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DMA & Apple +++ Openwashing, EU infrastucture & more


The July issue is full of news! We continue to monitor and raise our concerns about DMA compliance. We call upon the EU to use Free Software for its digital infrastructure and are asking for your experiences with openwashing. And we also bring you updates on REUSE, YH4F, Ada & Zangemann...

Picture collage showing a YH4F illustration, Ada illustration, a red heart with the 4 freedoms; an illustration of a snake that forms what looks like an apple; and a REUSE infographic

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“I have received the package, the T-shirts are great. Thank you for including the stickers in the pack, your work is amazing".

A Free Software supporter who bought merchandise in our Summer Sale

Defending DMA against Apple: The FSFE signs joint position paper

Together with seven stakeholders organisations, the FSFE has submitted a joint position paper to the European Commission, with whom we are working on the implementation of the Digital Markets Act. This paper, supported by legal and data-backed arguments, addresses Apple’s non-compliance with the law, particularly concerning software freedom, alternative Free Software app stores and interoperability obligations.

Europe needs Free Software to master its digital infrastructure

The FSFE calls upon the European Commission to use Free Software to ensure a secure and resilient digital infrastructure. Also the economy, civil society and democracy will benefit from software freedom.

Save time and minimise licensing headaches with REUSE

REUSE helps make a project's licensing and copyright status more transparent, ensure that third-party code is properly attributed and make the project's code easily reusable. This tool is currently used worldwide and its specification has been adopted by several corporate and institutional projects. We spoke to Matija Šuklje of Liferay International, one of the companies that has adopted REUSE.

Share your views on openwashing with us!

We are working on the topic of openwashing to learn more about current market practices, and we need your help! Openwashing has become a growing issue for the Free Software community. Many companies claim to be working on "Open Source" or "Free Software", while at the same time distributing proprietary software products. We have already received many valuable responses, but more input is welcome! You can still share your views and experiences on openwashing.

Please spread the word!

YH4F: end of the programming period

The 2024 edition of Youth Hacking 4 Freedom has reached its peak with the end of the programming period. After six months of working on their projects, the young participants of this third edition submitted their projects at the end of June. Now it is the turn of the YH4F jury to evaluate the submissions and choose the six projects that will be awarded prizes in Brussels in October. Keep up to date with our news! Meanwhile, take a closer look at one of our winning projects from last year, ArduPlot.

Interested in participating in the next edition? You can already register!

“Érase una vez…“, Ada in Spanish!

Thanks to the Volkswagen Group in Spain, the story of Ada & Zangemann is now being printed in Spanish! The company will be distributing 500 copies to its employees and, from September, its STEM team will be embarking on a 'STEM tour', visiting schools in several Spanish cities around the country to distribute the book. We can't wait to hear more about these readings and the children's feedback! And maybe this translation of the book will find a publisher soon, so that it can make its way into bookshops!

Besides, Ada ready-to-go slides are currently available in Spanish and Portuguese! These resources are really helpful when doing a reading.

“They are young and they need the code”, Italian pilot project

With its kick-off online meeting last month, the FSFE has started a pilot project in Italy to educate primary school kids about Free Software. This project is creating a set of tools for Italian volunteers to organize a pedagogic event with a reading of the book “Ada & Zangemann”.

If you are in Italy and you want to participate, please get in touch with the FSFE ItalyTelegram channel. Check out the recording of the kick-off session and download all the documentation and tools to kick off the project in your area!

Our mission is in jeopardy due to lack of funding. Inflation has also hit us hard, so in order to continue to fight successfully for you and your freedom, we need individual, regular contributions.

To continue to be a thorn in the side of deep-pocketed tech giants and a watchdog for governments, it is important that individual regular donations are a cornerstone of our income so we keep our independence.

If you value our work and have the means to do so, please do not hesitate to make a donation; any amount you can contribute would really help us to continue to work consistently and tirelessly for Software Freedom.

I ♥ Free Software Day & SUSE OSCC network

We got an email, a few weeks ago, that caught our attention. It came with a donation explaining that it was made in the name of an employee network at SUSE. We decided to investigate and asked the people responsible, and we want to share this awesome story with you. (Note - this is also a great idea for an initiative to ask your company about).

End of the Summer Sale

Our summer sale is over and now is the time for us to restock! Remember that you can still order our merchandise online and also get it at our booth at several events! Also, if you are wearing our t-shirt and socks this summer, do not forget to post about it in your social media channels and tag us! We love to see our products all around the world, and it is a great way to spread the message about Free Software and Software Freedom!

Picture collage showing 4 pictures from different conferences and FSFE staffers

Trento Open Festival,Tübix, Offenburg’s reading and Dev.Conf.CZ

The FSFE participated in the Trento Open Festival conference (Italy) giving some talks, participating in panel discussions and with reading of the book ‘Ada & Zangemann: a Tale of Software, Skateboards, and Raspberry Ice Cream'. Besides, the outcome of the ZOOOM project was validated with different stakeholders.

Also, the FSFE went to Tübingen (Germany) to participate in this yearly event around GNU/Linux and Free Software. We had a reading of the book ‘Ada & Zangemann: a Tale of Software, Skateboards, and Raspberry Ice Cream’ and a talk about banks and Free Software. And of course, a booth.

Last month, we also had an Ada & Zangemann reading, in Offenburg (Germany). The reading was opened by Offenburg's mayor and attended by more than 200 third graders in Offenburg's largest cinema. The 200 pupils had the chance to discuss the book with the author after the reading.

The illustrated book was also present at DevConf.CZ, where the FSFE shared experiences from readings, and discussed how to engage with younger audiences about Free Software (DE)

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