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SFP#25: MirageOS and OCaml with Hannes Mehnert and Matthias Kirschner


For our 25th episode of the Software Freedom Podcast we are happy to welcome Hannes Mehnert, one of the MirageOS core developer. Matthias Kirschner, president of the FSFE, and Hannes talk about MirageOS. This episode gives an overview of everything from the basics to the future of MirageOS.

As one of the core developers of MirageOS, Hannes Mehrnert, has a deep understanding of the inner workings of the programming framework and its modules. He and Matthias talk about the usage of MirageOS, the funding and how you as a volunteer can support MirageOS. However, they not only stop there but also cover the functional programming language OCaml, the foundation on which it all builds. Listen to a deeply interesting conversation between Hannes and Matthias while learning more about MirageOS, modular systems, reproducible builds and functional programming.

This is the perfect episode for everybody who wants to get familiar with MirageOS and modular systems!

Show notes

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