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Die Free Software Foundation Europe ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein, der Menschen im selbstbestimmten Umgang mit Technik unterstützt.

Software ist in allen Aspekten unseres Lebens tief verankert. Freie Software gibt allen das Recht, Programme für jeden Zweck zu verwenden, zu verstehen, zu verbreiten und zu verbessern. Diese Rechte stärken andere Grundrechte wie die Redefreiheit, die Pressefreiheit und das Recht auf Privatsphäre. Mehr darüber...

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Four illustrations. 1 three gears in different colors and sizes    integrate with each other, while one has the coding abbreviation on    it. 2 a phone-like device out of which come three arrows, one to the    left, one to the right and one straight ahead. 3 four different    geometrical figures are connected via bridges 4 a phone like device    looks like a lock that has been opened

Unterzeichne unseren offenen Brief über das Recht, jede Software zu installieren

22 November 2022

Mehr als 100 zivilgesellschaftliche Organisationen haben bereits unseren offenen Brief über „Das universelle Recht, jede Software auf jeden Gerät zu installieren“ unterzeichnet. Jetzt, in der Europäischen Woche für Abfallvermeidung, öffnen wir den Brief für die Unterzeichnung durch Einzelpersonen. Mach mit und verschaffe deiner Stimme Gehör!  

One young woman and three young men holding certificates and trophies, standing in front of stairs in a neoclassical building

YH4F winners awarded in ceremony in Brussels

18 November 2022

The awards for the winners from the first edition of the Youth Hacking 4 Freedom competition, Stavros, Miquel, Artur, Ekaterina, Hector, and Mark were handed over in a ceremony in Brussels. We wish them a bright future, with many contributions to software freedom.  

Three scenes. A person spying, an award ceremony, a young person controlling a table next to a wheelchair

FSFE wins EU Datathon +++ YH4F winners and new round +++ No to chat control

15 November 2022

FSFE’s ‘TEDective’, a program helping to analyse public spending, wins first prize in the EU Datathon and our very own Youth Hacking 4 Freedom contest starts again. An EU draft law might end secure chats. Citizens in Sweden have a say with the Free Software Decidim and the FSFE Switzerland asks administrations to join federated social media.  

Unsere Gemeinschaft Mitmachen...

The "Public Money - Public Code" campaign, as well as the "REUSE Initiative" made me notice that the FSFE is an organization which supports the same ideals that I do. I want to help them do more great things, and so now I am proud FSFE supporter.

Greg Kroah-Hartman (Linux Kernel Developer)

I hope that more and more people will understand the importance of being ethical in their digital life and thus consciously use Free Software and that we will have more and more volunteers from all over Europe.

Amandine “Cryptie” (Privacy Specialist)

I support the FSFE because it's totally worth it. Its community is strong and very knowledgeable on a wide range of topics, so contributing to its mission is a good way to help the Free Software movement.

Vincent Lequertier (PhD candidate Artificial Intelligence)

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05 December 2022

FSFE Basel local group meeting in Basel, Switzerland

08 December 2022

FSFE Hamburg local group meeting in Hamburg, Germany

08 December 2022

FSFE Zurich local group meeting in Zurich, Switzerland

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