that such feedback could very well go unheeded. Learn more about the feedback received, and what lies ahead. 

    REUSE makes copyright and licensing easier than ever

    • 07 August 2019
    • Carmen Bianca Bakker,

    REUSE helps developers to declare copyright and licensing of their projects. Today, the REUSE project released version 3.0 of their specification. The new edition is accompanied by a helper tool and makes adopting the best practices easier than ever. 

    The Impact of Free Software on competition by Prof. Dr. Simon Schlauri

    • 06 August 2019
    • Prof. Dr. Simon Schlauri

    Do public administrations distort the market through the release of Free Software? An article by Prof. Dr. Simon Schlauri about the legal and economic arguments resulting from this question and originally written for our Public Money? Public Code - policy brochure. 

    Lettre d'information FSFE - juillet 2019

    Dans la lettre d'information de ce mois, nous portons une attention particulière à notre nouvelle page de Témoignages ainsi qu'au résumé fraîchement préparé de l'Atelier Licence et Législation annuel qui a eu lieu à Barcelone. Plus bas, vous découvrirez les évènements à venir que nous accueillons ou auxquels nous participons, ainsi que quelques détails visuels sur la façon et les endroits où nous avons promu et étendu l'usage du Logiciel Libre à travers l'Europe. 

    Bundesfreiwilligendienst bei der Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE)

    • 01 July 2019

    Du bist zwischen 16 und 24 Jahre alt und möchtest Dich im gesellschaftlichen Engagement ausprobieren bevor es mit Ausbildung oder Uni weitergeht? Außerdem beherrschst Du Englisch fließend in Wort und Schrift, verfügst über gute Deutschkenntnisse und hast Interesse an Technik? Dann bist Du bei der FSFE goldrichtig! 

    FSFE Newsletter - June 2019

    This month's newsletter highlights the Google/Huawei case and the greater picture it reveals to us. In the Get Active section we call for your proactivity in promoting the use of Free Software. Additionally, you can find out what happened at our Web-a-thon in Frankfurt am Main and view some media of the actions we have taken for promoting and increasing the awareness of Free Software to the wider audience, as well as see what's planned for the near future, where you can take part in. 

    Three conclusions to draw from Google denying Huawei access to software

    • 20 May 2019

    Google denies the Chinese IT giant Huawei access to Google's proprietary components of the Android mobile operating system which threatens IT security. This highlights the importance Free Software has for technology users, public bodies, and businesses. The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) presents three essential lessons from this case. 

    FSFE Newsletter - May 2019

    This newsletter edition gives special attention to the upcoming EU Elections. We are telling the story of the Spanish Pica Pica Hacklab who successfully used our "Public Money? Public Code!" campaign to influence the Parliament of Asturias. Pica Pica's story takes us to the upcoming EU Elections that will bring in new MEPs into the European Parliament and so we provide advice and tips on how you can get active in promoting Free Software to them. As always, you will also read about the events the FSFE is going to be part of this month, as well as a retrospective of what has happened in the past month.  

    Public Money, Public Code: Munich one step back - others two steps forward.

    • 15 May 2019

    More than two years ago, Munich abandoned their strategy of developing an independent IT infrastructure built with Free Software and the free operating system GNU/Linux and went back to depending on proprietary software. We followed this process closely and like to give an update today about what has happened since then in Munich and in Europe in general. Did we manage to gain more independence and control over our IT or did dependencies on monopolies increase over the past two years?  

    Free Software in Munich - FSFE thanks cabaret artist Christine Prayon

    • 15 May 2019

    Yesterday, political satirist Christine Prayon was awarded the 10,000 Euro Dieter Hildebrandt Prize of the City of Munich for demanding political or decidedly socio-critical political satire. Prayon is donating the prize money to the Free Software Foundation Europe. 

