Fin dal 2001 la FSFE ha sempre lavorato per aumentare i diritti degli utenti rimuovendo gli ostacoli alla libertà del software. Per 20 anni abbiamo aiutato le persone e le organizzazioni a capire come il Software Libero contribuisce alla libertà, alla trasparenza e all'autodeterminazione.

Abbiamo bisogno del tuo aiuto per i prossimi due decenni. Vogliamo che tutti possano avere il controllo sulla propria tecnologia. Il Software Libero e le sue libertà di uso, studio, condivisione e miglioramento sono la chiave per raggiungere questo obiettivo.

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Erik Albers

Programme Manager, Communication

Erik Albers is programme manager for the Free Software Foundation Europe, has a focus on internal and external communication and is part of the FSFE's PR- , Web- and Community-team. Erik is full-time employee of the FSFE since 2012 and became member of the FSFE's General Assembly in 2016.

Focal points

Erik (re-)designs our web presence and the FSFE's promotion material, feeds our news section, is responsible for our Newsletter, writes press releases and public reports. For our community communication, he organizes some of our larger events like the FSFE's community meetings, our CCC-assemblies or the FSFE summit. To recover he enjoys grabbing a booth und setting it up in some smaller Free Software event in Europe.

For the FSFE's policy work, Erik has his focus on Public Money? Public Code! and on election periods. He uses the latter to run customized electoral campaigns and publish their respective results, press releases or policy recommendations.

Public speaking and writing

Erik loves to give talks about the sustainability of software, about Freedom to go and campaigning. He publishes articles about diverse aspects of Free Software on his blog and occasionally on In his spare time, Erik does research about sustainable software and sustainability through software.


Erik studied politics, sociology, art and media science in Konstanz and Granada. He started digging deeper into the world of Free Software in the early 2000's and is a passionate cyclist who loves photography and travelling.

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Motto: "No one shall ever be forced to use non-free Software."

Erik loves Free Software, especially:

Audacity (Free Audio Editor), Clementine (Music Player), Clementine Remote (Clementine remote control app), DAVx⁵ (Dav Sync), F-Droid (Free Software App Repository for Android), Filezilla (FTP client), Firefox (Browser), Giggity (Conference Scheduler), Gnome (GNU/Linux Desktop Environment), Geany (text editor), Gimp (Image manipulation), GnuPG (Email encryption), Gtimelog (time tracking application), Hugin (Panorama photo stitcher), Inkscape (Vector graphics editor), OpenShot (Video editor), K-9 (Mobile Mail App), Libre Office (Free Office Suite), Mastalab (Mastodon app), Mastodon (distributed, federated FOSS social network), Matomo (Open Analytics Platform), Nextcloud (Your own cloud), Open Streetmap (Free maps and navigation), Osmand (Open Streetmap Navigation App), RawTherapee (Raw-image manipulation), Scribus (Publishing Tool), StreetComplete (OpenStreetMap gamification), Thunderbird (Email client), Tilda (drop down terminal), Transportr (Public Transport Companion), VLC (Video client), Wordpress (CMS), Zotero (citation and literature management)