Fin dal 2001 la FSFE ha sempre lavorato per aumentare i diritti degli utenti rimuovendo gli ostacoli alla libertà del software. Per 20 anni abbiamo aiutato le persone e le organizzazioni a capire come il Software Libero contribuisce alla libertà, alla trasparenza e all'autodeterminazione.

Abbiamo bisogno del tuo aiuto per i prossimi due decenni. Vogliamo che tutti possano avere il controllo sulla propria tecnologia. Il Software Libero e le sue libertà di uso, studio, condivisione e miglioramento sono la chiave per raggiungere questo obiettivo.

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FSFE Newsletter - October 2013

Our movement turned 30!

On 27 September 1983 Richard Stallman announced the GNU project. An initiative that started with a programmer's frustration over a broken printer driver has changed our society. The idea of software that everyone can use, study, share and improve has proven powerful.

The GNU project has acted as the starting point of a movement that makes sure we can control technology, and not technology controlling us. Today, Free Software is everywhere: It powers the Internet, our mobile phones, televisions, cars, routers, and electronic devices of all sorts. Free Software has fundamentally changed the way people create software: instead of preventing people to adapt the software to their own needs, they invite people to participate in the development.

FSFE is grateful to Richard Stallman for sparking this epochal change, and to everyone who has joined our movement to drive Free Software's progress for three decades.

Boost local activities: European Fellowship Coordinators Meeting

For example our local Fellowship groups. During last month our groups in Aarhus hosted a talk and the meetings in Frankfurt are continuing. In Munich we had a public booth during a street festival, during Software Freedom Day our Fellows informed passers-by about Free Software in Vienna and in Offenburg, whereas in Helsinki they helped others installing Free Software. Our Düsseldorf Fellowship group was very active the last weeks as well: They had a booth at the summer party of the Pirate Party, and attended the summer party of the Green Party, held a Software Freedom Day event, supported a Cryptoparty in Kempen, held a regular meeting, as well as a talk by Sam Tuke about Free Your Android.

From 27-29 September 22 Fellows of FSFE from 10 countries gathered in Berlin for the first European Coordinators Meeting. During the weekend the coordinators got to know each other, presented their work, talked about possibilities to promote Free Software, shared good practices, and provided valuable feedback about our campaigns. If you are interested to see who is promoting Free Software in local Fellowship groups have a look at Lucile's blog entry.

Something completely different

Get active: Talk to some friends about how it started!

As you read on the first paragraph it is 30 years since Richard Stallman announced to start with the GNU operating system. Many people mistakenly think of this 30th anniversary only as a success in a technical way but it is more: GNU and the philosophy behind it is a social revolution as well.

More people should know about the importance and uniqueness of the development GNU has started. So we ask you to talk with your friends, acquaintances and colleagues about the history and philosophy of GNU project and to reflect about which positive side effect of GNU's invention you personally appreciate the most.

Please share your experiences with us, for example by writing a blog post about the talk with the people you spoke with or sharing your experiences on our public mailing lists.

Thanks to all the Fellows and donors who enable our work,
Matthias Kirschner - FSFE

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