    How the Parliament of Asturias decided to sign the open letter demanding "Public Money? Public Code!" - an interview with Iyán Méndez Veiga

    "The Parliament of Asturias commits itself to the international "Public Money, Public Code" campaign" - this is a quote from the first demand in a recent proposal brought by the Parliament of Asturias to its government. It is also the happy end of continuous lobbying efforts from Oviedo's local hackerspace "Pica Pica Hacklab", using the FSFE's campaign material mixed with their self-developed brand of social hacking. Meanwhile, the Parliament of Asturias backed up its words with deeds and officially signed the open letter of our "Public Money? Public Code!" campaign - being the very first Parliament to do so. To shed light on this successful story and inspire local groups around the world, we conducted an interview with Iyán Méndez Veiga, member of Pica Pica Hacklab. 

    FSFE Newsletter - April 2019

    This month's newsletter highlights the presence of the FSFE's campaign"Public Money? Public Code!" in German media and its growing popularity across Europe. You can find a short reminder of the news around the newly voted Copyright Directive, as well as a short summary of what else has happened during the past month. In the Get Active section this month we remind you of the new open call the Next Generation Internet project we are part of has launched. Additionally you can find out about new events we are attending and the Web-a-thon we organise in Frankfurt am Main. 

    #ilovefs Day report 2019

    • 29 March 2019

    On Wednesday 14th of February, we acknowledge and celebrate the annual "I love Free Software Day". It is the day to express your love for Free Software and gratitude for your favourite pieces of Free Software. The Free Software Foundation Europe would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated and helped making this day a special one for everyone involved. 

    Copyright Directive – EU safeguards Free Software at the last minute [Updated]

    • 26 March 2019

    The European Parliament adopted the controversial Copyright Directive by 348 votes in favour, 274 votes against and 36 abstentions. Today's vote marks the end of years of debate in the European Union. Heated discussions about the introduction of upload filters ended up in protests of hundreds of thousands of people in the streets all across Europe. In a last minute action back in September 2018, the European Parliament adopted an amendment and pushed it through the trilogue to at least protect Free Software developing platforms. 

    FSFE Newsletter - March 2019

    This month's newsletter highlights the new project the FSFE recently joined and the funding opportunities it offers, that you may want to take advantage of. You can get the latest updates on the Copyright Directive reform and the hottest news regarding Article 13, as well as a short summary of what else has happened during the past month. In the Editor's choice section this month you can find interesting news on developments with the Radio Equipment Directive, and find out who else have expressed their support for our "Public Money? Public Code!" campaign and what they have to say about it. 

    International Women's Day: No freedom without diversity and gender equality

    Today, the FSFE celebrates International Women's Day, a global day calling for women's rights and gender parity. As in many other communities, women in Free Software communities face gender discrimination on a daily basis. To help improve their environment and raise awareness, the FSFE wants to use today's occasion to share our ongoing efforts to improve gender balance and ensure gender equality.  

    Join the I Love Free Software Day 2019

    Today, as with every year on February 14th, people around the globe are celebrating "I love Free Software" Day by expressing their love and thanks to all the people working behind each Free Software project. Follow the love with the hashtag #IloveFS today and add your own love dedication to the stream! 

    FSFE Newsletter - February 2019

    This month's Newsletter is introducing our new expert policy brochure "Public Money? Public Code" and reflecting the importance of source code availability for trust and security in critical IT-infrastructure. As always the Newsletter gives an overview about the talks given and the booths set-up by our community as well as a short summary of what we have done - this month including FOSDEM, 35C3, FOSS4SMEs and the Next Generation Internet. As a "get active" item, this month we encourage you to participate in our IloveFS-campaign. 

    Huawei case demonstrates importance of Free Software for security

    • 05 February 2019

    The discussion of the Huawei security concerns showcases a general trust issue when it comes to critical infrastructure. A first step to solve this problem is to publish the code under a Free and Open Source Software licence and take measures to facilitate its independently-verifiable distribution. 

    La FSFE publie un guide [d'expertise ou une brochure explicative] sur la campagne “Public Money? Public Code!"

