I love Free Software Day 2020

We often underestimate the power of a simple Thank You. Free Software contributors do important work for our society and they deserve attention. The "I love Free Software Day" on 14 February (also known as Valentine's Day) is the perfect opportunity for you to express your special gratitude.

ILoveFS 3D card

In the Free Software community, we put a lot of pressure on project maintainers. We write bug reports and demand new features from people who often spend their sparse volunteer time on Free Software code, translations, tests, or design. There is nothing wrong with that because constructive feedback helps us to further improve. But it is also important to show some appreciation!

The yearly "I love Free Software Day" allows you to make 14 February a day full of positive, creative and lovely messages for the whole community. Together, we can celebrate software freedom that empowers us.

Get active for #ilovefs

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    Use the opportunity

    Take the chance of this wonderful day to thank the people who enable you to enjoy software freedom. Make use of the stickers and balloons, artwork, and merchandise the FSFE provides for #ilovefs.

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    Think about it

    Whose Free Software contributor's or project's work did you enjoy the most recently? What made a real difference for your self-determined digital life? Think about it, or take others' love statements as an inspiration.

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    Share your love

    That's the fun part! Share your appreciation on social media (#ilovefs), in blog posts, pictures and video messages, or directly to the Free Software developers and contributors. And why not organise a meet-up?

  • ILoveFS heart with 'improve'

    Improve Free Software

    Talk is silver, contribute is gold! Help a Free Software project with code, a translation, or by assisting its users. Or if you can, consider a donation to a Free Software organisation like the FSFE, or to another project.

People celebrating IloveFS
Free Software users all over the world on #ilovefs day

What is your contribution to this special day and the people who enable you to use Free Software? Will you use our stickers and balloons? Or make a picture or video with your new ILoveFS shirt? And what about celebrating software freedom with your colleagues and friends at a company gathering or public event? Whatever you do, show it to the world by using the #ilovefs tag. And if you have questions, just drop us an email.

Happy I love Free Software Day everyone! ❤

(pre-)FOSDEM +++ IloveFS +++ Gemeenschap

26 February 2020

Van ons eigen pre-FOSDEM-evenement, via het opwindende FOSDEM-weekeinde, tot I love Free Software-dag, stond februari bol van opwindend nieuws voor de FSFE. We maakten gebruik van deze mogelijkheden om ons werk te presenteren en gemeenschappen uit Europa te kans te bieden om hun eigen werk te presenteren. Lees over onze kramen en presentaties, over liefde en komende evenementen in onze februari-nieuwsbief.

I Love Free Software - en u?

12 February 2020

Terwijl u dit leest is er ergens iemand bezig met het verbeteren van de code van Vrije Software die u voor uzelf gebruikt. Vrije Software maakt al lange tijd deel uit van het dagelijks leven van miljarden gebruikers maar de mensen achter de respectievelijke projecten blijven nog vaak onzichtbaar. Samen willen we daar verandering in brengen. Op 14 februari is de "I love Free". Software Day": een dag om uw liefde te tonen en uw favoriete Vrije Software en haar medewerkers te vieren. Doe met ons mee!