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Ada & Zangemann - A tale of software, skateboards, and raspberry ice cream

Here you find additional information and resources about the book "Ada & Zangemann - A tale of software, skateboards, and raspberry ice cream" by Matthias Kirschner and Sandra Brandstätter.

Landscape with computers in many different devices
Book pages 16+17 from Ada & Zangemann by Matthias Kirschner (author) and Sandra Brandstätter (illustrator)

About the book

The famous inventor Zangemann lives in a huge villa high above the city. Adults and children alike love his inventions and are desperate to have them. But then something happens: when Zangemann wants to take another close-up look at his inventions during a walk through the city, a child hits him in the shin with the skateboard. That hurts! Enraged, the inventor makes a momentous decision... The clever girl Ada sees through what is going on. Together with her friends, she forges a plan.

This illustrated book tells the story of the famous inventor Zangemann and the girl Ada, a curious tinkerer. Ada begins to experiment with hardware and software, and in the process realises how crucial it is for her and others to control technology.

A book that arouses children's interest in tinkering and encourages shaping technology. From age 6 to 106.

The book is currently available:

Book Reviews

"A rousing tale of self-reliance, community, and standing up to bullies...software freedom is human freedom!" - Cory Doctorow, Sci-Fi Author

"Introduces readers young and old to the power and peril of software. Behind it all is a backdrop of ethics of knowledge sharing upon which the arc of human history rides." - Vint Cerf, Computer Scientist and One of the Inventors of the Internet

"The book is a motivation for the first demo and a little bit of civil disobedience. It is a utopia of possibilities to make the world better with limited means and little money, and an example without moralistic finger-pointing, that control does not make happy." - Anna Biselli, Editor-in-Chief Netzpolitik.org

"Together with illustrator Sandra Brandstätter, the author has succeeded in creating a technoid fairy tale with a contemporary moral" - Basler Zeitung

"Even as a non-child, I was captivated by the story from the first page to the last. Kudos to the author for packaging difficult topics such as monopolies, lobbyism, digital divide, software freedom, digital autonomy, IoT, consumer control, e-waste and much more in a child-friendly form in an easily understandable and exciting storyline." - Jörg Luther, chief editor of the German Linux-Magazin, LinuxUser, Raspberry Pi Geek

"The IT fairy tale we need" - Golem.de

Book readings

The author Matthias Kirschner has already given several readings of the book: At events for children and adults (from 6 to 106 years), in school classes, libraries and on other occasions. If you are are interested in a reading by the author or in other available languages by FSFE volunteers, please contact us at contact@fsfe.org.

Many children in the largest cinema room in Offenburg/Germany during a book reading
Author reading to over 150 3rd graders in the largest cinema room of Offenburg. CC-BY-SA Stadt Offenburg / herrfichtner

How to learn coding?

There are many resources out which help young people to learn programming. Our community is gathering more information about that topic on our wiki page, and we invite you to help us with amending and keeping this up-to-date.

Download drawing templates

We provide some drawing templates for children. You can download the PDF file and print out the pages you like.

Ada stickers and postcards

A die-cut sticker of Zangemann protagonist in the children's book Ada and Zangemann - A tale of software, skateboards, and raspberry ice cream.
A die-cut sticker of Ada protagonist in the children's book Ada and Zangemann - A tale of software, skateboards, and raspberry ice cream.

We provide some "Ada & Zangemann" stickers and plan to provide postcards, and other material which you can order gratis on our information material page.

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Already a teenager?

Three teenagers standing in a hackerspace

Graphic by Lisa Schmidt, CC-BY-SA 4.0

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