Aiutaci a far conoscere il Software Libero in tutta Europa! I contributi fino alla fine di settembre verranno utilizzati per tradurre il nostro video "Cos'è il Software Libero" in altre lingue europee.

Giornata "Io amo il Software Libero"

Spesso sottovalutiamo la forza di un semplice Grazie. Chi contribuisce al Software Libero svolge un lavoro importante per la nostra società e merita attenzione. La giornata "Io amo il Software Libero" del 14 febbraio (il giorno di San Valentino) è una perfetta opportunità per esprimere la tua gratitudine.

Card 3D ILoveFS

Nella comunità del Software Libero, sottoponiamo i responsabili dei progetti a notevoli pressioni. Segnaliamo bug chiedendo che vengano risolti velocemente e richiediamo nuove funzionalità da persone che spesso spendono il loro tempo libero nello scrivere Software Libero, nel tradurre, nel testare, o nel progettare. Non c'è nulla di male in questo, in quanto dei riscontri costruttivi ci aiutano a migliorare ulteriormente e mantengono attivi i progetti di Software Libero. Ma è altrettanto importante mostrare un po' di apprezzamento a chi lavora così disinteressatamente per noi lungo tutto l'anno! Puoi mostrare il tuo amore per il Software Libero ringraziando il tuo progetto preferito o una persona che contribuisce al Software Libero.

L'annuale giornata "Io amo il Software Libero" ti permette di rendere il 14 febbraio un giorno pieno di messaggi creativi, positivi e belli per tutta la comunità. Insieme, possiamo festeggiare la libertà del software che ci dà il potere.

Molte persone amano il Software Libero per diversi motivi.

I ♥ Free Software Day 2023: Meet and Connect

For the past years we hardly had the chance to meet each other in person. Now we are bringing back in person meetings for the "I Love Free Software Day". Let's celebrate our love for Free Software - you are invited!

The "I Love Free Software Day" has been a tradition that lasts years. On this day we thank all the people behind Free Software projects or programs and let them know that their work does not go unnoticed. Let's celebrate together all the wonderful people working for Free Software. Therefore you are invited to join "I Love Free Software Day" celebrations all across Europe. Connect with your local FSFE group and organise a fun meetup.

We are grateful to those who work and contribute to the Free Software universe: developers, designers, translators, advocates, donors, users, and more. There are a lot of different Free Software communities out there, with different values or different focuses in their work. But we all share our love for Free Software and value the freedom to use, study, share and improve software. Let's meet and connect! Let's show our appreciation with a simple "Thank you!"

Join the party

You want to celebrate with other Free Software enthusiasts? Here are some of the meetings happening around Europe

  • I ♥ Free Software Day Party in Berlin at C-Base (Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin) with pizza, cake and music. They start at 16:30 with an "Upcycling Android Workshop". Please register for joining.
  • Meetup in Hamburg at Quan 19 (Rentzelstr. 6, 20146 Hamburg). The meeting starts at 19:00 (CET). For all of you who want to join you can drop by and enjoy "I Love Free Software Day"
  • Pizza party in Frankfurt in the local Chaos Computer Club. Stop by and join them! If you want to join please send an e-mail to and keep in mind that an FFP2 mask is required. The party starts at 19:00 (CET).
  • For those near Thesaaloniki, Greece, there is an "Free Software and privacy" party happening at 18:30 (CET) in the "Ypsilon" first floor, Edessis 5, 546 25. For this please register.
  • Netherlands team meets in Arnhem, at the Momento (Oude Oeverstraat 98, 6811 JZ Arnhem, Nederland) at 19:00 (CET). Please send an mail to the Dutch mailing list.
  • The Italian community meets online. They start at 17:30 (CET) and you can join them in this virtual room
  • Meetup in Swiss! Three Swiss local groups, Zurich, Basel, and St. Gallen invite you to join them for drinks, food and most importantly the celebation of ‘I Love Free Software Day’. They meet in the Bitwäscherei in Zurich at 17:00 (CET) and at 18:00 they take a group picture.
  • The local group in Potterie (UK) will meet at the Innovation Centre 1 building, Keele University, ST5 5NB, Staffordshire, United Kingdom. The "I Love Free Software" celebration beginn at 18:30 (GMT).
  • Madrid celebrates "I Love Free Software Day" from 18:30 (CET) at the MakerSpace Madrid, C. de la Arquitectura, 18, 28005 Madrid, Spain
  • "I Love Free Software Day" celebration in Barcelona will be a bit delyed on the 16th of February at 18:15 (CET) at the Ubicación, 21 Carrer d'En Bot 08002 Barcelona, Spain. Contact the group to get the location and more information
  • In Lisbon you can celebrate your love for Free Software with others at the Tecnico Lisboa (Alameda Campus, Av. Rovisco Pais, 1049-001 Lisboa). They event takes place in the VA2 room and everyone who is attending this years MiniDebConf should step by! The event takes place from 14:00 to 15:00 (GMT).
  • ILoveFS heart with 'use'

    Say thanks

    Thank the people who enable you to enjoy software freedom. Organise a local group meeting or spread the word about Free Software. You can use our sharepics, stickers and balloons, or artwork, and merchandise for #ilovefs.

  • ILoveFS heart with 'study'

    Remember the good times

    Which Free Software project did you uses last year? What felt empowering? What was fun? For some inspiration have a look at others' love statements and videos.

  • ILoveFS heart with 'share'

    Share your love

    That's the fun part! We have created a sharepic generator, with which you can easily create your very own sharepics and share your appreciation on social media (#ilovefs), in blog posts, pictures and video messages, or directly to the Free Software developers and contributors.

  • ILoveFS heart with 'improve'

    Improve Free Software

    Talking is silver, contributing is gold! Help a Free Software project with code, a translation, or by assisting its users. Or if you can, please consider a donation to a Free Software organisation like the FSFE, or to a Free Software project.


What is your contribution to this special day dedicated to the people who enable you to use Free Software? Will you use our stickers and balloons? Or make a picture or video with your new ILoveFS shirt? And what about celebrating software freedom with your colleagues and friends at a company gathering or public event? Whatever you do, show it to the world by using the #ilovefs tag. And if you have questions, just drop us an email.

Happy I Love Free Software Day everyone! ❤