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Three conclusions to draw from Google denying Huawei access to software

20 May 2019

Google denies the Chinese IT giant Huawei access to Google's proprietary components of the Android mobile operating system which threatens IT security. This highlights the importance Free Software has for technology users, public bodies, and businesses. The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) presents three essential lessons from this case.

FSFE Newsletter - May 2019

16 May 2019

This newsletter edition gives special attention to the upcoming EU Elections. We are telling the story of the Spanish Pica Pica Hacklab who successfully used our "Public Money? Public Code!" campaign to influence the Parliament of Asturias. Pica Pica's story takes us to the upcoming EU Elections that will bring in new MEPs into the European Parliament and so we provide advice and tips on how you can get active in promoting Free Software to them. As always, you will also read about the events the FSFE is going to be part of this month, as well as a retrospective of what has happened in the past month.

Public Money, Public Code: Munich one step back - others two steps forward.

15 May 2019

More than two years ago, Munich abandoned their strategy of developing an independent IT infrastructure built with Free Software and the free operating system GNU/Linux and went back to depending on proprietary software. We followed this process closely and like to give an update today about what has happened since then in Munich and in Europe in general. Did we manage to gain more independence and control over our IT or did dependencies on monopolies increase over the past two years?

Free Software in Munich - FSFE thanks cabaret artist Christine Prayon

15 May 2019

Yesterday, political satirist Christine Prayon was awarded the 10,000 Euro Dieter Hildebrandt Prize of the City of Munich for demanding political or decidedly socio-critical political satire. Prayon is donating the prize money to the Free Software Foundation Europe.

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If you know about a FSFE related event that is not yet listed here or that you run on your own, you can easily add it by using our event announcement tool.

FSFE with a booth at OpenExpo in Madrid, Spain

20 June 2019

The FSFE will be present with a booth at the OpenExpo in Madrid, Spain. If you are interested in Free Software and the FSFE pass by and get to know the people from our community and our work. Looking forward to interesting talks!

FSFE with an F-Droid workshop in La Ingobernable in Madrid, Spain

21 June 2019

Erik Albers is doing a "Freedom to Go" workshop about Free Software in Android at the Ingobernable in Madrid, Spain. After an introduction to the (lack of) freedoms in Android and Custom-ROMs, Erik will present the functions and possibilities of F-Droid - the repository as well as the client. Next, the G-Droid application will be introduced, a fork of the F-Droid client, with which you can access the same repository of Free Software applications but which offers new options. Finally, some of the best Free Software applications inside the F-Droid repository will be presented, as well as extended possibilities for anonymity and encryption.

The event is free of charge and open to visitors without prior registration.

Libertybits Conference 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria

25 June 2019

The FSFE's Policy and Project Managers Alexander Sander and Galia Mancheva will be speaking at Libertybits in Sofia, Bulgaria. Alexander will be presenting the "Public Money? Public Code!" campaign and Galia is going to talk about the recent update of the Copyright Directive and what that means for the future of Free Software development. The event will take place in Sofia Tech Park in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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