Sinds 2001 heeft de FSFE gebruikersrechten versterkt door drempels voor softwarevrijheid af te breken. We hebben mensen en organisaties 20 jaren lang geholpen te begrijpen hoe Vrije Software bijdraagt aan vrijheid, transparantie en zelfbeschikking.

Voor de komende twee decennia hebben we uw hulp nodig. We willen dat iedereen in staat is om hun technologie zelf te controleren. Vrije Software en haar vrijheden om te gebruiken, bestuderen, delen en verbeteren zijn de sleutel voor dat doel.

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News Archive for 2003

Debriefing: World Summit on the Information Society

15 December 2003

(Geneva) From December 10th until 12th, 2003 the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) took place in Geneva, Switzerland, adopting on United Nations level a Declaration of Principles and Plan of Action towards a global information society.  

WSIS: Free Software, Free Society

01 December 2003

(Geneva) During the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), the Civil Society Patents, Copyright, Trademarks (PCT) Working Group is holding a workshop "Free Software, Free Society" with a group of top speakers, including Richard Stallman and Lawrence Lessig.
The workshop will take place December 10th, 2003 from 17:00-20:00 in the Palexpo building in Geneva, Switzerland.  

Even corporations fall into patent traps

20 October 2003

A patent gives the owner a temporary monopoly on an invention, preventing economic appropriation from third parties. Article 52 of the 1973 Munich Convention excludes the patentability of computer programs.  

Software patents: first victory, mobilisation goes on

01 October 2003

On the 24th of September the European Parliament voted for the first time the new directive on the patentabilitiy of computer-implemented inventions. The text (passed with 364 votes in favour, 153 against and 33 abstentions) includes several amendments that hold back the threat of unlimited patentability, envisaged by MEP Arlene McCarthy's initial report.  

Free Software Foundation Europe at SMAU 2003

01 October 2003

Accepting the invitation for the 2003 edition of SMAU (Milan, 2-6 October) by Firenze Tecnologia and Media Innovation Unit, Free Software Foundation Europe will take part in the "Free Software, Patents and Information Technology. The upcoming future" meeting, on 3rd October at 14.30, at Sala Ambasciatori, Palazzo Cisi (2° stage).  

European Parliament votes fore real limits on patenteability

24 September 2003

In its plenary vote on the 24th of September, the European Parliament approved the proposed directive on "patentability of computer-implemented inventions" with amendments that clearly restate the non-patentability of programming and business logic, and uphold freedom of publication and interoperation.  

Ministry, GSP, schools and Microsoft: freedom and independence at risk

22 September 2003

The Italian Government signed the "Government Security Program" agreement with Microsoft; moreover, the "Microsoft Partners in Learning" initiative aims at providing 1.500 Italian schools with discounted software, recycled hardware and less restrictive licenses.  

Being literate and numerate: a right that must endure.

16 July 2003

FSF Europe, Associazione Software Libero and PLIO ( Italian Language Project) sign an open letter to Letiza Moratti (Italian Minister for Education, University and Research), concerning the agreement between the Ministry and Sun Microsystems about the adoption of StarOffice in Italian schools. The authors acknowledge a step towards interoperability and the use of free and documented formats, furthermore they ask the Ministry to equally promote the suite, whose truly free licence provides broader rights to its users.  

Free Software prominently represented at the UN- Conference

12 July 2003

(Karlsruhe) From July 15th to 18th, a preparative conference towards the World Summit on the Information Society will be held in Paris, at which the future and destination of the information- and science- society shall be discussed as requested by the UN- General Assembly.
As a nominee from the coordinating circle of the German Civil Society for the WSIS, Georg Greve, president of the FSF Europe will take part in the meeting as a member of the German governmental delegation.  

FSF Europe hearing by the Italian Government "Commissione Meo"

10 July 2003

FSF Europe was heard by the Commission on free software in the public administration, set up by the Italian Ministry for Innovation and Technology. Two documents are available: a transcription of the presentation held by the FSF Europe during the hearing, and the answers given by the FSF Europe to the questionnaire submitted by the Commission.  

FSF Europe concludes two successful first years.

