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Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Bisherige Regierungsparteien mit offensichtlichen Berührungsängsten bei Freier Software

23 August 2016:

Die Free Software Foundation Europe veröffentlicht heute als Teil der "Koalition Freies Wissen die Wahlprüfsteine für die Wahl zum Landtag von Mecklenburg-Vorpommern am 04. September 2016. Die Parteien konnten Stellung nehmen zur Forderung, öffentlich finanzierte Software als Freie Software zu veröffentlichen, sowie zu ihrer Bereitschaft, Freie Software an Bildungseinrichtungen verstärkt einzusetzen. Die Grünen sind Freier Software gegenüber positiv aufgeschlossen und machen Vorschläge zur Umsetzung. Die Linken haben die Bedeutung „Freier Software“ als solche erkannt -- auch wenn konkrete Vorschläge zur Umsetzung fehlen. SPD und CDU haben dagegen inhaltlich starken Nachholbedarf.

The Document Foundation and the FSFE strengthen their relationship

17 August 2016:

The Free Software Foundation (FSFE) is joining the Advisory Board of The Document Foundation. At the same time, The Document Foundation is becoming an associated organisation of the FSFE.

In Memory of our Friend Elias Diem

09 August 2016:

In the afternoon of Saturday 6 August, our friend and active Fellow Elias Diem passed away. He was on his way back home from a hiking trip with a friend in the Swiss alps. He slipped and fell about 150 meters. His friend tried to rescue him, but it was too late. He died of a heavy head injury at the age of 39.

Free Software Foundation Europe Summit 2016 – Not a tech conference

04 August 2016:

Free Software advocates from all over Europe will be meeting in Berlin from the 2nd to the 4th of September at the FSFE Summit 2016. Apart from working on furthering the adoption of Free Software in Europe, we will also be celebrating the FSFE's 15th anniversary.

Compulsory Routers: what customers have to take care of now

25 July 2016:

Up until now, Internet service providers (ISPs) in Germany determined the router users had to use to connect to the Internet. The user had no say in this decision. This changes on August 1. A new law will allow users choose the device that gets installed in their homes. The FSFE wants to ensure everybody knows about their new rights and is asking users to report cases in which ISPs try to avoid the new regulation.


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Fellowshipontmoeting van de groep Düsseldorf in Düsseldorf, Duitsland

31 August 2016

De volgende reguliere ontmoeting vindt op 31 augustus vanaf 19.30 uur plaats in Chaosdorf, Hüttenstr. 25, 40215 Düsseldorf, Het officiële deel van de ontmoeting begint om 20.00 uur. Wie later komt mist dus iets. Er wordt een presentatie gehouden over Hardware-Software-Codesign. Dat is een van de belangrijkste gebieden bij het ontwerp van ingebedde systemen. Het gaat daarbij om het in elkaar grijpende ontwerp van hard- en software.

Be part of the first FSFE summit from September 2nd - 4th in BCC Berlin, Germany

02 to 04 September 2016

The first FSFE summit is happening from 2nd to 4th of September. An event for and by our community with three days full of Free Software in three themes: Business / Policy & Community / Beyond Code. Entrance to the FSFE summit also includes entrance to the conferences of Qt developers, KDE Akademy, Videolan and KDAB. Attendance is possible for no cost but we kindly ask you for a donation to cover our costs. Read more and be quick before it is "sold" out!

15 years FSFE - birthday party in c-base, Berlin, Germany

03 September 2016

On Saturday, September 3rd, we invite for the FSFE birthday party to celebrate 15 years of existence in c-base - the famous hacker space in Berlin, Germany. Opening is directly after the end of Saturday's FSFE summit at 18:00 hours with a warm up and get together. At 20:00 there will be around one hour of program in that we shed light on FSFE's local heroes that keep us growing strong. Afterwards, we start the party with music and drinks - a nice time to revel in the past and look forward to the future.

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