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Kujdes: Kjo faqe s’është përkthyer ende. Ajo që po shihni më poshtë, është faqja në versionin origjinal. Ju lutemi, përdorni këtë faqe që të shihni se si mund të ndihmoni te përkthimet dhe anë të tjera.

Contact our community

The FSFE provides infrastructure to foster public discussion on Free Software topics. Everybody is encouraged to freely state their opinions on these platforms, but please keep the netiquette guidelines in mind. In particular be aware that discussions inside the FSFE's technical infrastructure are covered by our Code of Conduct that kindly asks all participants to be excellent to each other.

Opinions voiced in the public discussion are not official positions of the FSFE. For official statements see our press release lists or contact us.

Mailing Lists

We have a number of mailing lists for local groups as well as thematic teams. You can find a complete list of the public lists on our mailing list server.


The FSFE provides Discourse, a forum-like discussion platform. It is a complement to our mailing lists and allows for discussions and comments. You are welcome to become part of this new service and help us improving it.

Chat rooms


You are welcome to join us on Matrix. The room name is #community:fsfe.org; it can be joined from accounts from all instances. Make sure to also check out the FSFE space at #fsfe:fsfe.org to find more suggested rooms. FSFE supporters and volunteers can get an account on our server.


We have an XMPP-Chat-Room where we can meet:

Other channels can be found with the room search of your XMPP client. If you would like to use an account on the FSFE server, please follow this guide.


You can also join other Free Software supporters on IRC:


The FSFE and many supporters use microblogging services to send status updates and interesting links. If you want to connect, follow the user fsfe on Mastodon, Linkedin, and Twitter.

We encourage you to use the tags #FreeSoftware, #IloveFS, #FSFE, etc. in your messages.