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In quanto organizzazione non profit e non governativa, la Free Software Foundation Europe si impegna per diffondere la conoscenza dei principi cardine del Software Libero e degli Standard Aperti negli ambiti della politica, degli affari e in generale nella società. In questi ambiti cerca di favorire la diffusione del Software Libero e degli Standard Aperti. Per la realizzazione di questi scopi organizza queste attività. Anche tu puoi aiutarci a portarle a termine!

Sin dalla propria fondazione nel 2001 FSFE ha lavorato ogni giorno per promuovere il Software Libero in Europa e nel resto del mondo. Con delle azioni concrete, basate sui nostri tre pilastri, ci occupiamo della protezione e dell'estensione dei diritti degli utenti. Alcune delle nostre attività sono in corso da molti anni, altre invece sono a breve termine, ma tutte fanno comunque parte della nostra missione: consentire agli utenti di controllare la tecnologia.

Una parte importante del nostro lavoro consiste nel coinvolgere le persone e nelle attività preparatorie di documenti ed eventi. Partecipiamo a dozzine di conferenze ogni anno, supportiamo una community online e le forniamo risorse utili. Inoltre siamo un punto informazioni destinato a tutte le domande relative al Software Libero, agli Standard Aperti e ai diritti degli utenti.

  • Logo of Fiduciary Programme

    Fiduciary Programme

    The FSFE's Fiduciary Programme allowed for projects to use the Fiduciary License Agreement (FLA) to assign copyrights to the FSFE, allowing the consolidation and effective management of their copyright status. While the FSFE no longer accepts new projects under the Fiduciary Programme, we continue to offer customisable versions of the Fiduciary License Agreement (FLA) for your use.

  • Logo of Public Money? Public Code!

    Public Money? Public Code!

    Why is software created using taxpayers' money not released as Free Software? We want legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and Open Source Software licence. If it is public money, it should be public code as well. Code paid by the people should be available to the people!

  • Logo of REUSE Software

    REUSE Software

    The FSFE is running a project to make licensing easy for humans and machines alike. It solves a fundamental issue that Free Software licensing has at the very source: what license is a file licensed under, and who owns the copyright? REUSE provides easy recommendations in three steps that help users, developers and legal professionals.

  • Logo of Router Freedom

    Router Freedom

    It should go without saying that in our society we should be able to freely choose technical devices for use in our homes. But some Internet service providers in Europe dishonor this principle by dictating which device their customers have to use in order to connect to the internet, or they discriminate against the owners of alternative devices. This undermining of our basic freedom of choice is strongly opposed by the FSFE and many other organisations, projects, and individuals. Router Freedom is not merely a topic for experts. It affects all of us.

  • Logo of Free Your Android

    Free Your Android

    Android is a mostly free operating system developed mainly by Google. Unfortunately, the drivers for most devices and most applications in the built-in store are not Free Software. This activity helps you to regain control of your Android device and your data. We collect information about running an Android system as free as possible and try to coordinate the efforts in this area.

  • Logo of I Love Free Software

    I Love Free Software

    We often underestimate the power of a simple Thank You. Free Software contributors do important work for our society and they deserve attention. The "I love Free Software Day" on 14 February (also known as Valentine's Day) is the perfect opportunity for you to express your special gratitude. Since 2010, we have celebrated this wonderful annual event with a ever-growing diverse community.

  • Logo of Legal Network

    Legal Network

    The Legal Network is a neutral, non-partisan, group of experts in different fields involved in Free Software legal issues. Currently the Legal Network has several hundreds of participants from different legal systems, academic backgrounds and affiliations. The aim of the Legal Network is to promote discussion and foster better knowledge of the legal constructs that back Free Software. The conversations on the Legal Network are intended to be dynamic, thought-provoking and up to speed with the most recent developments. Since 2007, we have been conducting the annual Legal and Licencing Workshop (LLW) which has become the world’s foremost gathering of lawyers, technologists, and thought leaders on Free Software legal and licensing topics in an informal and confidential atmosphere.

  • Logo of Radio Lockdown Directive

    Radio Lockdown Directive

    An EU regulation may make it impossible to install a custom piece of software on most radio devices like WiFi routers, smartphones, and embedded devices. It requires hardware manufacturers to implement a barrier that disallows users to install any software which has not been certified by them. We are working to avoid the expected negative implications on user rights and Free Software, security, fair competition, the environment, and charitable community initiatives.

  • Logo of Licence Questions

    Licence Questions

    The FSFE’s License Questions mailing list is our group of volunteers dedicated to provide help with Free Software licenses and compliance. If you need advice on what Free Software licence you should use, or if you want to know more about what rights you have over a piece of Free Software, you can contact us.

  • Logo of Electoral Activities

    Electoral Activities

    What better time is there to ask politicians about their stance on Free Software and Open Standards than in the time before an election? We believe that we can and should make these topics an issue in all elections, be it on a European, national, regional, or local level. Depending on the electoral system and culture, there are different strategies and tools we use: Ask Your Candidates a set of questions, the Digital-O-Mat online tool, the Freedomvote online platform, and the Let's Promise pledges.

  • Logo of Next Generation Internet

    Next Generation Internet

    The FSFE is a partner organisation of NGI, a coalition of various not-for-profit organisations from across Europe. Funded by the European Commmission, NGI provides grants to individual researchers and developers, as well as teams that wish to work on new ideas and technologies that contribute to the establishment of the Next Generation Internet. The FSFE provides legal support for projects that improve openness, inclusivity, transparency, privacy, cooperation, and protection of data.