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FSFE at the Chaos Communication Congress


The FSFE is back for the Chaos Communication Congress! Come and join us at the end of December in the "Bits & Bäume" habitat and end the year in a fun and chaos way attending interesting talks and making new friends! The Call for Participation ends on 11 November so hurry up!

The rocket 'Fairydust' in front of the CCH building in Hamburg

Under the motto ’Unlocked’, the 37th edition of the Chaos Communication Congress is back as an in-person event and at its usual venue in Hamburg. One of the largest events of its kind, the annual congress opens its doors to around 16.000 hackers to meet, network, and discuss their favourite topics in talks, workshops, and meet-ups. There is something for everybody at the 37C3. So come on in and be part of this year's Congress!

This year, the Free Software Foundation Europe is an active part of the 37C3 as part of the Bits & Bäume habitat. Together, we will create a room for Free Software enthusiasts, Chaos-people, and everybody who wants to come together, connect, and talk about Free Software.

If you care about sustainability, drop by and let us explain how Free Software contributes to a “greener” society. This year we are also happy to announce the new track “Sustainability & Climate Justice”. Together with Freifunk, Fiff, and many more, the FSFE is part of this year's content team behind the track. We are looking forward to your submissions about Free Software and sustainability at the 37C3! The Call for Participation ends on the 11th of November.

You can discover a lot more about Free Software and the activities of the FSFE at our booth. And keep the date! There will be live singing at our booth every evening, at 19:00 h. The song? The famous Free Software Song. We cannot wait to sing it with you!

Let us bring Free Software on stage at the 37C3 and join us at the FSFE booth and our talks and workshops!