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See you at FOSDEM 2024!


It is that time of the year again. FOSDEM will take place in Brussels on 3 and 4 February 2024. The Free Software Foundation Europe will be there with most of its staff and some of our volunteers! Are you planning to attend? If so, come meet us at our booth!

Image of the FSFE team and volunteers during FOSDEM 2023

FOSDEM brings together thousands of Free Software enthusiasts in Brussels on the first weekend of February each year to discuss Free Software related topics. Once again, we are participating in this two-day event at the Free University of Brussels with our booth, the Legal and Policy Devroom that we co-organize, and other interesting talks. Our team will be there ready to meet you, engage in fruitful discussions, and network with the Free Software community. Come along to check out our socks and t-shirts, along with a bunch of freshly-printed stickers!

If you are planning to come to FOSDEM, we encourage you to join our Matrix FOSDEM 2024 room. Stay up to date and step by our social gatherings!
Indeed, if you are already in Brussels on Friday, you can join our first social gathering and catch up! We'll meet for dinner and drinks at La Mazette at 19:00h. See in OpenStreetMap.

Saturday, 3 February

From Saturday, as usual, you will find us around, mainly at our booth. Whether you are a newcomer or a Free Software expert, our team will be happy to meet you at the FSFE booth. Come to chat with us and discuss of Free Software, get informed about our activities, share with us your impressions about our new stickers, and add a new t shirt - or a pair of socks - to your wardrobe. Our booth is the best place to find our team! The FSFE Booth is in Building K level 2. Group A - Community advocacy, 5.

Moreover, Saturday is the day during which our co-organized devroom, the Legal and Policy Issues Devroom, takes place. We have been co-organizing this devroom since 2020. Since then, FOSDEM participants have showed great interest in these topics. Our Legal and Policy Issues Devroom is taking place from 15:00 in Guillissen. One more year, together with our co-organisers Karen Sandler and Bradley Kuhn from Software Freedom Conservancy, and Tom Marble from Informatique, Inc., the FSFE’s Alexander Sander and Matthias Kirschner will be addressing key legal and policy topics related to Free Software.

After a long day, what is better than a pizza? Join us to continue discussing Free Software while we enjoy yummy pizza. We'll at Otomat at 19:30h. See in OpenStreetMap.

Sunday, 4 February

On Sunday, our booth will be open from 9:00h until 17:00h. You will find there our team and volunteers who would love to explain our activities to you. We come with a lot of merchande, but if you want to secure a t-shirt in your size, the sooner you are coming, the better!

On this day, the "Open Source in the European Legislative Landscape" devroom will take place. This devroom is run by Simon Phipps, Enzo Ribagnac, Maarten Aertsen, Axel Thévernet, Deb Bryant, Alexander Sander, and Gijs Hillenius. The Community will discuss current policy topics with European legislators. There, Alexander Sander, FSFE's Senior Policy Consultant, will moderate the session on "FOSS Policy Engagement". After that, if you stay in the same room, you will have the chance to listen to Lina Ceballos, FSFE Policy Project Manager, who will open the session on “Public Services interoperability” and the Interoperable Europe Act, followed by a discussion between decision makers and the Community. Later that day, Lucas Lasota, FSFE Programme Manager, together with our Netherlands Coordinator Niko Rikken, will highlight the main challenges for Router Freedom and Device Neutrality in Europe.

Finally, Niharika Singhal, FSFE’s Project Manger, will present the FSFE’s work on AI and license proliferation done within the Zooom initiative. The talk will be presented in the AI and Machine Learning devroom.

Of course, there will be many more interesting talks going on! You can check the schedule of the two-day conference in the FOSDEM website.

Let’s close these two intense but insightful days with our last community gathering. We'll meet at 18:00 at the Cafè La Maison du Peuple. See in OpenStreetMap.

Give us a hand!

Although we hope we do not have a lot of merchandise left at the end of the conference, tearing down the booth is usually not an easy task so we might need extra hands on Sunday. Contact our Office Assistant, Francesca, at fi@fsfe.org if you can join us!