    • 24 January 2019

    Pourquoi les gouvernements devraient-ils développer du Logiciel Libre ? Où le Logiciel Libre procure-t-il déjà des avantages dans le secteur public ? Quels sont les modèles économiques du Logiciel Libre ? La réponse à ces questions ainsi que des conseils pratiques sont donnés dans le nouveau guide d'usage et d'expertise publié aujourd'hui par la Free Software Foundation Europe. Rédigé à l'attention des décisionnaires, ce guide sera une source d'information utile pour les candidats aux élections européennes et leurs partis. Les versions numérique et papier du document sont disponibles sous une licence Creative Commons. 

    FSFE is hiring: Fundraising Manager

    • 09 January 2019

    We are looking for a Fundraising Manager to support our work to empower people to control technology. The person will work 35 hours per week with our team in the Berlin office, being in charge of the FSFE's individual and corporate fundraising. 

    FSFE Newsletter - December 2018

    The second half of 2018 was full of interesting developments for the Free Software community and its environment. In our December newsletter, we would like to shed light on three major developments that have the potential for long-lasting changes to the Free Software world and what these changes mean for the FSFE's work in 2019 and beyond.  

    The FSFE needs you to continue spreading software freedom in Europe!

    • 05 December 2018

    Since 2001 the Free Software Foundation Europe empowers software users to exert control over the technology that is so deeply involved in every aspect of our lives today. As a non-profit organisation, our work is backed by the continuous and generous contributions of our supporters. From public campaigns to policy monitoring, from removing legal barriers to helping organisations in understanding how Free Software contributes to freedom, transparency, and self-determination, our supporters have helped to finance our work.  

    FSFE Newsletter - November 2018

    For 17 years, the FSFE has been empowering people to have control over their technology, and we get better at it every year. To help you understand how we work and what we do, we have just published "Software freedom in Europe", the yearly report about the FSFE and our activities. 

    Annual report of the Free Software Foundation Europe 2018

    "Software freedom in Europe" is the yearly report of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE). In one document, it gives you a breakdown of important things the FSFE has done and achieved during the last 12 months. In the 2018 report, you will read about our electoral campaigns, our input on the European Union's copyright reform, and about our successful outreach in demanding publicly financed software be made publicly available under a Free Software licence. You will also get insights about the events we (co-)organised and about our community and groups that helped us with these achievements. Finally, we will display some numbers showing what resources we counted on, and giving an outlook for the next year. 

    FSFE Newsletter - October 2018

    Historically, Microsoft has used software patents to slow down Free Software adoption in businesses and public administration, by claiming patent infringement of important Free Software components and taking billions of dollars from Free Software re-distributors. In recent years, however, Microsoft approached themselves more and more with the Free Software community. In October, this led to Microsoft's next big step to join the LOT Network and the Open Invention Network (OIN), two organisations that aim to solve problems created by software patents towards the GNU/Linux systems. 

    Call for sessions at the FSFE assembly during 35C3

    In the context of the 35th Chaos Communication Congress happening from December 27th to 30th in Leipzig, the FSFE is happy to host an assembly again, acting as an information booth and a meeting point for our friends and all friends of Free Software. As in previous editions, we offer attention and a stage for self-organised sessions by and for our community, and this is our call for participation. 

    Free Software changing Microsoft's patent strategy

    • 23 October 2018

    In October Microsoft took a big step concerning its software patents by joining the LOT Network (LOT stands for "License on Transfer") and the Open Invention Network (OIN). This is a clear sign of progress on the long road to handing control of technology to the people, and the FSFE encourages Microsoft to take additional steps in this direction. 

    Digital-O-Mat: Wat vinden de partijen in Hessen van Vrije Software?

