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Here is what others have said for Ada & Zangemann

Tech media and interested indivisuals have shared their reviews for Ada & Zangemann - A tale of software, skateboards, and raspberry ice cream.

two people with a book
Author reading of Ada and Zangemann to over 150 3rd graders from Offenburg schools. © CC-BY-SA Stadt Offenburg / herrfichtner

“[T]he book [is] actually more than a fairy tale about software, skateboards and pyramid-shaped ice cream with coloured sprinkles. It is a motivation for the first demo and a little bit of civil disobedience. It is a utopia of possibilities to make the world better with limited means and little money, and an example without moralistic finger-pointing, that control does not make happy.”

Anna Biselli, Editor-in-Chief Netzpolitik.org

"A rousing tale of self-reliance, community and standing up to bullies, no matter how powerful they may be. Software freedom is human freedom!"

Cory Doctorow - Sci-fi author

"Kirschner's book introduces readers young and old to the power and peril of software. It also highlights the accelerating effects of sharing software freely - creating conditions for direct and indirect collaboration which can be a metaphor for the conduct of science. Behind it all is a backdrop of ethics of knowledge sharing upon which the arc of human history rides."

Vint Cerf - Computer Scientist and one of the inventors of the internet (after reading the English translation).

"Together with illustrator Sandra Brandstätter, the author has succeeded in creating a technoid fairy tale with a contemporary moral"

Basler Zeitung

"Even as a non-child, I was captivated by the story from the first page to the last. Kudos to the author for packaging difficult topics such as monopolies, lobbyism, digital divide, software freedom, digital autonomy, IoT, consumer control, e-waste and much more in a child-friendly form in an easily understandable and exciting storyline."

Jörg Luther, chief editor of the German Linux-Magazin, LinuxUser, Raspberry Pi Geek.

two people with a book
Event with reading of the book in Ukrainian.

"The IT fairy tale we need"


"I am excited about Matthias Kirschner's children's book Ada & Zangemann because it not only fills an important gap of presenting the concept of Free Software to children, but also because it is extremely well done. Matthias has enlisted the help of children's book professionals to ensure a top-quality product. We'd like to see this book published in English, and will gladly use our market reach to help spread the word once it is available."

Brian Osborn, Publisher, Linux New Media

"After my son was read the book last night, he told me the whole story this morning... He wants to make something out of old pallets after school today. And then he wants to learn programming."

Ingo Wichmann, CEO Linuxhotel GmbH

"Especially in this day and age, the question of how to deal with software and in particular how to use it is everywhere. Matthias Kirschner and Sandra Brandstaetter capture the spirit of our time and bring a highly topical, technically relevant subject to children."

Catharina Maracke, Chair of the Board, Open Source Initiative

"What a fun read! I recognize myself in Ada at many moments. All I know about computers is thanks to Free Software, the internet, and the willingness of others to share their knowledge as Ada did."

Isabela Fernandes, Executive Director, The Tor project

"This book is *really* good."

padeluun, Artist and co-founder of Digitalcourage

 Illustration of diverse crowd protesting. Protesters shout cheerfully and hold icecream cones. Slogans write: Do your homework mr President and we will do ours - Hacking 4 Freedom - Don't wreck our tech - There is no code B - They are young and need the code. A robot, two birds, and three dogs accompany the protest.
Illustration from the book. Get a poster or a postcard with the illustration at no cost.

"The story is attractively illustrated by S. Brandstätter (...), didactically well structured and very suitable as a basis for discussion, e.g. in primary school. A successful addition to all children's IT collections."

ekz Information Service, February 2022

"Matthias Kirschner and Sandra Brandstätter have written an inspiring book. 'Ada & Zangemann' vividly shows children and young people, but also adults, how important it is to understand technology and to be able to change it themselves.

Markus Beckedahl, founder of Netzpolitik.org

"Software freedom is a critical component to having technology that we can rely on as a society, and it never is too early to learn about why it is so important. I can't wait to read this book to my kids!"

Karen Sandler, Executive Director, Software Freedom Conservancy

“In this hopeful story Ada and her friends join a movement that started back in 1983. Their courageous adventure of software freedom and learning how technology works is a wonderful way to introduce young people everywhere to the joys of tinkering!”

Zoë Kooyman, Executive Director, Free Software Foundation

Girl repairing devices at a workbench
Ada repairing devices at a workbench. One out of eight freely available drawing templates

"A cute story which resonates with kids and adults alike. The freedom to use *your* hardware and software as you see fit is a core ingredient in any technological society."

Andrew Lewman, Freedom and Privacy Advocate, Chairman of Each One Teach One