Free Software challenges you to learn: to do for yourself, to be fearlessly independent when it comes to your tech. In the past few years I have taken pride in watching my skill base catchup with and overtake that of my proprietary-loving peers, even some paid professionals, simply by having a free and curious mindset. Free Software frees you in many ways.

Anna Morris (Co-Founder of ethical-pets.co.uk and Free Software advocate)

The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) brings together dedicated and engaged activists from all over Europe to seize the opportunities to secure our rights to use, share, study, and improve software because without Free Software, technology subjugates us instead of enhancing our freedom.

Hugo Roy (Law student)

I joined the Fellowship to stop being \'a minority of one\', as George Orwell once put it. I wanted to meet people who shared my ideals and beliefs, so it would no longer feel as if I was fighting the system all by myself. It\'s reassuring to know that you\'re not alone, which probably motivates people to keep up with the work they are doing, even if it\'s not always as successful as they would like it to be.

Kevin Keijzer (Political activist)

Freedom is one of the core values of our Society and one of the basic concepts of Democracy. Supporting and spreading Free Software is one way to build creative alternatives for social inclusion and to protect our citizens from the digital exploitation. We are responsible to build a better World as a gift for our future generations.

Mauricio Nascimento (Middleware Engineer)

I\'m very impressed with what the FSFE has achieved on the EU and national level. Back when I was working in the public sector I was able to glimpse the vast amounts of money that are thrown at lobbying for proprietary software and so called industry standards in Germany and the EU. It\'s astonishing how the FSFE has still managed to get itself heard. Supporting this was one of my motivations for becoming a fellow.

Guido Günther (Freelancer and Debian Developer)

Free software is important in our time. It needs professional representation which is hard work and expensive. Joining the fellowship meant a way for me to contributing my skills and some money back to the free software movement to ensure it\'s future.

Maurice Verheesen

I was a solitary voice for years, explaining the principles behind Free Software and its importance for people in my country in numerous articles and blog posts. I wanted to belong to an organization with the goal of building the digital society on 100% free software, and supporting the FSFE and gaining access to its blogging and fellowship infrastructure seemed like a logical first step.

Carsten Agger (Software Engineer)

I joined the Fellowship because Free Software helps to bring more and real freedom into the world. To fight for this is my goal as a Fellow of the FSFE.

Robert Kehl (IT Professional)

I believe that actions of support for the FSFE are important for encouraging Free Software development and adoption in Europe as well as the rest of the world. I\'m an FSFE Fellow because financially supporting the cause of Free Software brings positive improvements to all societies throughout the world.

Jacob Appelbaum (Spokesperson for The TOR Project)

I\'m a free sofware supporter for a long time, I fought against software patents in Brussels, co-organised the system theme at the Libre Software Meeting (RMLL) and run a Free Software company. Free Software is an essential part of our global freedom, so it was natural to become a Fellowship member at the FSFE.

Benoit Mortier (Owner of OpenSides, Manager of FusionDirectory)