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(pre-)FOSDEM +++ ILoveFS +++ Community

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From our own pre-FOSDEM event, to the exciting FOSDEM weekend, to I love Free Software day, February was full of exciting news for the FSFE. We used these occasions to present our work, as well as to offer communities around Europe the opportunity to present their own. Read about our booths and presentations, about love and upcoming events in our February Newsletter.

FSFE pre- and post-FOSDEM

Every year, at the beginning of February, FOSDEM brings together thousands of Free Software enthusiasts for one weekend in Brussels to discuss current topics and developments in the Free Software world. The FSFE used this occasion to invite key Free Software groups of Europe one day before the FOSDEM festivities to participate in our "pre-FOSDEM meeting". This was an event for everyone to network and get an overview of the activities of different Free Software groups from all over Europe.

The event was kicked off by a presentation from Marcel Kolaja, Vice President of the European Parliament, which was then followed by insights and presentations from diverse Free Software organisations from all over Europe, from Portugal to Greece. After the presentations, we concluded with a dinner and a social meeting.

Marcel Kolaja at the pre-FOSDEM event by the FSFE
Marcel Kolaja in his talk during our pre-FOSDEM

During FOSDEM itself, our infobooth was in great demand and our highly motivated team put smiles on many faces. At the same time, we were present with talks about the latest issues regarding FSFE and software freedom all over the conference. Lucas Lasota presented "Regaining sovereignty over your router - Router freedom", Max Mehl showed how you can "Go REUSE to license your code - Free Software licensing made simple for everyone", Vincent Lequertier reflected on "Putting Artificial Intelligence back into people's hands - Toward an accessible, transparent and fair AI" and Matthias Kirschner talked about "The core values of software freedom" as well as his lightning talk about how "Civil society needs Free Software hackers".

We completed our presence with social evenings for our community on Saturday and Sunday night. A big thanks to everyone who participated in our events, helped at our booth and passed by for a chat.

ILoveFS day

Love is like Free Software: it multiplies when you share it. So once every year we square it up by celebrating "I love Free Software" Day around the globe on 14 February. A day full of positive, creative and lovely messages for Free Software, individual contributors and communities.

In 2020 again we have seen massive participation throughout the day in many countries and languages. This year we saw an extraordinary growth in the fediverse where Jan Weymirsch counted an increase from 194 messages in 2019 to 330 in 2020. This is an outstanding increase of 70%! Stay tuned for the upcoming full report and please accept our special thanks to every one of you who participated in #ILoveFS by sharing or receiving love.

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Wikimedia Italy celebrating I love Free Software day
Wikimedia Italy celebrating I Love Free Software day

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