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Public Money? Public Code! brochure is now available in Spanish


A large part of our work is possible thanks to the contribution of our volunteers. This was not the exception. Our Public Money? Public Code! brochure is now translated into Spanish, and we hosted an event to share this great news with our community. GNUHealth, Pica Pica HackLab, Lliurex, Linkat, and KDE took part in our event.

Picture with panelists

In the framework of our Public Money? Public Code! initiative, we have an exhaustive brochure dedicated to public administrations. It summarises the FSFE's long-term expertise with additional knowledge from leading experts in various ICT areas. It helps readers understand Free Software and its benefits for a modern digital public infrastructure. Hot topics covered include the avoidance of vendor lock-in, improvement of IT security through openness, exploring different business models, handling of procurement issues, and learning from innovative approaches to smart cities.

Now, thanks to the work of our volunteers, this brochure is also available in Spanish, which means a broader audience that can read about the benefits of modernising public infrastructure with public code in their own language, and that is a highlight to us.

To share this good news, we organised an event dedicated to our Spanish speaking community. We had the participation of experts such as Luis Falcón, founder of GNUHealth, Ricardo Muñoz from Lliurex, Alexis Puente Montiel from Pica Pica HackLab, Francesc Busquets in representation of Linkat, and Aleix Pol Gonzalez, president of KDE. Our speakers and panelist also had the chance to discuss the challenges that still lie ahead for Free Software in the public sector with a special focus on Spain.

Do not worry if you could not participate; we have recorded our sessions and the videos are now available.

Public Money? Public Code! and the importance of a new translation

FSFE Project Manager Lina Ceballos gave an introduction to our Public Money? Public Code! initiative which requires Free Software as the standard for all publicly financed software. Lina also shared how important is for our community to be able to read this brochure in their own languages, and encouraged others to join us. Video in Spanish.


Dr. Luis Falcón is a Spanish physician, scientist, and activist. He is the founder of GNU Solidario, a non-profit humanitarian organisation focused on Social Medicine. Luis is the author of GNU Health, the award-winning Free Health and Hospital Information System. In our event, he talked about GNU Health and the importance of Free Software in Public Health regarding data privacy, technological sovereignty, and equity of access to health services. Video in Spanish.


Ricardo Muñoz, who is the coordinator of the Lliurex project, is a Telecommunications Engineer, a teacher, and now he is part of the team of the Computer Service for Educational Centres of the Regional Ministry (SICE) of Valencia as a Technical Teaching Advisor (ATD). Ricardo told us a bit more about the history, challenges, and the values that Lliurex offers to the education sector but also to the Free Software ecosystem. Video in Spanish.


Francesc Busquets is part of the Unit of infrastructures, Free Software, and online services of the Digital Culture Area of the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya. He talked about Linkat, a Free Software solution used for over 15 years in some of the schools in the Catalonian community, highlighting the ethical values of Linkat. Video in Spanish.

Pica Pica HackLab

Alexis Puente Montiel is the founder and coordinator of Pica Pica HackLab (PicaHack), a HackLab that managed to convince the parliament of Asturias to support our campaign Public Money? Public Code!, being the first parliament in Spain to do so. He told us about this experience and what is needed to achieve such goals. Video in Spanish.


The already mentioned speakers with the addition of Aleix Pol Gonzalez - developer and current President of KDE e.V. and founder of Barcelona Free Software - discussed some of the challenges that they face in their everyday work for software freedom and what is needed to overcome them. The panel was moderated by Lina Ceballos - FSFE Project Manager. Video in Spanish.

Remember that you can take action as well by joining our campaign, distributing our brochure, and convincing your local administration to use Free Software.