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Our Donors

We would like to thank everyone who supports our work. Your contributions as volunteer, supporter or sponsor make our work possible. Distributed support secures our independence, which is why every small contribution is important. Either publicly show your donation with our sponsoring graphics or remain anonymous.

Gold Donors

Gold donors have donated 1000 Euro or more per month, or 12,000 Euro or more in a year. Donors who have contributed for more than 10% but less than 20% of our yearly budget are marked with a *. There are no donations of 20% or more of our yearly budget.

Google Google
Intel Intel
Linuxhotel Villa Vogelsang Linuxhotel Villa Vogelsang
OpenProject OpenProject
Red Hat Red Hat
Reinhard Wiesemann Reinhard Wiesemann*
Siemens Siemens

Silver Donors

Silver donors have donated 200 Euro or more per month, or 2400 Euro or more in a year.

Adfinis Adfinis
Collabora Productivity Collabora Productivity
Document Foundation Document Foundation technologies technologies
Heinlein Support Heinlein Support
Intevation GmbH Intevation GmbH
Julian Rüth GmbH Julian Rüth GmbH
Keyfactor Keyfactor
Lars Hohl a.k.a. derPUPE Lars Hohl a.k.a. derPUPE
Nextcloud Nextcloud
Otto Kekäläinen Otto Kekäläinen
publicplan GmbH publicplan GmbH
SUSE Open Source Community Citizens (OSCC) SUSE Open Source Community Citizens (OSCC)
sysmocom - systems for mobile communications sysmocom - systems for mobile communications
Volvo Cars Volvo Cars

Bronze Donors

Bronze donors have donated 40 Euro or more per month, or 480 Euro or more in a year.

Further Donors

We also would like to thank those donors who preferred to remain anonymous, and the hundreds of donors and supporters who donated smaller amounts, many of them throughout many years. Every financial contribution, no matter how big or small, is important for our work, and in fact, these numerous smaller donations make up one third of our total funds.

Hardware donations are listed on our Hardware Donation website. There, you can also find Information on how to support us with hardware.