    De Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) heeft voorafgaand aan de komende verkiezing voor de Landdag in Hessen met behulp van een "Digital-O-Mat" de posities van de partijen ten aanzien van Vrije Software onder de loep genomen. Opvallend zijn met name de zwaarwegende verschillen tussen de huidige coalitiepartners. Terwijl de CDU zich voor de status quo uitspreekt presenteert Bündnis 90/Die Grünen zich als ondersteuner van Vrije Software en spreekt zich expliciet uit voor het door de FSFE gepropageerde grondbeginsel "Publiek Geld, Publieke Code!" van de gelijknamige campagne uit. 

    FSFE Newsletter - September 2018

    On September 12, the European Parliament rejected the mandate to fast-track the controversial legislation intended to reform online copyright. After its previous rejection in July, they voted again on this package – and this time it was adopted. However, with amendment 143 and 150 of the current copyright reform proposal, we now have at least a limited exclusion for “open source software developing platforms (..) within the meaning of this Directive”. (consolidated document) 

    "Go open today, there's no excuse not to" - interview with Timo Aarnio, GIS expert at National Land Survey Finland.

    Oskari is a Free Software platform for browsing, sharing and analysing geographic information from distributed data sources. Its development is coordinated by the National Land Survey of Finland and is organised through the Oskari network with over 38 organisations from both the public and private sector. Oskari was awarded second prize in the cross-border category of the European Commission's Sharing and Reuse Awards Contest 2017 and is currently going through incubation phase to become an official Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) Project. To shed light on best practices regarding Free Software developed by public funds, we have conducted an interview with Timo Aarnio, GIS Expert at the National Land Survey of Finland’s SDI Services department.  

    Bundesfreiwilligendienst bei der Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE)

    • 13 September 2018

    Wir suchen eine engagierte Person, die Interesse hat ihren Bundesfreiwilligendienst bei dem FSFE e.V. zu leisten. Die Bundesfreiwillige wird Vollzeit (35 Stunden wöchentlich) gemeinsam mit unserem Team in unserem Berliner Büro arbeiten. 

    New FSFE staff member Alexander Sander: EU public policy programme manager

    The Free Software Foundation Europe is happy to welcome our newest staffer Alexander Sander. Alexander is hired as our new EU public policy programme manager and works full-time in the FSFE's Berlin office. In this position, Alexander mainly works with us on policy topics covering Free Software and Open Standards issues at the EU and member state level and helps us identify and monitor EU policy developments to alert the FSFE's network on relevant issues. 

    "Call to Action: Save Free Software this September"

    • 05 September 2018
    • George Brooke-Smith

    Free Software is at risk! On the 12th of September the EU is getting ready to vote on a "Copyright Reform" package, which undermines the foundations upon which Free Software is built. The proposed Article 13 of the EU Copyright Directive targets every online service that allows its users to upload and share content with each other, including code hosting platforms. 

    "Public Money? Public Code!": plus de traductions, plus de soutiens, plus de sensibilitation

    La campagne Public Money? Public Code! a bénéficié d'une série de mises à jour concernant les traductions, site notament sur le site Web, la vidéo et la lettre ouverte. À cette fin, la Free Software Foundation Europe a entrepris d'interrogé les administrations publiques concernant les bénéfices d'un code public, ces échanges sont maintenant disponibles sur notre site Web. 

    FSFE is hiring: interns and trainees for legal, policy and technical areas

    • 23 July 2018

    We are looking for interns and trainees experienced in legal, policy or technical fields. The persons will work 35 hours per week with our team in the FSFE's Berlin office. There will be coordination with remote staff and volunteers, and depending on the work area opportunity to participate in events and meetings throughout Europe. 

    FSFE Lettre d'information - Juillet 2018

    Ce 5 juillet, le Parlement Européen a rejeté la réforme controversée sur le copyright en ligne. 318 membres du Parlement Européen ont voté contre le projet de loi amendé par la Commission des Affaires Juridique (JURI), en opposition aux 278 favorables au texte. Le projet de loi est donc soumis à de nouveaux amendements avant d'être de nouveau soumis au vote en Septembre. 

