Seit 2001 stärkt die FSFE die Rechte von Nutzerinnen und Nutzern, indem sie Hürden für Softwarefreiheit beseitigt. Seit 20 Jahren helfen wir Menschen und Organisationen dabei zu verstehen, wie Freie Software andere Grundrechte wie Redefreiheit, Pressefreiheit und das Recht auf Privatsphäre stützt.

Für die nächsten zwei Jahrzehnte brauchen wir Ihre Unterstützung. Wir wollen, dass alle in der Lage sind, ihre Technik selbstbestimmt nutzen zu können. Freie Software und ihre Freiheiten, sie verwenden, verstehen, verbreiten und verbessern zu können sind der Schlüssel dafür.

Diese Seite wurde bisher noch nicht übersetzt. Bitte hilf uns, diese und andere Seiten auf zu übersetzen, damit alle unsere Informationen in ihrer Muttersprache lesen können.


Coming soon: I Love Free Software Day 2021


People around the world work hard to maintain Free Software and we rely on Free Software to keep us connected. On this year's I Love Free Software Day let us think about the developers, contributors, designers, those who promoted the use of Free Software and many more who spend their time to share, improve and create Free Software. On 14 February we show our love and thank those who work for Free Software.

Free Software is created and supported by people who put a lot of hard work into it. Physical distancing in recent months dramatically showed us how important Free Software is to keep us connected with our loved ones. It is Free Software that enabled us to participate in conferences, university or school classes, or to simply enjoy virtual lunch breaks with our colleagues. The people behind those tools have outdone themselves to provide us with a good user experience, to fix bugs and implement wishes.

For this year's I Love Free Software Day, let us think about all those who called for and promoted the use of Free Software, and especially those people who worked on our favourite piece of Free Software.

A simple thank you makes all the difference

To say thank you to all these contributions and promotions of Free Software, the annual I Love Free Software Day is the perfect opportunity. On 14 February, people all over the world show their love and appreciation to software freedom in general or specific projects they use.

Polina Malaja: Why she loves Free Software
Let's celebrate #ilovefs day!

Everybody can join the I Love Free Software Day and share their love for Free Software. We have prepared several activities for you. For use with #ILoveFS, we created for the first time a picture template, which everybody can use to create a share-pic saying why they love Free Software. If you like the template, you can download the sources, add your picture and your personal thank you message and the share-pic is ready to go for your preferred communication channel. If you share it on social media platforms please use the hashtag #ilovefs so we can boost your message. Every thank you is welcome and appreciated!

I love Free Software postcard
Show your love for Free Software, #ilovefs

Join us on I Love Free Software Day and let the world know which tool kept you connected with your loved ones, your family and friends! Or follow others to read which Free Software tool they enjoyed most during the time in their home office. Did you use a Free Software instant messenger or started playing a Free Software game with your friends? What difference did the use of Free Software make in your school, university or workplace? Is there someone you want to say thank you to and show your appreciation for their work? For more ideas and suggestions visit our "I Love Free Software Day" action page and join our community in showing your love for Free Software by saying thank you!

We love Free Software and Software Freedom Podcast

For this special occasion we also created a Software Freedom Podcast episode for I Love Free Software Day. In the upcoming episode Matthias Kirschner and Bonnie Mehring discuss the background of the I Love Free Software Day and Bonnie goes on to tell with Free Software developers, advocates, activists and contributors why it is important to say thank you.

Background: This is the 11th edition of I Love Free Software Day, which is annually celebrated on 14 February. I Love Free Software Day has become an important tradition for the Free Software community. So let's keep this tradition alive and come together on Sunday, 14 February, to celebrate software freedom.

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