24 June 2003

(Milano) Last weekend, the Free Software Foundation Europe held its 2003 general assembly in Milano, Italy. After two years of operation, it was time to draw a first summary and also hold elections.  

Report: Two year executive summary

21 June 2003

The 2003 general assembly of the FSF Europe in Milano, Italy on June 21st 2003 seems like a good opportunity to briefly recap some of the activities during the first two operational years of the FSF Europe.  

Tweejaarlijkse samenvatting

02 June 2003

Nadat de Free Software Foundation Europe werd aangekondigd met de "Intentieverklaring - Free Software Foundation Europe" [1], een document waarvoor alle Vrije Softwarestrijders uit Europa werden uitgenodigd om mee te werken aan het creëren van een gemeenschappelijke visie, startte de FSFE officieel op 10 maart 2001. De hele procedure voor het opstarten van de FSFE werd voltooid op 24 april 2001.  

The Ministry "flies with the internet"; the internet relies on Free Software

31 May 2003

Italian Ministry for Innovation and Technology launched project "Vola con Internet" ("Fly with the internet"), setting apart 93 million Euros for the IT training of Italian young people turning 16 in 2003. FSF Europe, which is developing and promoting free information technology for a better society, agrees on the goals of the project, and asks the Government that investments do not discriminate Free Software, which laid the foundations for the development of the internet.  

Open letter to Minister Moratti

24 March 2003

Uncorrect and misleading information is being given to the 160,000 enrolled into For TIC (Training Plan for Information and Communication Technology Teachers). FSF Europe Italy, heard by the Italian Government Commission on free software in the public administration, asked Minister Moratti not to hinder schools from adopting free software, which is more suitable than proprietary software to both teachers and students.  

Richard Stallman in Rome

19 March 2003

FSF founder and GNU Project leader will attend the "Liberi e binari. Software libero, movimenti sociali e diritto internazionale" conference, taking place on March 20th 2003 at 9.30am, at the Centro Congressi dell'Università di Roma "La Sapienza", via Salaria 113, Rome. The following subjects will be discussed during the day: national laws on copyright and licenses in the globalisation age; free software, copyright and proprietary licenses; free software as a goal and as a tool for democratic transnational movements; free software programmers and cyber-activists: hackers vs crackers.  

FSF Europa - Vrije Software in Europa - De Europese perspectieven en het werk van de FSF Europa

11 February 2003

Vrije Software — het GNU/Linux besturingssysteem in het bijzonder — en de FSF Europa raken de laatste tijd steeds vaker op de politieke agenda. Dit artikel probeert de brede economische, sociale en politieke voordelen te beschrijven die Vrij Software voor Europa en de Europese landen te bieden heeft. Het zal tevens een beter inzicht geven in de werking van de FSF Europa. 

    Larry Lessig receives FSF Award for the Advancement of Free Software

    08 February 2003

    Press-release of the Free Software Foundation: "Brussels, Belgium - Saturday, February 8, 2003 - The Free Software Foundation (FSF) bestowed today its fifth annual FSF Award for the Advancement of Free Software. FSF President and founder, Richard Stallman, presented the award to Professor Lawrence Lessig for promoting understanding of the political dimension of free software, including the idea that 'code is law'. Lessig has also promoted ideas similar to free software in other related fields."  

    Fiduciary Licence Agreement (FLA) V1.0 released

    03 February 2003

    Press-release of the FSF Europe: "The Free Software Foundation Europe is proud to announce the first publicly available version of its Fiduciary Licence Agreement (FLA); an agreement that will help securing the legal stability of Free Software by allowing the FSF Europe to act as the fiduciary for Free Software authors and projects."  

    Free software: an opportunity for Italian IT development

    30 January 2003

    FSF Europe press release: "On the occasion of the American Microsoft Corporation President's speech at the sala Zuccari, Free Software Foundation Europe offers the Senators a short introductory note on the subject of free software, in order to help lawmakers, while respecting their free mandate, to acknowledge different approaches to technology."  


    17 January 2003

    FSF Europe press release: "Microsoft grants to Governments the right to watch (but not to touch) the source code of their software. Italian Free Software community is very critical of this fact."