    FSFE is hiring: project manager

    • 16 July 2018

    We are looking for a project manager to support our work to empower people to control technology. The person will work 35 hours per week with our team in the FSFE's Berlin office supporting FSFE projects and managing larger FSFE events. There will be coordination with remote staff and volunteers, as well as travels to other countries. 

    Utiliser le Logiciel Libre pour construire une société numérique plus démocratique, inclusive et durable - Interview avec Francesca Bria, directrice de l'innovation technologique et numérique de Barcelone

    Barcelone, la seconde plus grande ville d'Espagne est très active sur son agenda « Smart City » pour façonner l'infrastructure et les technologies employées par la ville pour répondre aux besoins des citoyens. La clé de ce plan est l'utilisation et la promotion du Logiciel Libre comme bien social, pour pemettre la collaboration entre les administrations et échapper à l'enfermement chez un fournisseur. Barcelone est aussi la première ville à avoir signé la lettre ouverte « Public Money? Public Code! ». Pour mettre en lumière les bonnes pratiques de Barcelone, nous avons mené un entretien avec Francesca Bria, la directrice de l'innovation technologique et numérique au conseil de Barcelone, pour discuter des innovations et du développement à Barcelone. 

    FSFE Lettre d'information - Juin 2018

    Du 7 au 9 juillet, la FSFE va organiser sa rencontre annuelle avec la communauté lors des RMLL à Strasbourg, en France. Nous sommes ravis de vous annoncer que le weekend du 7 au 8 juillet, nous allons dérouler notre track avec des interventions des membres de notre communauté pour couvrir plusieurs sujets brûlants concernant le Logiciel Libre. Notre track couvre les sujets attenant aux entreprises, tels que les services autour du Logiciel Libre et le financement des projets axées sur le Logiciel Libre. Seront également débattus les sujets politiques portant sur les actions auprès de Bruxelles ainsi que les facteurs de succès de l'implémentation de Logiciel Libre dans le service public, mais aussi des questions plus contemporaines ayant trait à la diversité de manière générale dans le Logiciel Libre, la liberté logicielle dans le cloud, et bien d'autres thèmes seront également couverts. Vous trouverez un aperçu de nos sujets sur la page wiki dédiée. 

    Note technique : perturbation sur la messagerie ce 8 juin

    Vendredi matin, un de nos serveurs a eu un incident matériel. Ceci a affecté une partie de notre infrastructure de distribution des courriels et nos listes de diffusions. Tous les services fonctionnent à nouveau normalement. Nous souhaitons vous informer à propos de l'incident et des problèmes engendrés. Pour faire court  : assurez-vous que tous vos courriels ont été distribués, et vérifiez vos paramètres SMTP. 

    Comment les administrations espagnoles réutilisent les logiciels - Interview avec Elena Muñoz Salinero sur leurs meilleures pratiques.

    Le Centre de Transfert Technologique (CTT) est une initiative du gouvernement espagnol, dont le but est de faciliter le partage et la réutilisation des logiciels et services au sein des administrations publiques. Nous avons interrogé Elena Muñoz Salinero, directrice du CTT, sur les questions juridiques, politiques et technologiques au cœur du CTT. 

    LLW2018 : La FSFE réunit les meilleurs experts pour un débat sur les problèmes de licences et de droit intersectoriel autour du Logiciel Libre

    • 30 May 2018
    • Polina Malaja

    Dans la continuité d'une tradition longue de plus d'une dizaine d'années, la FSFE a de nouveau organisé pour 2018 son Legal and Licensing Workshop (LLW, Atelier Juridique et de Licences) lié au Logiciel Libre en 2018. Il s'agit d'un rendez-vous entre les meilleurs experts juridiques pour débattre des problématiques et des des meilleures pratiques autour des licences du Logiciel Libre. Cette année nous avons décidé de revenir aux sources et mettre l'accent sur la partie atelier : 120 experts juridiques se sont rencontrés pour 3 jours de conférences à Barcelone, en Espagne, pour se plonger dans les sujet les plus litigieux du monde juridique du Logiciel Libre en suivant un nombre de « tracks » et de sessions interactives sans précédent. 

