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The TUX&GNU@school column


The TUX&GNU@school column informs about a piece of free educational software, a web site on the topic and an idea for a useful and sound program which serves educational purposes.


Current edition is Number 8 from 2004/11/01.

The column can be ordered as a two monthly newsletter as well.

Old editions:

Contact & Participate

Autor and editor in chief is Mario Fux.
The editorship currently consists of Christian Selig and Kristian Rink.
Anne-Marie Mahfouf translates the column into French.
Bengt Skyllkvist translates the column into Swedish.
Samuel Gimeno Artigas translates the column into Spanish.
The team can be reached via its mailing list address. Questions, criticism, comments and hints are always welcome.

Generally anyone can participate who can proofread or translate and is accustomed to common GNU policies. We'd especially appreciate translators for all European languages.
He or she who always wanted to do something for Free Software, but who is neither a programmer nor an artist nor a hacker, can make a contribution through his or her work on the TUX&GNU@school column!
Just contact us.