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The enthusiasm for Free Software has created an international community, where people share their positive experiences, ask for recommendations on Free Software topics and programmes, and solve problems together.

Some of them also go a step further: they support the use of Free Software as a cause and act to promote it. This is where we come in. The Free Software Foundation Europe helps the Free Software movement in Europe take action and stay informed.

Our community is organised in local groups, country teams, and thematic groups. Some of these are casual and have ongoing discussions in chats. Others are task-oriented and plan their own campaigns.

Whether you are a long-time Free Software enthusiast or a newcomer, our groups are waiting for you! Say hello to the team you are interested in, introduce yourself and join their next meeting!

🇦🇹 Austria

Vienna organises an FSFE booth every year. | W 📨 📅

🇩🇰 Denmark

Aarhus meets in-person every month. | W 📨 📅

🇫🇷 France

The country team France occasionally organises FSFE booths and talks in a Matrix room. | W 📨 📅 💬 🐦

🇩🇪 Germany

Germany has several local groups. | W 📨 📅

Berlin meets twice a month, once for general topics and once for Free Software in Education. | W 📨 📅 🐘 💬

Bonn occasionally meets online. | W 📨 📅

Hamburg meets in-person every month. | W 📨 📅 💬

Rhein/Main meets regularly in Frankfurt am Main. | W 📨 📅

🇬🇷 Greece

The country team Greece recently supported Router Freedom in the country. The members discuss in a Matrix room, with a special interest in translation of terms. | W 📨 📅 💬

🇮🇹 Italy

Volunteers in Italy have recently organised three events supporting the use of Free Software in public administrations.

Merano meets every Tuesday in-person and communicates on Signal. | 📨 📅 💬

Milan has ongoing discussions on Telegram. | W 📨 📅💬

Sicily has ongoing discussions on Telegram. | W 📨 📅💬

🇳🇱 Netherlands

Volunteers in the Netherlands work to support the use of Free Software in public administrations and in education. They meet online every month and have coordinated actions for the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. | W 📨📅

🇪🇸 Spain

The country team Spain has discussions in the mailing list and occasionally meets online | W 📨 📅 It also has ongoing discussions on Telegram 💬

Barcelona occasionally organises events and meetings. | W 📨📅

Madrid also organises events and meetings occasionally using the Spain mailing list and the Telegram group to spread the word. | 📅

🇨🇭 Switzerland

Basel is a new group starting now. Reach out to the coordinator to join. | 📨 📅

St.Gallen is a new group starting now. Reach out to the Switzerland group chat to join. | 📅 💬

Zurich has launched a campaign for Free Software in Education. The group meets once a month in-person. | W 💬 📨 📅

🇬🇧 UK

Potteries meets three times a year. | W 📨📅

Thematic groups


The Women team meets monthly online and in conferences. It allows women and non-binary people to network around Free Software. | W 💬 📨 📅


The Translators team coordinates its work on the dedicated mailing list. Volunteers provide translations, offer proofreading, and create pull requests. | W 📨

Italian translators team consistently translates articles. | W

Spanish translators team consistently translates articles. | W

Extra motivated?

You can even start a group from scratch. If you know 2-3 people in your area that want to become active too, you can form a group. We will then spread the message so that Free Software enthusiasts in your area can join. Have a look at our how-to, and contact the community coordinator to get started. Also, some of our groups have been quiet lately. Still, you can try out contacting them and asking for a meeting if you are feeling extra motivated.

We want to make sure that the FSFE community is a safe space for everyone. All groups accept and respect our code of conduct. We kindly ask all participants to be excellent to each other.