    La FSFE recrute un gestionnaire de programme de politique publique européenne

    • 29 May 2018

    Nous cherchons un gestionnaire de programme pour notre action politique. Cette personne travaillera 35 heures par semaine au sein de notre équipe dans les bureaux de la FSFE à Berlin. Un travail de coordination avec les équipes à distance ainsi que les bénévoles est à prévoir, de même que des trajets réguliers à Bruxelles et dans d'autres pays.  

    La FSFE simplifie la procédure d'adhésion pour ses contributeurs

    Durant l'Assemblée Générale de l'année dernière, il a été demandé au Conseil de la FSFE de préparer un amendement à sa constitution pour supprimer les sièges des « Fellows ». Cette motion a été adoptée par 20 votes pour, 3 votes contre et 0 abstention. Aujourd'hui, l'Assemblée Générale de la FSFE a approuvé cette suppression lors d'une assemblée générale extraordinaire. À l'avenir, l'adhésion en tant que membre de la FSFE se fera au travers de procédures classiques d'adhésion pour les contributeurs actifs de la FSFE. 

    FSFE Newsletter - May 2018

    Following a more than a decade long tradition, the FSFE once again led its annual Free Software Legal and Licensing Workshop (LLW) in Barcelona, Spain, as a meeting point for world-leading legal experts to debate over issues and best practices surrounding Free Software licences. This year we decided to bring the event back to its roots and to emphasise the "Workshop" part in its original title. Our 3-day conference attracted around 120 legal experts and came with an unprecedented amount of parallel tracks and interactive sessions designed to dive into the most contentious topics in the legal world of Free Software. 

    FSFE Newsletter - April 2018

    On March 19, the Free Software Foundation Europe together with OpenMedia, jointly delivered a petition signed by more than 11.000 individuals, who ask European politicians to save internet from the irreversible dangerous impact of the ongoing copyright reform, and in particular Article 13, which imposes preventive blocking of online code repositories. These signatures were addressed to the EU co-legislators: the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, and received by MEP Julia Reda, the shadow rapporteur in the European Parliament's Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI) which drives the main parliamentary effort in the current copyright reform.  

    Call for Participation: FSFE Community Meeting and FSFE track at the Libre Software Meeting in Strasbourg, France

    • 14 April 2018

    The Libre Software Meeting (LSM) is maybe the biggest community-driven Free Software meeting in France and in 2018 also serves as host of the FSFE community meeting. It takes place in Strasbourg and the FSFE will organise its own track on the first days of LSM, from 7 to 9 of July. This is your chance to be part in the FSFE's community meeting and to give a talk at the LSM 2018 at the same time. Deadline to apply for a talk is April 30 - and before you forget it, apply now! 

    Call for Participation: FSFE Track About "Digital Education" During the Libre Software Meeting in Strasbourg, France

    • 22 March 2018

    From 7 to 12 July there will be the Libre Software Meeting in Strasbourg, France. The conference also known as RMLL is annualy rotating and currently the biggest Free Software event in France. This year, the main topic is "Digital Education: building captivity or new empowerment?". With the FSFE track we are looking for inspiring insights about golden cages and liberation not only in educational institutions but in our everyday lives. 

    FSFE Newsletter - mars 2018

    Avec la campagne Public Money? Public Code! de la FSFE nous ne demandons pas seulement que le code financé par le peuple soit disponible pour le peuple. Nous voulons également mettre en lumière de bon exemples pour que ceux qui prennent les décisions en tire des leçons. Un très bon exemple est l' Article 68 et l' Article 69 de la "Codice Amministrazione Digitale", une loi italienne qui impose aux administrations publiques en Italie de préférer les solutions développées en interne et les solutions utilisant le Logiciel Libre aux logiciels propriétaires. De plus, ces administrations ont le devoir de partager le code source et la documentation des logiciels conçus avec de l'argent publique; Ces lois placent l'Italie à l'avant garde de la législation européenne en matière de code public. 

