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Radio stations granted awards for using Open Standards


Berlin/Vienna March 24. The Free Software Foundation Europe awarded Deutschlandradio and Radio Orange with the Document Freedom Day 2010 Prize for using Open Standards and promoting them in society. FSFE's German team together with the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) will present the DFD cake displaying "rOGG on!" in Berlin and Cologne to Deutschlandradio. The Austrian DFD cake goes to the Vienna-based station Radio Orange 94.0.

Deutschlandradio and Radio Orange provide live streams of their programmes in OGG Vorbis format. Open Standards like OGG Vorbis enable data transfers between software of different vendors. By allowing data to be transmitted independent of any particular software vendor, they leave users free to use different types of hardware or software.

The Xiph.org foundation designed the OGG Vorbis format as a patent-free alternative to MP3 for compressing audio files. In contrast to proprietary formats, Open Standards can be easily used with Free Software. This makes Open Standards indispensable to the media, administration, companies, organisations, and PC users.

FSFE is pleased that both radio stations set standards for the freedom of their listeners by using Open Standards.

Document Freedom Day

Document Freedom Day (DFD) is a global day for document liberation and Open Standards. Since 2008, it is celebrated annually on the last Wednesday of March. Over the past years, more than 200 teams of volunteers in over 60 countries have been imparting the value of Open Document Formats and Open Standards to others.