Depuis 2001, la FSFE renforce les droits des utilisateurs en supprimant les obstacles à la liberté des logiciels. Voilà 20 ans que nous aidons les individus et organisations à comprendre le rôle que joue le Logiciel Libre dans la liberté, la transparence et l'autodétermination.

Pour les deux prochaines décennies, nous avons besoin de votre aide. Nous voulons que tout le monde puisse contrôler sa technologie. Le Logiciel Libre et ses libertés de pouvoir utiliser, étudier, partager et améliorer les logiciels sont la clé pour atteindre cet objectif.

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Lettre d'information

FSFE Newsletter - September 2016


Words from your editors

Thank you for contributing to making the FSFE Summit this past weekend a huge success! We were excited to see so many familiar faces and we're eager to meet again soon. Of course, the FSFE Summit was not the only thing going on in the past month. In this newsletter you can read about our community's other activities. In the October newsletter, we will share more of what happened at the Summit. Stay tuned for more!

The FSFE's 15 years

This year we are celebrating our 15th anniversary and the culmination of the official celebration took place during the FSFE Summit from the 2nd to the 4th of September. But this celebration should continue throughout the year: let us use the coming weeks and months to highlight 15 years of our existence, and use this opportunity to spread the word about free software and our work. Let us highlight our biggest achievements, recall personal stories and share them through blog posts, social media, mailing lists, chats and in other ways.

In order to get some inspiration about how you can contribute, you are welcome to visit our wiki page in which you will find examples and help to contribute. Some of the work we have carried out in the last 15 years is also available on the revised FSFE timeline.

One of our recent accomplishments has been the creation of our FSFE video to commemorate our birthday. This video has subtitles in no less than 12 languages, thanks to our amazing volunteer translators. Check out our new 15th anniversary sticker, which you can order from us to help spread the word, not only for yourself.

From the community

What else have we done?

Take action!

For our 15 year anniversary (there's a lot of this this month, as you can tell), we are organising the "Get to know your Local Free Software Hero" campaign. The idea is to bring our community members in touch with the local press in the region where they live. Our local heroes explain how the Free Software community affects the people in their region, its benefits for education, health system, local economy and the daily life of the citizens. If you are a journalist, blogger, vlogger, podcaster, or anyone else who can help us to get in touch with a media outlet, please contact us and we will tell you who your local heroes are and how to meet them.

Other Free Software news

The Lithuanian police migrated over 8000 workstations from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice. The Dutch government in its Digital Agenda for 2016-2017 is considering making the use of Open Standards mandatory for public administrations, within the aim of providing businesses and citizens with easier access to eGovernment services. The city of Valencia (Spain) is reusing Epoptes, a software for managing school PC labs, developed as free software in Greece since 2008. The software is improved by staff members of the city’s IT department, who share their code publicly.

The FSFE in the Press

In light of its 15th anniversary, the FSFE received press coverage concerning a number of topics. Here are some of these articles for further reading:

Thanks to all the volunteers, Fellows and corporate donors who enable our work,

your editors Polina Malaja, Erik Albers, Olga Gkotsopoulou and Jonas Öberg, FSFE