If you feel strong about Free Software and you would like to strengthen the political weight of the Free Software movement, then join our community. Become a supporter of the FSFE to align yourself with our work and mission. Subscription is easy and no costs are involved. Or become a Fellow of the FSFE to empower our work and help to assure our financial independence. By joining the Fellowship you will become a donating, sustaining member of the FSFE - including access to our infrastructure. Decide for yourself in which way you would like to get involved in FSFE's activities.

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Fellowship Meeting Rhine/Main, Germany

03 September 2014

On Wednesday, 3 September, the Fellowship group Rhein/Main will meet in the Weinhaus Stegmann in Aschaffenburg. We will meet there around 19:00 h.

FSFE at the Internet Ungovernance Forum

04 to 05 September 2014

On September 4th and 5th, parallel to the IGF2014, there will be held the Internet Ungovernance Forum (IUF) in Istanbul. FSFE officially supports IUF as a bottom-up conference, that likes to "reclaim the Internet as a fundamental infrastructure of our societies". FSFE will help to spread knowledge about the use and importance of Free Software and Open Standards for a Free Society. If you like to meet us, come to our booth.

Fellowship meeting Zurich

11 September 2014

On September 11th, the local Fellowship group Zurich meets for the next time. The location still has to be found an announced, the topic will be "WeAgree", a Free Software Pact for next years Swiss elections.

Fellowship meeting Munich

12 September 2014

The local Fellowship group Munich meets again to discuss various things like Corso Leopold, FSA14 and more. Every friend of Free Software is invited to come.

Michael Stehmann: Cryptography only with Free Software

20 September 2014

On Document Freedom Day, Michael Stehmann explains the basics of modern cryptography and why cryptography nees Free Softwrae. The talk is for newbies, you do not need more mathematical knowledge than in school.

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About FSFE's Community

The community behind the Free Software Foundation Europe is diverse and spread throughout the continent. We see ourselves as Europeans with a different cultural background but with the common vision of an infrastructure built on Free Software - as a precondition of a Free Society. This is what makes us strong. We believe in cooperation from a regional to a global level, from community to an organisational level, from freedom to liberty. Interested? You are welcome to join our community!

Read about the different ways, how to become part of our movement:

  • Wherever you live, wherever you go: help to spread our word by ordering our promotion material and give it to everybody who is interested. Or put it in a place where people can grab it themselves. Viral marketing and spreading the word are important factors to let our movement grow.
  • You can become a supporter of the FSFE to show that you care about the political and societal aspects of Free Software. After signing, you will be kept up to date with our Newsletter and, additionally, you will receive special information about our activities. Of course, you are free to join our discussions and activities.
  • If you have interest to support our mission with your skills and expertise, then we are more than happy if you contribute to our work. There are various ways to help us voluntarily - not just by hacking. For example, translations are really important for our cross-border communication and outreaching activities. And you do not need to be an interpreter for the translations - if you are a mother tongue speaker and you have a feeling for proper language, this is a good start.
  • Finally, you can become a Fellow - someone who is a sustainable member of the FSFE. As a Fellow you get access to our infrastructure for you own purpose and to use it for the communication with other Fellows. You can also join or set up local teams and find help to do so by the staff of FSFE. You can even present yourself as a candidate for a Fellowship representative and become part of the General Assembly of the FSFE. Being a Fellow involves membership fees. These membership fees are financial contributions, that directly support our work and make sure that we remain independent of any particular donor. When you join the Fellowship, you can decide for yourself about the amount of your donation.