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One of our goals for 2023 is simple: Software created using taxpayers’ money must be released as Free Software. Please help us to achieve this!

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I love Free Software Day

We often underestimate the power of a simple Thank You. Free Software contributors do important work for our society and they deserve attention. The "I love Free Software Day" on 14 February (also known as Valentine's Day) is the perfect opportunity for you to express your special gratitude.

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In the Free Software community, we expect a lot of work from Free Software project maintainers. We want that our bug reports are dealt with quickly and demand new features from people who often spend their sparse volunteer time on Free Software code, translations, tests, or design. There is nothing wrong about this because constructive feedback helps us to further improve and keeps Free Software projects alive. But it is also important to show some appreciation to those who work so selflessly throughout the year for us! You can show your love for Free Software by saying thank you to your favourite Free Software project or contributor.

The yearly "I love Free Software Day" allows you to make 14 February a day full of positive, creative and lovely messages for the whole community. Together, we can celebrate software freedom that empowers us.

Many people are in love with Free Software for different reasons.

I ♥ Free Software Day 2023: Meet and Connect

For the past years we hardly had the chance to meet each other in person. Now we are bringing back in person meetings for the "I Love Free Software Day". Let's celebrate our love for Free Software - you are invited!

The "I Love Free Software Day" has been a tradition that lasts years. On this day we thank all the people behind Free Software projects or programs and let them know that their work does not go unnoticed. Let's celebrate together all the wonderful people working for Free Software. Therefore you are invited to join "I Love Free Software Day" celebrations all across Europe. Connect with your local FSFE group and organise a fun meetup.

We are grateful to those who work and contribute to the Free Software universe: developers, designers, translators, advocates, donors, users, and more. There are a lot of different Free Software communities out there, with different values or different focuses in their work. But we all share our love for Free Software and value the freedom to use, study, share and improve software. Let's meet and connect! Let's show our appreciation with a simple "Thank you!"

Join the party

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    Say thanks

    Thank the people who enable you to enjoy software freedom. Organise a local group meeting or spread the word about Free Software. You can use our sharepics, stickers and balloons, or artwork, and merchandise for #ilovefs.

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    Remember the good times

    Which Free Software project did you uses last year? What felt empowering? What was fun? For some inspiration have a look at others' love statements and videos.

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    Share your love

    That's the fun part! We have created a sharepic generator, with which you can easily create your very own sharepics and share your appreciation on social media (#ilovefs), in blog posts, pictures and video messages, or directly to the Free Software developers and contributors.

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    Improve Free Software

    Talking is silver, contributing is gold! Help a Free Software project with code, a translation, or by assisting its users. Or if you can, please consider a donation to a Free Software organisation like the FSFE, or to a Free Software project.


What is your contribution to this special day dedicated to the people who enable you to use Free Software? Will you use our stickers and balloons? Or make a picture or video with your new ILoveFS shirt? And what about celebrating software freedom with your colleagues and friends at a company gathering or public event? Whatever you do, show it to the world by using the #ilovefs tag. And if you have questions, just drop us an email.

Happy I Love Free Software Day everyone! ❤