    #ilovefs Report 2018

    • 08 March 2018

    Mercredi 14 février, notre communauté a fêté le jour "I love Free Software". Un jour pour déclarer son amour aux communautés les plus importantes à vos yeux et pour dire "Merci" aux projets qui œuvrent pour les Logiciels Libres que nous utilisons au quotidien. La Free Sofware Foundation Europe tient également à remercier toutes les personnes ayant contribué à rendre cette journée aussi spéciale qu'elle pouvait l'être. 

    Ask Your Candidates: Italian parties offer progress towards the use of Free Software in public entities

    The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) publishes the results of the Ask Your Candidates campaign that FSFE Italy did run for the Italian election. Multiple questions have been sent to the major political parties that run for office in the national elections on March 4. We received positive statements by "Movimento 5 Stelle", "Liberi e Uguali", "Partito Democratico" and "Potere al Popolo". Unfortunately, there have been no answers by "+Europa", "Forza Italia", "Fratelli d'Italia" and "Lega Nord".  

    FSFE Newsletter - February 2018

    "Funds that come from the citizens have to be invested in systems that can be reused and open to a local ecosystem" says Francesca Bria, Commissioner of Digital Technology and Innovation of Barcelona. She is the driving force behind the City's Digital Transformation Plan, which - among other things - aims to establish the use of Free Software and open data in the city's administration. 

    FSFE Italy asks political parties about their positions on Free Software

    In light of the upcoming elections in Italy on March 4th, the FSFE country team Italy sent out multiple questions to the participating parties to challenge them on their position about Free Software in public administration and education. We will publish and analyse their answers once we receive them. 

    European Free Software Policy Meeting 2018: more joint activities important for Free Software in Europe

    • 15 February 2018
    • Polina Malaja

    Following the well-established tradition of gathering active Free Software groups before FOSDEM kicks off, the FSFE once again partnered up with OpenForum Europe for the third edition of European Free Software Policy Meeting in Brussels, the heart of European decision-making. 

    Join the I Love Free Software Day 2018

    The Free Software Foundation Europe calls on everyone to say "thank you" to all contributors to Free Software on 14 February. Last year the annual I Love Free Software Day has been committed with offline activism to tell people outside of our filter bubble about the importance of Free Software. This Wednesday, we will go back to our roots and focus on why this day has been invented in the first place: to celebrate the Free Software community. 

    Organisationen und Juristen fordern: Das besondere elektronische Anwaltspostfach muss Freie Software werden

    Das Vertrauen in das besondere elektronische Anwaltspostfach (beA) hat nach bekannt gewordenen Sicherheitslücken und erheblichen technischen Mängeln das Vertrauen von Juristen und Mandanten verloren. Die Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) übermittelt heute ihren Offenen Brief mit Empfehlungen und Forderungen an die auftraggebende Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer (BRAK) zusammen mit drei weiteren bekannten zivilgesellschaftlichen Organisationen und 21 Juristen. 

    Wie das besondere elektronische Anwaltspostfach (beA) noch zu retten ist

    Das besondere elektronische Anwaltspostfach sollte eigentlich seit Anfang 2018 verschlüsselte Kommunikation mit und unter Rechtsanwälten ermöglichen. Allerdings sorgen zahlreiche Sicherheitslücken dafür, dass der Dienst vorerst offline bleiben muss. Die Free Software Foundation Europe empfiehlt der auftraggebenden Bundesrechtsanwaltkammer (BRAK), durch die Veröffentlichung des Programmcodes unter einer Freie-Software- und Open-Source-Lizenz verloren gegangenes Vertrauen wiederherzustellen.