Seit 2001 stärkt die FSFE die Rechte von Nutzerinnen und Nutzern, indem sie Hürden für Softwarefreiheit beseitigt. Seit 20 Jahren helfen wir Menschen und Organisationen dabei zu verstehen, wie Freie Software andere Grundrechte wie Redefreiheit, Pressefreiheit und das Recht auf Privatsphäre stützt.

Für die nächsten zwei Jahrzehnte brauchen wir Ihre Unterstützung. Wir wollen, dass alle in der Lage sind, ihre Technik selbstbestimmt nutzen zu können. Freie Software und ihre Freiheiten, sie verwenden, verstehen, verbreiten und verbessern zu können sind der Schlüssel dafür.

Diese Seite wurde bisher noch nicht übersetzt. Bitte hilf uns, diese und andere Seiten auf zu übersetzen, damit alle unsere Informationen in ihrer Muttersprache lesen können.

Next Generation Internet Zero Initiative

The logo of the NGI Initiative

The FSFE is a partner organisation of NGI Zero, a coalition of thirteen not-for-profit organisations from across Europe. Funded by the European Commmission, NGI Zero (or NGI0) provides grants to individual researchers and developers, as well as teams that wish to work on new ideas and technologies that contribute to the establishment of the Next Generation Internet.

What is the Next Generation Internet initiative?

The Next Generation Internet is a European initiative with the aim to create an internet that respects human and societal values, such as privacy, participation, and diversity. It hopes to enable new online functionalities that can support real human needs and address global sustainability challenges. To this end, NGI0 was set up within the Next Generation Internet initiative to coordinate several Research and Innovation Actions, including the NGI0 Discovery and NGI0 PET actions, run by the NLNet Foundation in the Netherlands.

NGI0 Research and Innovation Actions: PET and Discovery

Each of these actions will support the development of technologies promoting the NGI ideals with grants funded by the European Commission over the next few years. Specifically, NGI0 PET awards grants to applicant privacy and trust enhancing technology projects, and NGI0 Discovery awards grants to applicant technology projects that enhance user access to search for and discover information on the internet.

In order to be effective at internet scale, the results of these efforts are made available as free/libre/open source software.

Role of the FSFE

Generally, NGI0 will aid the approved projects in an advisory capacity with their technologies in their respective specific areas of expertise, such as security and accessibility. The FSFE in particular will provide guidance to the applicant technologies with understanding best practices for communicating the components, licenses, and copyrights associated with software packages.

This allows all software produced with these grants to be verified automatically without manual intervention, and therefore to be quickly and safely adopted by individuals, public bodies, and private enterprises of any size.

Additionally, the FSFE has produced for NGI0 participants a series of documents and FAQs that explain Free Software legal and licensing issues, and how to manage these issues within a software project. These documents are also available to the general public, so if you would like to take a look at them, you can access them here.

Get involved

Calls for submissions to the NGI0 PET and NGI0 Discovery actions renew every 2 months.

If you have an idea that contributes to the Next Generation Internet, and that relates to the topic of privacy and trust in (internet-related) technology, or to the topic of search, discovery, and discoverability, please do not hesitate to propose it here.

You can find more information about NGI0 PET and NGI0 Discovery at their respective websites linked below: