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Now in FSFE's online shop: non-binary pink bibs suitable for any gender!

26 July 2017

Check out our brand-new merchandise item for little Free Software supporters in our online shop: 100% organic and fair trade bibs. The slogan "I am a fork" is stitched onto the bib so that it will remain on the bib even after many wash cycles.

Estonian presidency in the EU: the FSFE asks for truly interoperable IT services in public sector

10 July 2017

The FSFE submitted its comments for the upcoming Tallinn Declaration for e-government drafted by the Estonian presidency of the Council of the EU. Therein the FSFE asks the current Estonian presidency to promote greater inclusion of Free Software in delivering truly inclusive, trustworthy and interoperable digital services to all citizens and businesses across the EU. The Tallinn Declaration will be signed by EU ministers in October 2017, expressing member states' joint vision for e-government and political commitment to follow the goals set. The proposal for Tallinn declaration is open for public comments until 14 July. The FSFE is asking organisations, companies, and individuals to let EU ministers know how Free Software is important for transparent and accountable e-government.

19 June 2017

In April, the FSFE organised its annual Free Software Legal and Licensing Workshop (LLW): a meeting point for legal experts from all over the world to discuss issues and best practices surrounding Free Software licences. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the LLW which was celebrated with the record number of participants: 120 top legal experts and technologists came all the way down to Barcelona (Spain) to spend 3 full days discussing legal challenges around Free Software.

FSFE provides Git hosting for its supporters

16 June 2017

Sharing one's knowledge is a core principle in the Free Software society, collaboration is another. From today, the FSFE provides its supporters and registered volunteers a platform to create and manage Git repositories with a comfortable user interface:

New European Interoperability Framework calls on public sector to contribute to Free Software

13 June 2017

The revised "new" European Interoperability Framework (EIF), adopted by the European Commission on 23 March 2017, gives specific guidance on how to set up interoperable digital public services, and offers public administrations concrete recommendations on how to improve interoperability of their e-services.


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FSFE village at SHA-Camp in Zeewolde, Netherlands

04 to 08 August 2017

From August 4 to 8, the FSFE will host a village at the SHA-Camp, in that we offer a common space to discuss, meet, hack and organise. There will be several self-organized sessions about Public Money Public Code, F-Droid, Free Software in the Dutch public sector, Secure communications hardware, Ask your candidates and trustworthiness of our systems. In addition, people can participate in the ultimate Free Software challenge and in multiple Free Software sing-along sessions at the FSFE village.

Digitale afhankelijkheid vermijden – Vrije Software voor goed onderwijs en een sterke en onafhankelijke economie

20 October 2017

Op 20 oktober 2017 zal plaatsvervangend FSFE Duitsland-coördinator Björn Schießle op de "Fellbacher Weltwochen" in discussie gaan over de vraag hoe men met Vrije Software duurzaam onderwijs kan exporteren en kan bijdragen aan de opbouw van een sterke lokale economie. De Fellbacher Weltwochen bestaan uit verschillende manifestaties met als overkoepelend thema Agenda 2030 en de oriëntatie op de 17 doelen voor duurzame ontwikkeling van de Verenigde Naties (VN).

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