Since 2001 the FSFE has been enhancing users' rights by abolishing barriers for software freedom. For 20 years we have been helping individuals and organisations to understand how Free Software contributes to freedom, transparency, and self-determination.

For the next two decades we need your help. We want everyone to be able to control their technology. Free Software and its freedoms to use, study, share, and improve are the key to that goal.


Software shapes society. Free Software improves it.


Watch our new video demonstrating how different practices in software lead to different models of society. Software is intangible, but its results often are not. The decisions we make about what type of software we use have real-life effects. There is a type of software that benefits the common good, and that is Free Software.

If you ever looked for a video that explains the values of Free Software in three minutes, look no further.

The transparency and adaptability of Free Software enhance cooperation, inclusivity, and self-determination. This leads us to a society with stronger democratic procedures and community spirit. "The difference between Free and proprietary software is that Free Software always grants us four rights: any person may freely use, study, share, and improve the software. If software is developed under a free license, then anyone can use it without restrictions, anytime and anywhere. Since the source code can be read by anyone, this allows for more transparency and can lead to more security. People can work together across borders on problems that affect humanity; they can share the software, discuss it, and improve it collectively."

For our 20th anniversary we have produced this video so more people can learn what software freedom entails. If you want to dive deeper into this, the script of the video is based on a talk at FOSDEM 2020 given by Matthias Kirschner, President of the FSFE. It reflects the core values of software freedom and pleads for more respect and diversity in Free Software communities.

Please share the video with your friends so that they can also learn what Software Freedom is about.

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